An Anniversary by the Numbers


It was 22 years ago today that

I became the bride & wife of the man I

love, adore, respect and many other things

for which I thank JESUS daily!





22 yrs of marriage

5 children

12 addresses

5 states

7 places of ministry

16 cars    (I think… if you count “Sgt”)

4 couches

1 coffee table

5 dogs

many struggles

countless joys

1000’s of lives introduced to Jesus

0 thoughts of divorce

0 times it was questioned if it “was the right thing to do”

0 worries about unfaithfulness

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense.

Through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with all sorts of precious

riches & valuables. Proverbs 24:3,4


I love you, Chilly!








15 thoughts on “An Anniversary by the Numbers

  1. I love the two of u. I love your fam. I love this post. It’s causing me 2 ponder…to simply say ‘hummmmnm…’ Causing me 2 pray. God bless & enjoy the day!

  2. a few other numbers…

    4 – number of beds (not bad for 22 years)

    thousands – miles we’ve travelled together around the world (Russia, Belarus, Austria, England, N. Ireland) plus across US.

    4 – baseball hats you’ve worn (all in last year) …

    13 – boxes of books you haven’t seen in 7 years (mentioned weekly).

    2 – most houses we’ve owned at the same time! NOW!

    1 – audit by the IRS (and NO MORE please!)

    thousands – tears shed

    millions – laughs shared

    0 – regrets

  3. I’m so thankful for both of you, for the example you lead in your marriage, and in your family life.
    Love you

  4. Happy anniversary! I love you guys! I’m getting tears in my eyes after reading this, and especially after reading Pastor Chilly’s reply. I’m so glad God put you two in our lives! What a godly example!

  5. I love the numbers perspective! I already feel like I have so many things to count two years into my life with Andy – I can’t imagine what the next 20 years will hold! So thankful for Pastor Chilly and your example of a beautiful marriage!

    5 french presses

    11 cook books

    Countless adventures

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