Wordless Wednesday – June 29, 2011

Recent days in Pictures:

Real Church BIG SPLASH on Belle Isle,

John the Baptist (with blond hair??)  visits the kids, Friends,

kite flying (thanks to our friend, Zach), “motor city fun starts young”

and my “baby” in the swing!


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Thanks, Mom & Co

If you know me or even just read this blog then you’ve been

influenced by these woman… cuz they’ve all left an eternal

mark on my life.

The list is long, but here’s a few of those ladies &

a tiny snippet of what they’ve done for & taught me.



There’s a ga-gillion

things I could say about Mom,

but her strength, determination

and strong work ethic constantly

inspire me.







My Mother-in-Law-

Strong, kind, laughs

easily and raised the

man I’m in love with







Mrs. Judy Young-

helped develop leadership

and spent lotsa time listening

to my teenage “troubles.”





Mrs. Lois Graber-

Showed me what a Pastor’s

Wife in action looks

like and loved me like

a daughter




We make the choices that turn around & make us (my husband

says that all the time), but there are so many people in our lives

that influence our choices and give us tools to make those

choices.  My list could go on & on.


(Another post about my Mom & Mother-in-Law…

who are now indirectly influencing you.)


Have you contacted the ladies you who have left

their mark on you?  When did you start realizing

their influence?





Cereal Box Postcards

A blog  that I LOVE reading – Infarrantly Creative–  recently posted a cute

project and my boys & I made a few today and mailed them off to some









To the teachers,

kids directors &

moms who read this…

maybe you can get a new idea…

and it’s cheap…

well, FREE, actually (if you eat cereal).












We used this project to talk

about family, practice using a ruler,

for cutting and handwriting practice.















There are so many cute ideas out in “cyber land.” I’m so

grateful to have such a wonderful resource at my fingertips!


A New Tree

Some people are celebrating “Earth Day” and that’s cool.

When you’re a large family on a not-too-large budget you tend to be

quite green… but it’s really just frugal & smart.

(To read my Earth Day post from last year click here. )


Today I’m celebrating a tree.


The cross that Jesus died on…

to take my place,

forgive my sin & to give me NEW LIFE!


Life that goes beyond situations

& even beyond death!





The  EGG makes a

lovely symbol of new life…

and this week my kids made

an Easter Egg tree.

We gave old things a new life.







It’s made from:

-old clothes & curtains, cut into strips

-twigs we gathered recently on a walk around the neighborhood

-spray paint from the storage in the corner of the basement

-ribbon scraps from other projects long ago

-glue from the school & craft supplies

-a blue bucket from Target, $2.50

(Is this a “Green Project” or what?)


















(This is blurry but I just

HAD to add it… for obvious






But really, we made this tree cuz I  wanted my children

to make something memorable & fun that now

decorates our home and will remind them JESUS gives NEW LIFE!























Do you have LIFE in JESUS?

What are you doing to celebrate THE TREE?


Here’s two ways you can join in the celebration…








Details here








Walk & Pray












This past Saturday, April 16th, REAL CHURCH joined with

hundreds of churches in Metro Detroit for  EACH

Prayer Walk.











Real Prayer. Fun. Encouraging. Joyful. Hopeful.

















And thousands of people committing to serve the

























Only JESUS can change DETROIT…

and He does it by changing PEOPLE!  He loves us!

Netta’s Niche – Denim Obsession

Denim… old jeans… pile up around our house.

Huge holes in the knees.

Ripped out back pockets. Broken zippers. etc…

But I just cannot get myself to throw them away.

It’s such good fabric.

So, I do things like this…


Made from my husband’s old jeans..

one of several little bags to hold toys:

a small set of tiny blocks …






or small potato head toys…-


A pillow for my friend’s

little boy…






We’ve even made picture frames

from old denim and cardboard





The duvet covers I made for

the boys a couple of years ago…

they’re denim on the top &  flannel

on the underneath side.

(The quilts inside are their older

sisters’ old comforters… more recycling)


The legs of jeans make nice

laundry bags, too.


It’s sturdy.

It’s cute.

It looks kinda pottery barn-ish… (except it’s FREE!) and

Since there are so many pairs of jeans that need a new purpose…

I wonder what else I can come up with.

Have you  made anything from old jeans?