Just needed a quick Peek

You’ve probably moved once or twice.
And bought and sold houses?

Sign this.
Read that.
Call them.
Now go back and change this.
Send in those.
Text to confirm.
Schedule this, cancel that.
Oh, and don’t stop packing boxes!
Wait, do we have enough boxes?
Etc, etc, etc… .

My tiny brain quickly starts to twitch. Eeekk!

In the middle of all this I abruptly stopped and clicked over to a few webcams
of what will be my new home by the end of the week…
and sighed
and smiled.
This is what I saw:

It’s exactly what my heart does every day…
throughout the day…
in regards to the bigger picture:

Hebrews 3:1

And when I look at Him & think of His wonderfulness & beauty…
I sigh
I smile.

He’s worth it all!

“Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.
We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus,
the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.”
Hebrews 12:1b & 2

It Doesn’t Make Sense?

“Is this really You, God?
Cuz it’s not really making any sense to me.”

“My friends think I’m crazy, and they’re telling me
to stop and think more carefully about all this.”

“But Lord, why would I even dare to dream this up
if it wasn’t for You?”

“What if…?
What if… ?
What if…?”

All of those thoughts sound exactly like someone who is considering a step of faith.

Plenty of Christians have always been quick to “try to talk sense into us” when God has directed us to step out in a way that humans can’t wrap their heads around.

If humans can totally understand what we’re doing then it certainly isn’t requiring faith & it’s probably not coming from the heart of Jesus.

We must be quiet… and listen to God and ONLY God. When others bring up concerns, we take them to Jesus. If He says it’s a concern, cool, He’ll instruct us accordingly.
If not, ignore it.

I’ve found that lots of Christians are very unnerved by bold faith… and yet… is it actually even faith if it’s not bold and unexplainable?

Listen to His voice. Write it down in a place where you will keep it safe… cuz once you take that bold step times will follow that will require even more courage. But as long as you KNOW you heard from God (go back and read that stuff He told you), you will have all you need!

2 Peter 1:3 is a huge fav…
“God has given us all we need for life and godliness.”

Stand tall. Smile. He’s proud of us when we are in a position to hear…
and willing to take some heat from others for even considering something more than the boring ‘ol norm.

Now step out. It’s the only thing that actually DOES makes sense!

(These words were taken from my recent conversation with someone who is listening carefully to God’s voice… and not getting a lot of applause from others. I’ve been in her shoes… and I am in her shoes.)

Simultaneously Sad AND Happy

happy sad

I’m not Whacked out.
Sad AND Happy live side-by-side in me.
It’s sound like a bit of a “condition,
but quite honestly,
this combo of emotions screams,

Here’s why…

God has directed my husband to transition from the role
as founding/lead pastor of Courage Church to
joining the team of Mount Hope Church in Lansing , Michigan
full-time. ( More details are here)
To say that my emotions are zipping around from one
extreme to the other is stating it rather lightly.

Feeling sad & nostalgic …
– Over 10 years ago God directed us to start
this wonderful Church in Detroit.
– Was here when she, Courage Church, was born
– Have been involved in its growth & maturity
– Love & adore the people of Courage Church
– Now… it’s time to let her continue without us
– So much history with our Courage Family
– Saying goodbye to the hardcore, super cool, come-back city
– two of our children were born here
– our gorgeous old historic home must now be sold
– we raised our oldest girls in this city
– those two girls will not be making to move with us
– personally growing in a zillion ways & making huge memories
– there is nothing quite like this amazing church & city

And just like that… My eyes are spilling all over the place!

But at the same time a happy, bubbling dances inside my heart.
God has asked us to be a part of something new…

– Falling in love with another church family
– Experiencing new areas & ways of ministry
– Knowing God will develop unused parts of my life
– Making new friends to share our lives with
– Becoming part of a new city
– Hunting for a home
– Establishing new patterns
– Making new memories

And… just like that… I’m all gitty and jumpy inside!

I’m not pschyo … it’s supposed to be this way!
If I was ONLY sad, then I’d be hanging on too tightly,
and now allowing God to do His work in my heart.

If I was ONLY happy then I’d be running from something
and not allowing God to do His work in my heart.

