Always wanted to do this…

Candles… love’um. The smell. The little flickery light.
For years I’ve been saying that I’d like to take the wax
that’s left over in a candle, melt it down & make a new
candle out of it.
Last week I did just that!  
(Can you see me smiling with satisfaction?  hee hee)

It’s sorta.. in a strange kinda way… like JESUS!

He’s takes our burnt out, used up efforts.
He melts us down (humility hurts).
Then He reshapes us.
Adds color & new life.
Pours in His beautiful fragrance and gives us
the ability to be pleasing to God!

And… although the outer “container” remains
pretty much the same, the inner change makes
the outside glow with His beautiful light!

(Just like this little snowman candle that Courtney
made in Kindergarten… it has new life…)

The Best Seats


UGH! I keep hearing/reading that word.

Don’t I already serve you, Lord?
Don’t I already serve those around me?
Don’t I usually take the back seat?

When I’m serving, my heart is the happiest…
if I’m doing it out of true love for Jesus, that is.

Yet, honestly… it feels like I miss things sometimes.

John 2 proves otherwise.
Jesus performed His first miracle at the wedding.
The big shots at the wedding didn’t have a clue
what was going on behind the scene….
 ONLY the servants knew about it.

Miracles. The Power of JESUS at work.
I wanna see that!!!!

Of course… Serving is worth it.
It’s where JESUS is!
I’ll keep serving… I wanna be with Him!

Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 20, 2010

Lunch- Potato Broccoli Soup
Dinner- Lasagna (w/hidden veggies inside)

Lunch- Homemade Mac & Cheese
Dinner- Chili & Mashed Potatoes, Gr. Peppers & dip
 (make extra for Thursday night)

Lunch- Soup (left over from Monday)
Dinner- White Chickn Pasta in Crockpot

Lunch- Meaty Nachos
Dinner- Chill-ehtti (chili over spaghetti noodles)

FRIDAY, Christmas Eve!
Lunch- Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Dinner- TBA

SATURDAY, Merry Christmas!!
Lunch- Strata (and all the candy we’ll get in our stockings!  hee hee)
Dinner- Beef Wellington, White Pasta, Cranberry Jello, Candied Carrots

Lunch- Chicken Gumbo, Rice
Dinner- TBA

Since my Mom will be with us over the holiday I’m planning
menus ahead of time!

Lunch- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Homemade applesauce
Dinner- Little Mamas, Rice

Lunch- Chicken Tortilla Soup
Dinner- Homemade Pizza Roll ups

Lunch- Waffles, Bacon
Dinner- Ranch Chicken Casserole

Lunch- Lunch Meat Roll-ups
Dinner- Warm Chicken Sandwiches, Buns, Carrots, Celery

For more ideas check out

The Right Order

(Cute Shepherds)

Angels told them the Great message…

and then sang…the first Christmas Carols!
Then Shepherds go, “Hey, The Lord just told us
something great. We can’t sit around. 
We’ve GOT to go see this baby!”
They sought Him out… and found Jesus.
THEN… they rejoiced & spread the news all around.
And people were amazed at their words.
Don’t try to tell people about Jesus & expect them to
be amazed at the Story if you haven’t
first spent time seeking Him out, seeing Him, Face-to-Face..
being with your Savior & Lord.
Only when we’ve been with Him first will other people
take note of our words (and our life).
Have you spent time with Jesus today?
What did you do?
Where was it?
What did He say to you today?

Twelve Days… Kid Style

Twelve day of Christmas usually makes me think
of a bunch of weird stuff and a strange bird in a tree.

This year our church was inspired to put together
a list of 12 things to bless others & share the
Love of JESUS!   You can view our list here and 
click on the bottom left “What’s New.”

But… My kids & are NOT gunna do that list.
Instead, we are doing our own version of the list.
We don’t get out much… so we’re having to be 
creative.  What things are you doing this Christmas
to be purposeful about sharing the LOVE of JESUS?


Day 1 – Write a note or draw a picture for your Kids Pastor/Director
Day 2 – Help select a gift for “Joy to the D” (see day 12)
Day 3 – Select 3 toys ( in nice condition) to give to a shelter
Day 4 – Make a thank you card for the mail carrier & attach it where it’ll be seen
Day 5 – Let your brother and/or sister go first or get the bigger piece
Day 6- Draw or  list 3 things you love about your Grandparents & then
            Mail it to them
Day 7- Make a treat for your neighbor & deliver it
Day 8 – Do a chore that isn’t assigned to you
Day 9 –  Take a short walk on your street & pick up garbage
Day 10- Perpare a food gift for a homeless person you see regularly
Day 11- Call a friend & invite him/her to church
Day 12- JOY to the D (an outreach to the children/parents of Detroit)

Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 6, 2010

Lunch- Scrambled Eggs
Dinner- Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings

Lunch- tba
Dinner- Dorito Casserole

Lunch- Lunch Meat Roll-ups, apples
Dinner- Chicken Tortilla Soup

Lunch- Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Dinner- Gumbo in Crockpot

Lunch- Potato Broccoli Soup
Dinner- Pizza Rolls

Lunch- Eggs & Toast
Dinner- Lasagna, Broccoli

Lunch- Ham w/Crockpot Br. Rice, Gr. Beans
Dinner- Cheesy Roll-ups

Not Expected

Last night some sweet young ladies from our church came
over to help me decorate our house for Christmas.
This has been a tradition since the start of my “grown-up” life…
an all-girl night of putting up the tree, eating cookies, laughing, etc..

