This year of life I’m …

Yeah, I’m so past the “trama” of turning 40… that’s SO last year!
(and any “post-trama” that may have existed from turning 41.
In recent weeks I’ve made some slight & gradual changes.
Drastic changes don’t usually stick. Slow ones do… and
have been so far!

This new year of my life I’ve started

-cooking with more whole grains
(my new pasta maker attachment is gunna work GREAT!)

-making most of our bread
(I don’t have a bread maker, but it’s not hard to do)

-exercising 5 mornings a week
(It’s only been 15-20 minutes so far, but hey, it’s a start!)

-verbalizing positive things

-keeping my mouth shut about negative stuff

-doing somthing about the things that I used
to just complain about

-working harder at making everyday moments special
(Here’s a fav site for silly fun everyday!)

-finishing projects that I’ve already started

– spending less and appreciating more!

Lotsa small things add to something BIG!

Hap, Hap, HAPPY!

Celebrated Max’s 4th B-day
*Enjoyed the special exhibit at Detroit Science Center
*Made a cake that had CARS stuff on it
*Made “puppets” out of photos & popcicle sticks
and did puppet shows! So funny!
*Had a blast watching him jump & laugh as he opened presents!

Celebrated my B-day on Sunday!
*Didn’t cook all day (can’t remember when that’s happened!)
*Received lotsa cards, flowers, balloons & hugs!
*Got a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchenaid Mixer!
*Got a Book from Zoe with one thing she loves about me for
each letter of the alphabet! So sweet! a true Keeper!
*Got a song from Zoe about how I love to smile! I love it!
*Homemade brownies!
*Lunch with a friend from outa town!
*Received so many kind words & wishes via FB, emails & phone calls!


I’ve been thinking of some happy moments from memories past, too.
It’s funny what we remember… and it encourages me to take the extra
effort to do things for others… they’re remember more than you may think.

B-day #9…
Tons of friends from church slept over (Missionette group) and I
helped my Mom decorate my own Raggedy Ann Cake!

B-day #15…
Surprise! My “adopted older sister, Vicki K” hosted a small surprise
party at her apartment. It totally scared the waz-zoo outa me when my friends
popped out from behind stuff in her funky livingroom in that old house.

B-day #16…
“Silly Supper” dinner at my house hosted by my parents and
fun games provided by my cousins, Marilyn & David. We were eating
spaghetti with only knives and dessert before the appetizers. FUN!

B-day #22…
My newly-wed husband was in Argentina on a mission trip and I was
in our new place of ministry in western PA. A wonderful group of new
friends took me to Pittsburgh for a day of shopping and dinner at the
restaurant that spins around and overlooks the three rivers! So kind!

B-day #24…
Our wonderful Pastors, the Grabers, and many other friends kinda
surprised me at “Grinders” restaurant after church on a Sunday night
and blessed me with gifts, cards & happy fun!

B-day #26…
REPO! My first b-day with this crazy awesome force of teenagers.
They & my husband & daughter (only had one then) gave me a new
sewing machine! (May sound boring to you, but I had been using
my Mom’s old one from the 1960’s, and this was before it was cool
to have “vintage” stuff!)

B-day #30…
Several hundred teenagers wore ALL BLACK to the Sunday night
REPO service! I never suspected it. They treated me like a queen…
an old one! But a queen, none the less!

B-day #33…
Living in Philly, had a nasty case of bronchitis and couldn’t go
out to celebrate. So, my man, three daughters, brother-in-law
and two sister-in-laws brought the celebration to me. Chilly grilled
steaks and they all cooked the meal & cleaned it up, too!
I coughed and SMILED all night!

B-day #37…
I was in the hospital in a Detroit suburb holding our new baby boy!
He had just been born! My “sister-in-law” brought me a giant size
Diet Coke and some chocolate and hung out for a while. Later my
fam came in and we enjoyed baby #4 together! What a b-day gift!

B-day #40…
Everyone at Real Church wore ALL BLACK without me having any
clue that they were gunna do it! Silly & fun! Memorable!

B-day #41…
Well, see the top of this post! Thank you! To those of you who
took the time to bless with me notes, hugs, etc….
And to my fam… who made sure that I got a sweet LONG lap (3 hrs!)
and didn’t let me cook or prepare any food.

I plan to make this year more more meaningful & deliberate
than any years past. More on that tomorrow!