I’m Netta.

-Married to Chilly (for almost 29 yrs)…
the man I love, respect, admire & laugh with on a daily basis!

– Mom of our Fabulous 5 kids (ages range from 11 to 25)!

– Mother-in-Law to two wonderful sons-in-laws!

This blog covers all sorts of bit & pieces of my life & heart…
time with Jesus, family, marriage, life, attitudes,
lessons learned, lessons I wish I’d already learned,
silliness, projects, saving money, moving,
thankfulness, mothering thoughts…
and just about whatever else pops into my head.

I write this just hoping that maybe you’ll crack up
laugh, learn something and be encouraged!

You may comment on my blog posts or you can
CERTAINLY contact me with remarks or
questions at realnetta@gmail.com

I’m on Twitter as RealNetta
and instagram as RealNetta