Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 21, 2009


Lunch- Scrambled Eggs
Dinner- TBA

Lunch- Broccoli Soup, Bread
Lunch- Soup (of some sort)
Dinner- Crescent Roll Chicken Pot Pie
THURSDAY – Christmas Eve
Lunch- Veggie Wreath & Canned Soup
Dinner- Mama’s NOT cookin!
Main Meal- Beef Wellington, Yorkshire Pudding,
Date wrapped in Bacon, Fruit Tree, Gr. Bean Casserole,
Cheesey Potatoes (I’m not making all of these)
Zillions of cookies & Jesus’ B-day Cake
Later- Crackers & Cheese, Veggies, Desserts
Lunch- Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Fruit
Dinner- Chicken Alfredo, Peas, Salad
Lunch- Salisbury Meatballs in crockpot
Mashed Potatoes in 2nd crockpot
Green Beans
More ideas?

Things Overheard in Our House Recently…

(No promise of humor or insight of any kind…
just random facts that give you a peek into
our lives lately.)

(Jos Campau Street in Hamtramck at Christmas time)
“Mom, are you going anywhere today? We never go anywhere.”
“Mama, please play a game with me!”
“I’m cold.”
“Do you think the boys’ room is warm enough?”
“Hey, Kids! Look outside!!! It’s SNOWING! Yippee!”
“Where’s my other glove?”
Where are you going all bundled up?”
“The basement, just doing laundry.”
“Would someone please let the dog out?”
“Would someone Please let the dog in?”
“Would someone PLEASE clean up the muddy dog prints
on the kitchen floor?”
“Did you hear the radio commercial raising money for the pets of
people who have lost their jobs. What’s with that?”
“Let it snow… MORE!”
“No, Son, you don’t need to wear your boots in the house!”
“No, we haven’t found a building for the next Real Church…
“Shhh. Please be very quiet for a minute while a make a phone call.”
“Can we go to the craft store…. again?”
“I REALLY like driving the new (well, new to us) Suburban!!!”
“Online versions of stores are nothing like the actual stores.”
“What? Christmas decor 60% off even though it’s still over a week until
the Big Day!”
“Crazy. Valentine Decor is now taking up TWO rows of craft store. Grr”
“Mom, can I have a Valentine’s Party with some girls from church?”
Little Ones: “Mom, another package on the porch. It’s for you!
How come you keep getting all the presents in the mail?”
Mom: “Please just putt’um in my room & leave’um alone!”
“What are you doing Mom?”
“It’s Christmastime, remember? I don’t have to explain
anything… secrets are allowed!” (smile)
“Hey, Mom already said I could help wrap those presents!”
“I’ve had this ready for weeks. But if it doesn’t get mailed
soon it’s gunna be late… again this year!”
“A package came for ALL of us! Can we open it NOW?”Pleease?”
“Mom, please tell him to stop talking! MOM!
MOM! Please! Would you PLEASE tell him to stop talking!
MOM!?! He will NOT be quiet. MOOOOOM?”
“You must not believe in Santa cuz you’re being baaaad!”
(it’s NOT the parents saying this!)
“What is this? Do I have to eat it?”
“Can I have a cookie if I eat this?”
“Oh, did you make some poppy seed bread for us, too?”
“Can I please have another turn on the computer?”
“Can I play wii? I haven’t played it today?”
“What do you mean we’re not getting presents that require
batteries or that plug in?”
“Can you please turn up the music?”
“Can you please turn down the music?”
“Watch, Mom. This is the song we’re doing on Stage at
Church. Watch. Mom, WATCH!”
“Can we just stop doing school for now & start Christmas
break already?”
“Can I watch a Christmas show?”
“Charlie Brown shows are sad. I don’t like’um.”
“Can I invite the neighbors to my Christmas play?”
“Look, I made a picture of Baby Jesus.”
…… and then…
……I Smile….
(Smiles don’t make noise, but they speak
louder than all the rest!)

It’s HIS Birthday

Everyone wants things to improve
until it requires us to change something.
Change happens when we’re willing to
let the Holy Spirit improve us.
Hangin’ on to something?
Lay it down at Jesus’ feet.
It’s His Birthday, after all…
Give Him the gift He’s wanting!
Jonah 2:8
“Those who cling to worthless idols
(anything I’m unwilling to lay down)
forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”
1. What change are you hoping for?
2. What is Jesus asking you to do?
3. Are you doing it?

My Kids Will Remember

After my 4 hour nap on Sunday afternoon….
yeah… seriously… FOUR hours..
(thanks to Chilly who just let me sleep while
he cared for the boys)…

I realizing that Christmas was fun,
and we did so many things together,
made memories,
shared the love of Jesus with many,
and used our collective creative juices often! BUT…

Now… I’m looking at the house.
It’s a mess…
it’s unorganized with a thick haze of craze hanging over it.


