I Have Famous Family Members


My family members are famous this week!  🙂

Chilly’s movenber mustache was featured in the Detroit Free Press (A major newspaper in the city… that’s actually not free) He’s the 6th picture featured and the caption mentions our church!

And Courtney’s Chunky Knit Button Cowl Scarf was featured in a Made In Michigan site complied by etsy (and it’s modeled by Mariah)


Talk to Myself Tuesday




My family says that I talk to myself all the time, but I prefer to call it “Thinking Outloud!” But, regardless of what title you give it, here’s what’s been going on in my head lately…




Caramel apples are so yummy; I especially like the kind that you can drizzle over a sliced apple & eat with a fork… although my boys still manage to get incredibly sticky. Of course, the nuts, marshmallows and sprinkles certainly add to the probability of getting totally sticky.


How is it possible that I can love FALL so much but be completely annoyed with Halloween?


Our church is in the final week of our LunchMoney Campaign. Our entire church has been giving up lunch (or the money that it cost us to eat it) and giving it towards  HopeWorks.  Wanna join us?  It’s about giving to our city, but not just meeting physical & social needs, but working to share the Love of JESUS!


Good News is that YOU have an opportunity to give to the ministry in Detroit, too. Click here.


Never resist a generous impulse. (cuz that impulse is NOT human nature… it’s God dropping that thought in your head!)


The old “make me go insane cuz they never work correctly-sewing machines” have been retired because Santa came early (aka: My generous friend)

Here’s the new “heavy duty” machine!  YIPPEE! Thanks, Ms. Santa!


I wonder how many people in my life really know what they believe and WHY they believe it.


My boys had frozen pizza for probably the 2nd time in their lives.(The girls have had it a few more times) They were delighted… and I was completely surprised at how yummy it was.


Another friend who works at a school rescued this microscope from the trash pile. (Why are schools so wasteful & then always complaining about what they “don’t have!”)  We didn’t think it actually worked… until we read the directions.  Ha! Max LOVES it & has taken a closer look at basically everything he can possibly fit under it. So awesome. (Thanks, Friend-who-digs-through-garbage-piles-at-his-job-but-won’t-see-this-cuz-he-doesn’t-read-this-blog. 🙂


The Saturday morning RC United group that I’m attending JUST ROCKS: Talking about our lives, what Jesus is teaching us, asking questions & praying together. Being Friends. 🙂


The exciting new things that are coming around the bend make my heart jump for joy & eyes pool with tears!



My kids informed me that they’re losing weight and they’ve concluded  it’s because I don’t buy junk food anymore!  🙂

(“You only buy apples, Mom!”  They must’ve forgotten the giant tubs of caramel that go with those apple 50% of the time!)



Talk to the Hand



Some people say “Talk to the hand” when they’re done talking. I choose to let my hand do the talking while we were on vacation.

Instead of tweeting with words I just posted the “hand pictures.”  And really, enough was said. Less was more.

How many times do I say too much?…

Give too many details?…

Lose the attention of those to whom I’m speaking?

Probably pretty often.

My hands (actions) need to speak louder than my words.

My blogs might be even shorter, too.


As you look over my “vacation” blog… think of what your actions are saying to others.














Talk-to-myself-Tuesday, from Florida


My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to

think of it was “thinking out loud!”  But either

way, here’s what I’ve been thinking…

-Vacations … I just can’t say enough about them

– A vacation should most definately be more than a week, cuz it’s takes several

days to unwind and then several at the end to pack up & clean up. So you need

plenty inbetween

-The ocean rocks… well, to be exact it “rolls.”  hee hee

-Having more than one swimsuit is nice (first time ever)

-I can’t imagine retirement… which is good, I guess, since it’s several decades away

– My kids love the water… they take after their Dad. I prefer the beach, a good book,

tan/sunscreen lotion and a large ice tea (in the foam cup I’ve saved from Chick-fil-a)

– If new habits can be formed in 21 days… I better be careful, this vacation thing

could be hard to break

– I’ve played Speed, Uno, Skipo, War, Checkers everday

with one or more of my kids. They crack me up

-My kids can talk some serious smack when we play games – I have

NO idea where they get it!  🙂

-Seafood is good… and….  I keep trying to LOVE it.