See…. These roller coaster emotions prove HEALTH.
They only FEEL whacky…
Maybe that’s because I’m living in a condition of the heart
that is only about a sentence and a half away from tears
at any moment.
But I’m OK with it all.
I know the One who is directing our steps and
He’s the same One who created my heart!
As long as this heart of mine is following diligently
after Him, then sad AND happy will be just fine with me.

More Kitchen Pics

A few weeks ago I posted pics of our “old kitchen
and only one pic of the new kitchen. Some of you
asked for more pictures. I REALLY Love this room!

The floor:
No longer has 2 layers of horrid cheap tile,
thanks to our friends!

Next project: paint the floor RED!

The Old & The New… Kitchen!

-Last Saturday we moved to our beautiful historic home in Detroit
– Many of you gave us some serious help… and it was so much fun!

– Some others of you are asking for pictures
– Here’s a few that tell a snippet of the story of this past week

Kitchen… Before. This house was empty for a year or so.

The horrid wallpaper boarder has been painted over &
rewall papered SEVERAL times..
THAT was a pain.
(Wallpaper is probably made in Hades!)

(If I EVER even consider hanging wallpaper, please read
the following statement to me:

“Dear Netta, make a tight fist. Hold out your arm.
Now punch yourself repeatedly in the head with your
full strength until you remember how much you totally
 hate the entire wallpaper process!”)

Primed & ready to paint

The doors were sanded, primed & painted in the grass
and then the garage.

And NOW…
A corner of the beautiful finished product!
(More to come… when I finish unpacking everything!)


Gathering boxes to move is a sport for me!
Not having to buy boxes motivates me.
Knowing that reusing the old cardboard means
new change for me… So exciting!!!!
We move in 8 days.
Tomorrow, some friends are coming to help us Pack!
Not move, yet… just pack!
(Yes, you’re jealous of our friends! Be very jealous!
They’re A CONSTANT blessing!)
Until a couple of days ago we only had a VERY few boxes.
Then, the shameless dumpster diving & pathetically desperate
text messages were sent (to some of those same great friends).
Boxes have started to arrive! (Thanks, Erika!)
Also, this JACKPOT (pictured below) was discovered
behind Target! (Have I mentioned that I love that store!)

And, cloth carts of cardboard treasures

were discovered during a recent grocery shopping
trip. (below)

We grabbed so many of those treasures that sweet little Zoe
had to carry around the ones that didn’t fit into the cart.

My house… (below) ugh…
But all for GOOD reason!

And, if you happen to drive behind a store or shopping center
and catch a quick glimpse of a brown-haired lady frantically
yanking boxes out of giant green dumpsters, and a car full of
children carefully ducking their heads so as not to be recognized…
just honk!!!
(and honk LOUDLY cuz that lady is probably shamelessly
talking to herself and saying, “YES! We hit the BOX jackpot!!!”)

Moving for the 18th time

Moving kinda makes me giddy.
Fresh start.

Since I went away to college I’ve lived in 17 different
places. Now, next weekend we’ll be moving into my
18th. (If you’re confused, please see this post)
Lived in 7 states.
Besides my childhood home (where my Mom still lives)
the longest I’ve had an address is 5 yrs…. a huge record.
Up until that, it was only 3 yrs.

I’ve filled the back of a red & white striped Suburban to

drive several states away,
carried dressers across a small college campus,
moved across the hall, or up to the next floor,
had a U-Haul, enjoyed professional packers…

Moved as a newly wed when all my stuff was brand new,
moved in the winter while it was snowing,

moved while 71/2 months pregnant,
moved with a newborn,

moved while my husband was outa the country and once
while he was outa state… etc…

What do I do first? Next?

1. Go dumpster diving for boxes
2. Clean out closets
3. Clean out weird cluttered corners
4. Pack stuff off that hangs on the walls
5. Use my organizer a lot MORE!
6. Adjust & readjust my expectations of myself
7. Adjust & readjust my expectations of situations
8. Continue to adjust & keep deciding to “just go with it”

My best suggestion is to just take a deep breath.
The important stuff really does get done.
Everything else will just fall into place…
or else it just doesn’t need to be.

Eat more convenience foods than usual.

And MOST importantly…
keep reading The Word & hanging with Jesus everyday!