A New Tree

Some people are celebrating “Earth Day” and that’s cool.

When you’re a large family on a not-too-large budget you tend to be

quite green… but it’s really just frugal & smart.

(To read my Earth Day post from last year click here. )


Today I’m celebrating a tree.


The cross that Jesus died on…

to take my place,

forgive my sin & to give me NEW LIFE!


Life that goes beyond situations

& even beyond death!





The  EGG makes a

lovely symbol of new life…

and this week my kids made

an Easter Egg tree.

We gave old things a new life.







It’s made from:

-old clothes & curtains, cut into strips

-twigs we gathered recently on a walk around the neighborhood

-spray paint from the storage in the corner of the basement

-ribbon scraps from other projects long ago

-glue from the school & craft supplies

-a blue bucket from Target, $2.50

(Is this a “Green Project” or what?)


















(This is blurry but I just

HAD to add it… for obvious






But really, we made this tree cuz I  wanted my children

to make something memorable & fun that now

decorates our home and will remind them JESUS gives NEW LIFE!























Do you have LIFE in JESUS?

What are you doing to celebrate THE TREE?


Here’s two ways you can join in the celebration…








Details here








3 thoughts on “A New Tree

  1. Well, you’ve done it again! You never cease to amaze me. 🙂 This is such a cool craft, and the meaning is even greater.

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