Do you recognize it?

Can you tell what this is?…

“Hello, Daddy!”
We want to know you.
And be close to You.
Please show us how.
Make everything in the world right again.
And in our hearts, too.
Do what is best – just like you do in heaven.
And please do it down here, too.”
“Please give us everything we need today.
Forgive us for doing wrong, for hurting you.
Forgive us just as we forgive other people when they hurt us.
Rescue Us! We need You.
We don’t want to keep running away and hiding from you.”
“Keep us safe from our enemies.
You’re strong, God.
You can do whatever you want.
You are in charge.
Now and forever and for always!
We think you’re great!
Yes we do!”
It’s beautiful, huh?
Did you figure it out?
(go ahead, leave your comment below!)
Max got it for Christmas and we all just LOVE it!
My eyes fill with tears as I read him (or he reads to me)
the familiar stories in a whole new language.
Everyone – all ages- can benefit from this wonderful book…
hey, a twenty-something- guy told me about it and he had a sample
of it on his computer! (Thx, Tom!)
It’s prompted me to write some of the scriptures out
in my journal in my own words. Maybe I’ll post a few
of those soon. A great way to make the words hit
home & become more personal.
Maybe you should try that today as you read & pray!
(click on the book for a link to purchase this great book)
(Oh… and I’m not getting any kickbacks or freebies for
promoting this book… I just really LOVE it!)

The Blue book has new home!

The Winner of this book is
SONYA! She’s right!
Sometimes we just have to
say “Later” to some of our
“tasks” cuz they’re not really
as important as we’d like
to think.

Aside from spending
time with JESUS and reading
THE WORD, reading a good
book can be a HUGE sanity-saver!

I’ll be getting this out to
you ASAP, Sonya!

Thanks, friends, for reading
& commenting on my blog!

Blue Like Play Dough- FREE BOOK

I’m a Mom… of 5.
A toddler
A pre-schooler
An elementary-age
A Jr. Higher
A High Schooler

And I love to read…so reading for pleasure falls way
down on the “to-do” list. BUT…
I got a great book… TWO actually.
One to read, One to GIVE … maybe to YOU!

I flipped through it.
I got sucked in.
It’s easy to read.
It won’t take me long to devour it.
Below is the summary from the publishing company.

Do you want it the FREE copy?
Read the summary & then tell me how you make
time to read. I’ll give the book away on Wed. Aug. 12th.

SUMMARY; In the everyday stretch and squeeze of motherhood,
Tricia Goyer often feels smooshed by the demands of life.

In Blue Like Play Dough, she shares her unlikely journey
from rebellious, pregnant teen to busy wife and mom with
big dreams of her own. As her story unfolds,
Tricia realizes
that God has more in store for her than
she has ever
imagined possible.
Sure, life is messy and beset by doubts.
But God keeps showing up in the most unlikely places–
in a bowl of carrot soup, the umpteenth reading of
Goodnight Moon,
a woe-is me teen drama,
or play dough in the hands of a child.

In Tricia’s transparent account, you’ll find understanding,
laughter, and strength for your own story.
And in the daily push and pull, you’ll learn to recognizes
the loving hands of God at work in your life…
and know He has something beautiful in mind.

Ok, tell me how you make time to read.

One More book….

I told you I get FREE books to read & blog about!
It’s cool.
But lately they’ve been sending them in mass – cool-
with very little time to read them – not as cool.

So, I confess that I’ve yet to even opened
ENDURING JUSTICE by Amy Wallace. sigh.
But it’s gunna be read… It’s sounds so good.
Sometimes ya just wanna sit in the sunshine,
sipping ice tea and readin’ a good novel.
I’m readin’ it soon!

So I’m posting the publisher’s promo.
Check out the last paragraph…
you’ll probably really LIKE this book.

In Enduring Justice, Hanna Kessler’s childhood
secret has remained buried for over two decades.
But when the dark shadows of her past threaten to
destroy those she loves,Hanna must face the summer
that changed her life and
the man who still haunts her thoughts.

Crimes Against Children FBI Agent, Michael Parker knows
what it means to get knocked down. And when the system
fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive
for retribution eclipses all else.

A racist’s well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael
to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice.
When the attack turns personal, is healing still possible?

This thought-provoking novel deals with healing from
sexual abuse, the balance of justice and mercy,
and maintaining mixed-race friendships in the midst
of racial tension. Readers who enjoy investigative thrillers
by Dee Henderson, Colleen Coble, and Catherine Coulter,
and who watch crime dramas like Law & Order: SVU,
Criminal Minds, and Without a Trace will love this book—
and the entire series.

Another FAKE I.D.??? What?

I’m still reading this book!
MAMA’S GOT A FAKE I.D. by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivedeneira

Wow… I really like it.
Where I’m reading right now is talking about how God reveals
His character and wants us
to know who He is.
In turn, it’s wise for us to
understand who He’s created
us to be and not let ourselves
just conform to a mold, even
if that mold seems to be
” so christian.”

