A Mentor once said…


“Give what you need!”

———————–-Jeanne Mayo

Years ago we heard Jeanne share this thought.

We’ve watched her live it, too.

It stuck to my head & heart. It’s true. It works.

If you need encouragement, give it to someone else.

If you need prayer, pray for someone else.

If you need a friend, be one.

If you need help, help someone else accomplish their task.

If you need hugs, give a tight one.

etc, etc…

Leadership of any kind can be a lonely place; teachers,

directors, CEOs, pastors, parents, managers, administrators &

captains can all experience the discouragement and “aloneness”

of leading the pack.

If we start thinking about what we’re NOT getting from other

people we’ll get frustrated & even resentful. Maturity decides

to GIVE the very thing you wished you had.


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