Am I messin’ them up?



I’m startled awake.

“Oh, Jesus. Help me. Am I screwing up my kids?”

(A thought/prayer that crosses my mind pretty often.)


When I was pregnant with our oldest child (almost 20 yrs ago), someone told me this little thought:

“If you are concerned that you could be doing more with & for your child then it shows that you care, and you’re probably doing a great job. But to think you’re doing just fine all the time probably shows a selfish pride that translates into poor parenting.”

True! True! But I must take it a step further…  because I’m aware of my weaknesses I’m driven to spend time with Jesus…everyday!  He teaches me, corrects me and refocuses my thoughts & attitudes. He assures me of His love & personal involvement in our lives… cuz we’re committed to Him.

Take heart, my parenting-friend. Sure, you’re capable of screwing up your kids. So, invest in a real relationship with Jesus; He made us & our kids.. He knows how we’re wired & what will work best.  And remember… The day we stop wondering if we can be a better parent is the day we should be concerned!


(NOTE: This post is NOT condoning laziness or negligence, but rather an encouragement to be diligent and properly focused.)





7 thoughts on “Am I messin’ them up?

  1. This is so true and encouraging! It’s tempting to try and copy other parenting styles or to just parent “by the book” (depending on the book) but knowing and talking and listening to Jesus changes everything about how I parent.

    After all, I want my kids to the love of Christ and to know Him themselves more than I want them to remember how great I am…


  2. I ask myself this every single day of my life…so glad Jesus is with me to help…and I know He can fix them if I do screw them up. LOL! Just kidding…

    Awesome post, friend!

    Love ya!

  3. I wonder this often. A lot of times it is with tears but then I gather myself and remind myself not to be afraid. God loves them more than I do, and as long as I’m continually growing closer to him, being teachable, etc, He will work it out. Thank you for your honesty & encouragement. So good.

  4. This is awesome, Netta!! I also find it COMPLETELY necessary to have other moms in my life to seek wisdom and truth about my “mommy skills”. Being vulnerable enough to ask how I am doing, accept the answer and change when needed is difficult at times but SO needed!

  5. This and so many other encouragments to our moms at REAL Church are such a blessing!

    I forgot to share with you, this week, when you and Rachel and Erin and Ruth and Katheryn ALL came into pre-service prayer with kids in toe… I might have cried… TEARS OF JOY! It’s so good to see such an EXCELLENT(not perfect, but striving to be) group of mommies who I happen to know love, care and PRAY for each other… I truely am blessed by association 🙂 HUgs to you and ALL our moms!

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