He’s made us unique,
creative in our own ways
and able to reach our children
and many others through the use of
our own personality and giftings.

I wrote about this book last week, too.
You can check it out here.

This book encourages and commissions us Know God
and BE who we Are made to be! READ IT!

Dear Mom

I had the privilege of
receiving several free books,
straight from the publisher to
read & blog about.

DEAR MOM by Melody Carlson
is one of them & I FINISHED this one!
(well, I usually finish books,
but it takes a while;
this one went quickly)

Written in first person, as though a teenager is speaking
directly to her Mom, the author gives some insight into the
world/thoughts/emotions/hardships of a typical American
teenage girl. Most Mom’s would probably relate.

I don’t agree with everything she writes. We don’t have
to subscribe to the “American” idea of a “teenager.”
Over the years I’ve know MANY… hundreds…
of teenagers who decided they were NOT average
or “just a teen”… they were created by GOD for a
purpose… and that purpose doesn’t begin when we’re
adults. It’s NOW!

Not only have I witnessed hundreds of other teens living
their lives strong for Jesus, we have two in own house!
Our two oldest daughters, Mariah & Courtney LOVE JESUS!
They don’t sport the snotty attitudes and horrid insecurities
that so many girls experience.
They’re NOT the norm… according to “society.”
But then again, we shouldn’t take our cues from the world.
According to God’s Word …
they’re just what they should be!

I’m so grateful to be their Mom!
So thankful!

My Fake I.D.

Don’t arrest me!
But I may have a fake I.D.
Well, at least you may think I’m something I’m not…
or you may sum me up as less or more than I am.

As I read this book I keep
thinking about the gifts and
abilities that God has given me.

Am I using them to parent my kids?
Do I remain true to myself as I teach
and train my children?

If I stop being ME when I parent then
I’ll most likely get frustrated and at the
very least, bored.

God created unique giftings, talents and ways to doing things in me.
He didn’t do it JUST so I can minister at church, witness to my
neighbors and earn money, or whatever. Abilities are to be USED!

If you’re funny… be a fun & funny Mom.

If you’re good at cooking… make it a family affair.

If you’re good at painting or sewing (which I’m NOT)…. use those
talents to create presents for grandparents & spend time together.

If you’re good with animals, enjoy them with your kids & find
ways to get all of you involved in the community/shelter, etc…

If you’re musical, make up songs for kids to remember their
address & phone number; sing/play songs & record them as
gifts for the grandparents; go see an orchestra or local band.

If you are talented with money management, help kids set up
their own money making endeavers.
Long live the the Lemonade stand!

If you’re … ok, you get the idea. I probably didn’t even mention
your talent anyway.

This principle applies to ALL of us! (Parent or NOT)
What’s in your hand? use it!
What makes you you? do it!

It shouldn’t matter where or what we’re doing, our God-given
personality and talents have a purpose in any situation!

Be the YOU the God created! But….

You cannot EVER really be the YOU you’re created
to be unless you know the CREATOR…
and that happens by having a personal
relationship with JESUS!


Thank you to all who read my blog!
We have a winner of the book “Don’t let me Go” by
David Pierce…..


Next week I wanna write about the books that have
been most helpful to me in my nearly 17 years of
parenting so far… besides the BEST… The BIBLE!
(go head… sing it.. you were thinking it…
“The B. I. B. L. E., Yes that’s the book for me!”)

Happy Weekend!

(One of my more
mature moments
of parenting!)

“Don’t Let me Go!” Book Give Away!

It’s amazing how much you can
accomplish when you just do a little bit
everyday! (Please tell me this principle works with
exercise, too??? But that’s besides the point!)

I’ve been reading several books at once-
sorta doing things the hard way, but it’s working. Amazingly I’m
actually getting to the end of them, too 🙂

This book, “Don’t let me Go” by David Pierce, has been an easy read.
The author tells about the true experiences of he and his teenager
daughter. He’s funny, honest and shares some of his own childhood
and how he now sees it connected to his parenting abilities… and
what he does because of it and in spite of it.

He & his daughter hike mountains & run marathons as he attempts
to answer her unspoken question of, “I’m growing up. What are you
going to do about it?”

I’m one chapter shy of finishing it… but will do that this weekend.
The publisher’s have given me an extra copy to give away…
maybe to YOU!

It’s easy to read. Not super deep, but a nice way to prompt thought
and consideration about my own parenting choices and uses of time.

If you’d like this FREE copy, simply leave a comment that’s finishes
this statement,
“When I hear the phrase, ‘growing up fast’ I think of…”

I’ll give the book away on Thursday morning, March 26th.

Happy FIRST day of SPRING!
(And, hopefully if everyone stays healthy,
we’ll be heading out later to enjoy our annual “First Day of
Spring” ritual: “The buying of the yearly FLIP-FLOP!”)