I’m Netta.


My life belongs to JESUS. After 16 years in youth ministry, He sent our family to
Detroit to start a church…
not the burbs. The city.
And I loved it!
Then, 11 years later, He asked us to leave the wonderful church family at Courage Church
in Southwest Detroit and become a part of the ministry of Mount Hope Church
in Lansing, MI. Soon after moving to Lansing, Chilly became the Youth Pastor
of Spyn Youth Outreach. We’re SO happy that God is letting us be in
youth ministry again!!!


-Married to Chilly (for 26 yrs)…
the man I love, respect, admire & laugh with on a daily basis!


– Mom of our Fabulous 5 kids (ages range from 9 to 23)!


– One oldest daughter has been a licensed minister in Detroit for several years,
faithfully serves at Courage Church, has just gone back to college & is getting married soon!
– One daughter graduated, ministered in Northern Ireland for a few months & is working & starting school.
– And the three youngest kids are finishing up another school year, one homeschooled
and two in local public school

So thankful for the unusually fabulous & dedicated family of people in Detroit.

So, So happy to be leading SPYN Student Outreach
in Lansing, MI.

This blog covers all sorts of bit & pieces of my life…
time with Jesus, family, marriage, life, attitudes,
lessons learned, lessons I wish I’d already learned,
silliness, crafts, saving money, city life, moving,
thankfulness, mothering thoughts…
and just about whatever else pops into my head.

I write this just hoping that maybe you’ll crack up
laughing, learn something and be encouraged!

You may comment on my blog posts or you can
CERTAINLY contact me with remarks or
questions at realnetta@gmail.com

I’m on Twitter as RealNetta
and instagram as RealNetta