Chasing after the One who loves me

In Equip (the weekly Bible Study at Courage Church) we’ve been reading/studying the wonderful, timeless book…
The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer. (pictured below)

Just a few quick, basic comments about classic book…

– It’s written in the 1948 so the language is worded differently than
we’d use today, but it makes me stop & think about the real meaning

– It’s been translated into 19 languages.

– Tozer wrote the entire book on an over-night train trip.

– It’s words line up with with scripture.

– The more its truths stir my passion to know God,
the more distractions I face… usually a good
sign, if you know what I mean.

– I read a chapter a week in the hard copy…
Yes, I really like holding a “real” book in my hands
and high-lighting, understanding and making notes
like a crazy woman!

– I also listen to the weekly chapter on on audiobook.
It’s kinda strange sounding, but I’ve learned to
just focus on the words, not the voice.

Currently Reading “The Pursuit of God”
by A.W. Tozer

Click HERE for a free Audio book

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but if you want to comment in any way, please email me.

Thanks for reading!

Tricky Daughters, Book Review

My daughters played a horrible trick on me a couple
summers ago while we were on vacation!
Mariah & Courtney had been telling me for a long time
that I should read a wonderful series of books called,
“The Mark of the Lion” by Francine Rivers.  Since I
love other books by this author, I knew they were right.
So I grabbed book #1 and brought it on our family vacation
that year.

Moments into the book and I knew I couldn’t put it down.
I read  & read…. and then, turned that last page (which is
always kind of bittersweet for me) and …

A total cliff-hanger!!!!!
And I did NOT bring the second book in the series!!!
“Noooo!  Girls, why didn’t you TELL me to
bring the second book?  Why?  I’m going nuts!  Why?”

Their response:  giggles
(Now that I think of this… I “owe” them one! ha!)

I had to wait for several days before we returned home and
then accomplished nothing for the couple of days that followed
because all I could do was read!  SO GOOD!

So… keep these two things in mind if you’re going to read these books:

1. Make sure you do NOT read the summaries and reviews beforehand

2. Have book #2 within reach BEFORE you start reading #1


Summer Reads- book reviews

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged (about much of anything), so here’s a few
books I’ve enjoyed.



This little ebook provides lots of practical ideas, info and links.
It points out the sneaky marketing schemes that are used against us,
gives reasonable advice about couponing (not craziness), talks about
stockpiling your pantry (the smart way, not the hoarding way), and
lots of other useful things.  Links  and recipes are included.

Although this isn’t all brand new info to me, it was inspiring and
I’ve referred to the info & links several times in since reading it.
I gave it a 4 of 5 stars on my Good Reads account.





Biblical fiction grabs my attention so quickly!
This book takes place right after Jesus returns
to Heaven. The character’s are believable and
begin a search for the truth about Jesus.  It is
a great reminder of how crazy Christianity can
sound to those who haven’t yet met Jesus personally.
It’s the first of a series and I’ve ordered the next book
to read on our vacation.  I gave it 5/5 stars!




MICHAL is part of a series about the wives of King David.
Although this isn’t my favorite Biblical novel about David,
I did really enjoy learning more about the history of ancient
kings, wives and palace life. Authors like Smith do so much
research into history, geography and Biblical details, that
when I read the real stories in the Bible I have a bit more
understanding as well as reminders that these people are not
Biblical “characters” but REAL people… like us!
I rated this 4/5 stars and have ordered another book in
this series… Abigail.

Perhaps later this week I’ll tell you about a series that is in my
VERY top favorite of all time!!!!


Books I read this Summer, Part 2 of 2

Earlier this week I posted quick reviews about 2 of the books I read this summer.
You can read that here.

How to Knock over a 7-Eleven by Michael Cheshire

The title sucked me in immediately,  and the same humor
that’s in the title remains throughout the book. The author,
who moved to Colorado to plant a new church, openly
shares the fantastic victories and the hilarious
not-s0-victorious moments of learning how to connect
with their community and share the love of Jesus.
On the day I started reading this, the fifteen people who
were sitting near me in a waiting room probably went home
to their families that night and told the story of some crazy
lady who kept smiling at her book and would them just
burst out laughing.I was most certainly “that lady”!
This book’s honesty encouraged my heart; it’s humor kept
my heart relating to every word.

Every person in ministry could TOTALLY read this in a
short time – it’s not long- and discover something that would
stir their efforts! Loved it!


A TIME TO DANCE by Karen Kingsbury

Yippee!  Another fictional book that spoke to my heart!
My sister-in-law gave this book (and it’s sequel) for my
birthday back in the spring… I saved it for vacation. Let’s
just say that the kleenx box got a work out. Timely truths
are shared in such an understandable way, and even
though I haven’t personally walked the road the main
characters traveled, the  story illuminated principles that
certainly have timeless value to everyone.

I’m thankful to have read this book and will happily read
the second book in the series… when I have some time
to cry and enjoy it!  (I know that sounds weird if you’re a guy! Ha!)


Books I read this Summer, Part 1 of 2

There was certainly a connecting theme to all the books I read… and I did not plan that…
apparently God did!  🙂  Funny how He does that! hee hee

by Mark Batterson

Little & easy to read,  I could’ve flown through this book;
but I didn’t want it. I’d read a section, then ponder it and
think how I should/would apply it. The powerful
reminders to pray specific scriptures & promises for my
children shot new life into my prayer time.  Practical and
true stories of real parents & answered prayer
encouraged and made me cry (wonderful tears, of course!).

Every parent will be better for having read this book… and
their children will CERTAINLY benefit, too!



