6 years

Yesterday our “Little Man” turned 6 years old.












He’s a delight.

So Smart. So funny. Loves to crack me up.

He’s been reading since age 3 1/2 and takes in information every

waking moment!

His understanding of Jesus warms my heart and his compassion

for other people melts it.

There’s so much I could say…

But most of all:

Maximus, I’m so happy that Jesus choose me to be your Mommy.

I love you!


5 thoughts on “6 years

  1. YAY! Love you both!

    Happy Brithday to Maximus! Thanks for brightening up our days every Saturday and Sunday 🙂

    Happy Brithday to Netta! Thanks for sharing a welth of wisdom, grace, love and encouragement! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

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