Right now I’m still at a good solid, “LIKE”

– Seashells fascinate me. I cannot stop picking them up

-Although I’ve collected several zillions shells over the years,

this is the first time I’ve actually made them into a craft… and already

have the supplies to make more.  Yay me – who usually has ideas bigger

than her abilities & time!  hee hee

-I’ve started thinking about the upcoming school year… and I’m excited…


– My sweet friend lost her brother in an accident while I’ve been outa state.

The night, when I’m staring out the window at the huge, dark ocean, I cry.

For her. Her family. And pray for God’s  mercy in all those situations.

-Having time away from the “norm” causes me to hug & snuggle more,

play more, think more, laugh more, read more, thank more and

praise Jesus continually!



Enhancing our kids’… pictures?





I read a blog recently about a mom who enhanced her kids pictures all the time…

every snapshot was “improved” and “bad poses” were deleted.  I nearly cried.

My 5 children range from ages 19 to 4.

Maybe it’s because some of my kids aren’t really children anymore, but I’ve learned that looking back on ALL kinds of pictures stirs memories that perfect photos do not!


I LOVE seeing the “un-touched” pictures of my children:

the scars,

giant scratches & band aids,

the pout faces or angry stares…

completely bored expressions

the “how long do I have to do this” look,

the “deep in thought that refused to smile at the camera” looks

crazy “gunna make you crack up faces.”

These photos are little wordless history books.

Those pictures remind me of

the fall from the swings the day of our family Christmas pictures,

the day she finally rode her bike successfully w/out the training wheels   (AFTER she hit the tree for the final time!),

the ridiculously short haircut she got after she’d tried to cut her own hair,

the first time we made candles and gave them as gifts,

visiting the awesome museum but waiting til everyone was hungry to take pictures

his broken wrist,

the concert in the park that I absolutely loved & they went nuts from boredom

etc. etc.

Those crazy looking pictures make us laugh and talk about the events that lead up to that single moment that was captured on film.   Why on earth would I want to delete those memories in favor of a “perfect shot?”    It’s those kinds of things you want to remember anyway.. those are  the stories that your kids want you to tell them time & again; those are the stories that you think you’ll always remember… but don’t… until you see that hilariously-imperfect picture & it all comes flooding back into your head… and warms your heart!

Plus they just totally crack me up sometimes.

(Like the picture at the top! EVERY time I look at Max I laugh!  He’s acting just like his Daddy!)




Few Words Wednesday, Zoe’s Bday!

Our baby girl is now 11 years old.


spunky, full of life, loves Jesus, full of ideas, creativity, songs, watching out

for her younger brothers, keeping her older sisters on their toes,

dancing, cooking, trying new things, unintimidated, confident,

aware of others, reads her Bible every night, cracks us up, a lovely person I totally love being with!… and  much more!


She created a Chocolate Ice Cream Layered Cup-O-Cake  for her celebration.

Here’s how she did it… in pictures!






And, as part of the fun, everyone dipped pretzel rods into yummy

chocolate and decorated them with colorful sprinkles. Then later

each person took home their tasty treat! (except for a couple people

who forgot theirs… and we accidentally ate them after lunch today)









Love is spelled, “G.A.M.E.S.?”

Today as i walked out our front door I noticed that our daughter’s car was gone.

Stolen. Right out of our driveway!
My husband stayed home to wait for the police to arrive while the kids & I went a few blocks down the street to share the love of Jesus with other people in our city.
Although we’re totally bummed about the car (and have shed a few tears), today was REALLY about wonderful people  who shared the love of Jesus in creative ways with some other  wonderful people in our city.



Balloons (notice the monkey in the palm tree on R)

Snacks, ice pops & drinks

A big dog named, Buddy                      Lots more games

Old Fashioned Cake Walk – sorta like musical chairs minus the chairs & plus the cakes as prizes! mmm

Water Games                                                                                 “Tatoos”

Lots more games                                                         Oversized games


Illustration about Jesus washing away our sins


Kids responding to the Love of JESUS!

This is the city God has called us to.

I LOVE Detroit!