But that’s OK.
My kids won’t remember the dust monsters
(they’re WAY past “bunnies”)

My kids will remember the crazy laughter and silly fun we had
making new stockings together.

My kids will remember singing on the stage at church on Christmas
Sunday morning, and that their parents were super proud and
our next door neighbors were so kind to come watch them, too.

My kids will remember tromping around after a huge snow-storm,
jumping from the swings into huge snow mounds.

My kids will remember making gifts for each other this year…
using fabric, supplies and materials we already have to
invent a present that the other brother/sister will hold dear.

My kids will remember dancing around to Christmas music and
making a ridiculous amount of yummy desserts and treats to
consume and share with others.

My kids will remember that Daddy read them the story of Baby Jesus
on Christmas Eve before they went to bed… and we all enjoyed it.

My kids will remember having 23 people crammed in our small house
and playing the new games we opened that day.

My kids will remember the chocolate mint cake we made for Jesus
and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we ate all those desserts.

My kids will remember that they made gifts for their friends this year
and had a blast doing it.

My kids will remember staying in our jammies past noon on the day AFTER
Christmas just to play games & have fun with the new toys.

My kids will remember that Jesus loves them; that Mommy & Daddy love them;
that they have amazing siblings; that their family, friends & church are awesome!

Dust monsters…. who cares.

Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women
By Susan Hunt

Oh, the horror!… and huge MIRACLES!

Oh… the horror!
This is Hershal… and he just embarrassed me… AGAIN!
You just never know what that guy is gunna say! 🙂

Yesterday was so much fun… kids’ Christmas program… and
Hershal went downstairs to talk to the kids afterwards! I LOVE
REAL CHURCH … and I wanna post a few pics from that
later. My husband has some great updates & a pic on his
blog today!

and the MIRACLES!…..
Our offerings this weekend were, um… well even less than our
usual inner-city church offerings. But then, a young lady told a
friend that she didn’t want to receive a Christmas present from him
but would rather have him donate it… and yeah… so he wrote a
check to the church in her honor! God knew!

ALSO… despite our efforts to be frugal, creative and wise, money
has become kinda scarce. On Saturday I received a Christmas card
from my Aunt and cousins…. it said that they decided to forgo presents
to each other this year in order to bless our family/ministry! Needless
to say…. I cried as I read it.
I cried several times that evening.
I cried yesterday during church as I thanked Jesus.
I’m crying now!
Thank you, family!

It’s so humbling and wonderful to have family members who are willing
to change their plans and give… that’s so like Jesus!

Thank you, Jesus….. Thank you for thinking of us during YOUR
BIRTHDAY! I’m honored to serve Him!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Frame It

This season we’re trying to make more gifts and
be more creative and personal. It’s fun… and to be
honest it can be a little stressful. But it’s still better
than the stress of over-spending & angry malls.Although I can’t show you all that we’ve made,
(the recipients don’t have them yet..shhhh)
I will show you the picture frame we made as a B-day
gift for Max’s friend, Amir. Max helped with the cutting
and gluing.

We used cardboard from a box, an old pair of jeans and
school glue. The result? A picture frame that holds a happy
memory of two good buddies!

Also, I’m still giving away this Book:

If you’re interested, please tell me how you’re expressing
love for your family/friends this season. I’ll give it away
on Thursday, Dec. 18th.

Happy, creative Christmas!

Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women
By Susan Hunt

More Cookies, Please!

I have a soft spot for cookies…
well, I guess it’s just for sugar in general!
ha… ugh.

Last night some of the ladies from our church had
a cookie swap… (really just an excuse to get together!)

Several magazines have recently featured Jam Thumbprint
cookies and it took me back to childhood… making them
with my Mom, who used to make a zillion cookies every
December! So, I made a few batches of them. mmmmm

Then, feeling creative, I changed a recipe
for Oatmeal Cookies
and turned them into Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies with
a Cranberry Cream Cheese filling.
(They tasted yummy but looked kinda… um… different!)

It made me think about my relationships with friends and those
around me…. many I’ve known for several years and find such
joy and safety in your friendships.
And there’s others around me who are future friends…
someone new,
someone who has a different combination of experiences,
someone who can add something wonderful to my life!

I want to keep adding friends to my life –
never getting tired of
reaching out,
opening up,
being vulnerable
and enjoying to thrill of “new & different.”

I don’t wanna always be the same… as temping and secure as it feels.
There’s new cranberry walnut cookies out there!
There’s more people that should be moved from “acquaintance” to FRIEND!
I’ll have more cookies, please!

Connecting with God’s Family
By Brett Eastman, Dee Eastman,
Denise Wendorff, Todd Wendorff,
Karen Lee-Thorpe