THE YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP GETS ROLLING (Book #6 in series) by Neta Jackson

I started this series years ago… it totally reflects the variety of woman in our church and the small group
that I attend every Saturday morning. I’ve had book #6 for a few years and totally forgot about it. On
vacation I completely enjoyed reading of the situations, prayers and miracles shared in this novel.
Although the story is fictional, every scenerio reflects a realistic situation. The answered prayer in the story
reminded me of the joy of praying for the each other, the endearing bonds it creates with those involved,
the faith that grows during tender times alone with Jesus, and the thrill of recognizing God’s hand at work!
At the end of this book I got so excited thinking that I’d actually completed a SIX book series… only to read
the epilogue and discover that there’s a BOOK SEVEN!  … but my friend has already purchased it and… and I’m gunna read it soon!


In a few days I’ll tell you about two more books!



And the Winner is…

Hi Friends!

I’m so thankful for all the comments you left about parenting. Let’s talk about those subjects SOON!

By random drawing, winner of the book, MOMumental by Jennifer Grant, is… LORI
(I’ve contacted you by email so I can make arrangements to mail it to you.)

AND to ALL of us… let’s look at our kids in the eyes this weekend. Really look at them.
It softens our voice and causes us to choose our words more carefully because we’re reminded of how much we LOVE them!



MOMumental! A Book Giveaway

Passersby probably thoughts I was a total KOOK!
I was sitting on the beach, alone, reading a book & bustin’ out a ridiculously wide smile while tears puddled up in my eyes.
And the kicker in all this is that I was reading a “Mom book.”

You see, twenty years ago this summer I waddled through the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy. A few days ago my youngest child finished kindergarten. And we have three other children in between these two, ages 7, 11 and 16. And because of these precious people I call “mine,” I’ve read a lot of “Mom books.”
and… Mom manuals.
Mom handbooks & devotionals.
Lots of books in the past 20 years!

Quite honestly, in the last 10 years or so, most of them have bored me and I’ve never quite made it to the last chapter. And come on…  when a young mom has a couple of kids that are still little she probably has a few bits of advice to share, but seriously… that Mom is still new herself!  (Maybe I’ve just had a bad attitude, of course I can learn from anyone/anywhere, but most of what I’d read was old news…. until…..)

THIS BOOK! It’s different….


-The author, Jennifer Grant, is my age, has four children, and the oldest is a teenager.
– She talks like I think.
– She doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.
– The book is organized into fun, quick read chapters.
– Even if I was interrupted by my kids about 13 times while I was reading just one paragraph, I could easily keep going.

In one chapter, her tongue-in-cheek terms for “mom-types” cracked me up but certainly rang a bell:
Green Mama, Slacker Mom, Stage Mom, Helicopter Mom, etc..

There’s so many other things that I completely related to; and concepts I’d never thought of before; and new inspiration.
I’m so grateful that I read this book… and NOW… have the opportunity to give away a copy.. maybe to YOU!

Wanna win?
I’m giving it away next Friday by random selection.  Here’s all that you have to do:
– In the comments below,just tell me one Mothering subject you think people would/should enjoy discussing
– and be sure that you fill in all the info when leaving that comment… you know… so I can contact you if you’re the winner. 🙂

(This is so fun!)


You can find more giveaways at MomAdvice

Wordless Wednesday, Detroit Book Store

My daughter, Mariah, took this on Monday when all three of my daughters & I visited the giant John K King Used book store in Detroit.  It’s four HUGE floors of every thing imaginable!  We had a great time and each of us walked about with something AND a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Unbound Birth, A Book Review (that I love)

I’m honored to be a teeny tiny part of this newly released book  which is now available on Amazon and this website.

My five kids all arrived with great celebration and joy. Our first was an emergency c-section and the other four were born completely natural (no pain meds) and all of them were born in a hospital. I had NO idea how rare this occurence has become until I was hailed a “tough lady” and a “hero” by the nursing staff after my last baby was born five years ago.

The author of this book, Jennifer, shares her stories of natural child-birth from inside the walls of the hospital (don’t worry, no gross details),  and she goes on to give inspiration and motivation if you desire to pursue that same type of birth experience.  You’ll find practical information and ideas on how to implement it. You’ll even find a couple of quotes from me.  (Jennifer requested several of us “natural moms” to share our thoughts  and/or stories on this matter.  When she sent me the pre-released copy I was totally surprised to see my own name is big print on a page near the front. 🙂   Thanks, Jennifer. ( Follow her Twitter @unboundbirth or on Facebook, too)

Many of you reading this are young & still growing your families. This book will enrich, inspire and empower you with information to make quality decisions. It’s a quick read and won’t even dent your wallet.

Child birth rivals nothing else you’ve ever experienced. It’s a gift! A joy. To bring one of God’s precious little ones into the world not only endears us to that tiny baby, but allows us another peak into the true love of The Father.


I’m not getting paid for this…

I’m not getting money for writing this.
Neither did I receive a free copy of this book to review.
The author, Mary Ostyn, recently released a cookbook
and I was trying to find it online within our library
system. (I later bought it) But my library search
turned up this book…
A large family is NOT needed to appreciate this book!
“The Sane Woman’s Guide to raising a Large Family!”
Click here to order this great book!
Yeah, lotsa tears at the very beginning of the book…
not from the author… from ME!
More tears at the end…
not a misting up…
not a trickle…
a full-blown “Put-down-the-book-get-a-tissue-cuz-you-
can’t-see-on-account-of-the-tears” cry!
Reminded me why I love children… especially MINE!
Gave me practical ideas.
Inspired me to do better & to be proud of what I’ve done.
REALLY, REALLY happy that I read it.
If you want kids, have kids, want to adopt, etc…
she covers it all. As the mother of birth children
and adopted children, she tells of their journey
to adoption and the clear leading of God.
She’s a beautiful example of godly motherhood!
I’m so thankful that I read this book!
(just had to blog about it!)
Click here to order this great book!