Denim for Baby, too?

If you’ve read very many of my posts you already know
that I totally love to make new items out of “old” jeans.
It’s often called, “Upcycling” but it’s just plain fun and
a great way to be wise with money!

This idea came from Pinterest.
Now, Pinterest and I have a strange relationship…
I don’t have one, but when a google search sends me
to someone’s board I cannot lie… I like it.

While hunting for a printable bib pattern I found
a few pictures of these adorable little bibs.  SO CUTE!
So I busted out the bag of “old jeans,”  (thanks, Chilly,
little boys and Zach) and whipped up a few for a sweet
little girl born to our precious friends in Chicago-land.

Now, the other pregnant lady in my life (Hi Kelley) will know
what to expect when she’s done expecting!


Bib 1 front


Bib 1 back


This is a great project if you’re just beginning
to sew.  Fun!


(Note:  I wrote this post a few days ago… cuz as you
read this I’m actually on vacation. Yippee!)




Denim Pillow- Netta’s Niche

Oh how I love making things out of old jeans.  There’s so much fabric in one adult pair.
And so my obsession continues.  (Click here to see my other projects, and here.)

denim pillow
Last night I made a pillow cover for a coverless pillow
form that was awaiting some love. The two legs of the jeans
made the actual pillow, and a back pocket makes a nice
“hiding” spot in the front.  This pillow will be a little gift to my
son’s 1st grade teacher.  Perhaps she’ll find use for it in her
“reading spot” or where ever. Since she can pop off the cover
to wash it, hopefully it will be a helpful addition to her
classroom for a long time.

(I have two other denim projects in the works, but not complete…
Yet! )


Wordless Wednesday, Patriotic Banner Tutorial

Using fabric scraps and old denim jeans I made this banner to

decorate our yard on July 4th. Here’s how… in pictures only.



(Note: I wasn’t driving. Just waiting for my daughter to finish

 cheer camp for the day.)



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Netta’s Niche – Denim Obsession

Denim… old jeans… pile up around our house.

Huge holes in the knees.

Ripped out back pockets. Broken zippers. etc…

But I just cannot get myself to throw them away.

It’s such good fabric.

So, I do things like this…


Made from my husband’s old jeans..

one of several little bags to hold toys:

a small set of tiny blocks …






or small potato head toys…-


A pillow for my friend’s

little boy…






We’ve even made picture frames

from old denim and cardboard





The duvet covers I made for

the boys a couple of years ago…

they’re denim on the top &  flannel

on the underneath side.

(The quilts inside are their older

sisters’ old comforters… more recycling)


The legs of jeans make nice

laundry bags, too.


It’s sturdy.

It’s cute.

It looks kinda pottery barn-ish… (except it’s FREE!) and

Since there are so many pairs of jeans that need a new purpose…

I wonder what else I can come up with.

Have you  made anything from old jeans?






Netta’s Niche – Laundry Bags

A few months ago I decided that the
“ghetto-rigged” laundry shoot I made
out of a duct pipe & duct tape suspended down
the basement stairs just wasn’t doing the
job anymore. We needed laundry hampers/bags
in each bedroom.

But there’s a couple of problems with that…
1. Bedrooms are SO small
2. Even if I got laundry bags for $5 each
that’s still more money than I wanna spend.
(and the $5 bags are ugly, too)


Quickly made laundry bags sewn from
old clothes, used sheets and unused fabric
from previous projects.

The boys’ bag (pic above) is made from the
pantlegs of husband’s old jeans.

This one was a designer flat sheet (above)
I got for $5 about 5 years ago. It was
made into a crib dust ruffle & curtain
trim. Now it’s been remade once more
into a laundry bag for our room.

This adorable little bag is the one I
DID NOT make… because my sweet
daughter, Zoe (pictured), made it herself
for her room. She used fabric from our
huge storage tubs filled with leftovers &
unused portions of fabric.

I’m so proud of her! (and special thanks to
our friend, Jennifer, you has truly taught
all three of girls to sew beautiful things
with great skill and precision!)

So, the final cost of our new laundry bags…
$0 out of pocket!

(and it’s a “Green” project, too… recycling at it best!)

Final note- My older girls do their own laundry and
have their own baskets & systems for doing it!
Training & delegating at work!

Frame It

This season we’re trying to make more gifts and
be more creative and personal. It’s fun… and to be
honest it can be a little stressful. But it’s still better
than the stress of over-spending & angry malls.Although I can’t show you all that we’ve made,
(the recipients don’t have them yet..shhhh)
I will show you the picture frame we made as a B-day
gift for Max’s friend, Amir. Max helped with the cutting
and gluing.

We used cardboard from a box, an old pair of jeans and
school glue. The result? A picture frame that holds a happy
memory of two good buddies!

Also, I’m still giving away this Book:

If you’re interested, please tell me how you’re expressing
love for your family/friends this season. I’ll give it away
on Thursday, Dec. 18th.

Happy, creative Christmas!

Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women
By Susan Hunt