They were all nothing but adorable, helpful & sweet.

But I felt poopy.
But I wasn’t sick.
Truthfully, I was completely disappointed in myself.

-My kids were arguing with each other & acting like people I didn’t know.
What kind of a mom am I anyway?

– My gorgeous historic house deserved beautiful holiday decor…
and I don’t have much… and I’m lacking the skills to do anything with
it even if I did have more.
What kind of homemaker am I anyway?

– The lights were hung uneven, so the top of the tree is dark-ish.
It looks kinda silly. Who strung those lights?  Oh… me… sigh
 Apparently I can’t even do the simplest tasks of decorating.

– etc….etc…

This morning in prayer I pathetically told Jesus how I felt
bummed out… for no reason.

Oh, there’s a reason!

Really, Lord? What?


Huh? Oh… yeah. You’re right. (Like Jesus needs me to tell Him, that! ha)

Sadly enough, I’d let my “ideas of what it SHOULD be” cloud my
gratefulness and it robbed me of the joy of the actual moment.

Expectations keep us thinking about self… ick.

Forgive me, Jesus, for thinking about myself and what I think
things should be. 
That’s so NOT like You. 
It’s NOT the joy of CHRISTMAS.
I refuse to think of myself.

Menu Plan Monday, Nov. 29, 2010

Lunch- Chili over Rice
Dinner- TBA

Lunch-  Chili Dogs, apples, chips
Dinner- White Lasagna in Crockpot

Lunch- PB & J, canned peaches
Dinner- Mexican Skillet Dinner

Lunch- Grilled Chicken Fingers, Hm made Fries
Dinner- Homemade Veggie Pizza

Lunch- Empanadas, gr. peppers & carrots w/dip
Dinner- White Chili (a version of this)

Lunch-Taco Roll-ups (a version of this), grapes
Dinner- Turkey Ham & Veggie Pasta

Lunch- Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings
Dinner- Do Overs

For more ideas check out

Just thinking about Christmas…

– We’re supposed to be telling people about Jesus,
not just inviting them to church. Give them a reason to come.

Talk ONE minute for every FIVE that you listen

– Since no one on my  “Christmas List” actually needs anything,
I’m going to give loving tokens of from my heart so that there’s
more to give to those who are really in need.

– Jesus radiates God’s glory & expresses the very
character of God (Heb.  1:3). And Jesus has asked me,
His follower, to imitate Him. Hmm, asking myself wha
kind of expression/impression of Jesus I give to others.

Not the Norm “Thankful For” List!

Besides my JESUS, my MAN, My CHILDREN,  FAMILY, 

Church Family, Friends, House, etc,
Here’s a list of some of the “little” things that add up to 
 BIG things in my life… and I’m thankful for them, too!!!
In Random order...
– Giant WINDOWS in my house
– Beautiful views of cool buildings out my window
– Historical old houses all around us
– A giant pot to make a huge batch of chili for a crowd
– That my family IS a crowd
– Computers & wireless Internet
– Digital cameras
– Being able to print out postage 
   at home from the USPS
– Delivery trucks that bring 
   goodies from Amazon
– Huge, blue Ikea bags that serve us 
   in countless ways
– Skype… even thought I forget to use it most of the time
– Text Messaging- especially now that most of my closest friends
  FINALLY have it!
– The color RED… and of course PURPLE!
– Storm windows that allow me to continue to love my old 
historic windows
– Fabric Softener balls, cuz I could 
never add the softener at the
right time without it!
– Those bumpy dryer balls
that make the clothes dry sooner
– A basement that’s not a complete
– An actual freezer in the corner of my basement that helps me
use our money & food wisely
– Toilet Paper! (Hey, my Dad use to tell stories of corn cobs &
old magazine pages.)  ick
– Christmas Music
– A loud laugh (well, most of the time I’m thankful for that,
except for the times that something is totally funny & I’m
NOT suppose to be laughing. opps!)

The funny little “mouth piece” I wear to bed that keeps
my TMJ headaches in check
–  A working fireplace… and friends that delivered firewood!
(I’m so excited to use it!)
– Fuzzy slippers (that happen to match Mariah’s Snuggie. 
She better now try to “adopt” them while she’s home!)
– YOU!  For reading my blog, sharing in my life and being
a sounding board for the thoughts that room around in my
brain!  *
* (Feel free to comment at any time. If you read this in an
email you can click on the title of the post & then scroll
down bottom of a daily post & hit “comment.” You do 
NOT have to sign up for anything to leave a comment.
Just type your remarks & name, then select “Anonymous”
under the “Choose your identity” & enter.)