Gathering boxes to move is a sport for me!
Not having to buy boxes motivates me.
Knowing that reusing the old cardboard means
new change for me… So exciting!!!!
We move in 8 days.
Tomorrow, some friends are coming to help us Pack!
Not move, yet… just pack!
(Yes, you’re jealous of our friends! Be very jealous!
They’re A CONSTANT blessing!)
Until a couple of days ago we only had a VERY few boxes.
Then, the shameless dumpster diving & pathetically desperate
text messages were sent (to some of those same great friends).
Boxes have started to arrive! (Thanks, Erika!)
Also, this JACKPOT (pictured below) was discovered
behind Target! (Have I mentioned that I love that store!)

And, cloth carts of cardboard treasures

were discovered during a recent grocery shopping
trip. (below)

We grabbed so many of those treasures that sweet little Zoe
had to carry around the ones that didn’t fit into the cart.

My house… (below) ugh…
But all for GOOD reason!

And, if you happen to drive behind a store or shopping center
and catch a quick glimpse of a brown-haired lady frantically
yanking boxes out of giant green dumpsters, and a car full of
children carefully ducking their heads so as not to be recognized…
just honk!!!
(and honk LOUDLY cuz that lady is probably shamelessly
talking to herself and saying, “YES! We hit the BOX jackpot!!!”)

7 thoughts on “BOXES!

  1. Netta, you crack me up! We don't have any boxes to send your way but we will definitely be praying…it was madness moving with one little one, I can't imagine moving with five kiddos!

  2. Hi Netta, Wow you have alot of work!! I am excited for you though! I am resting a bit after our big weekend with our yard sale! Love ya,Wendy

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