Overrun with Imperfection


I haven’t worn make-up for 3 of the past 5 days.


Our dining room table looks like a library threw up on it.


My electronics (aka computer, phone, internet,etc) forced me to rename them.


I’ve stopped for groceries 3 times but have failed to buy 1/2 of what’s

actually written on my list, so our meal choices are pretty dumb.


My oldest daughter leaves for school next week…

(no words about that right now, just feelings)

The cute wedding gift-project that I want to make for our friends

is taunting me because I haven’t started it yet, and because my

ideas always exceed my talent & time.


My neck hurts from leaning over school books & planning lessons.

Our lovely house cries out for a good clean, but remains unheard.

The beautiful summer weather is gone & I’m kinda mad at myself for

not being excited about fall. It’s my favorite season, but I’ve apparentently

forgotten that tid bit of info about myself.

We start home school in a few days  (I know.. it’s later than you) and

until I get it all planned out… things are kinda rough.

If you’re feeling poopy about yourself;

Incase you’ve been reading all those blog sites where everyone is

creative, gorgeous and totally organized in every area…

Well, ha!

Let’s be REAL.

Real stuff happens.

And sometimes we just hafta say it… and laugh. It just helps!

(And, saying “poopy” a few times also proves quite helpful, too!

A lesson I learned in Jr. High!)


Here’s the little phrase that God’s been reminding me this week:

Grace in Action

My imperfections are huge.

My Jesus is “huge-er” and totally Perfect in every way!











Just thinking about Christmas…

– We’re supposed to be telling people about Jesus,
not just inviting them to church. Give them a reason to come.

Talk ONE minute for every FIVE that you listen

– Since no one on my  “Christmas List” actually needs anything,
I’m going to give loving tokens of from my heart so that there’s
more to give to those who are really in need.

– Jesus radiates God’s glory & expresses the very
character of God (Heb.  1:3). And Jesus has asked me,
His follower, to imitate Him. Hmm, asking myself wha
kind of expression/impression of Jesus I give to others.

Random Ramblings

Totally Random thoughts!

(some may tick you off or offend you… sorry)

Front Porch picnics are nice

“Nickname-kinda-words” that I can’t stand
– Hubby
– Wifey
– Kiddos
– Preggo
It’s a bummer when someone gives you a gift but
it comes with so many expectations attached that
you can’t really enjoy the gift. (The kind of expectations
that make the giver “feel” or look good,)
Stress isn’t all about scheduling.
Little Cream Waffer cookies are ridiculously yummy
and should only be made once every few decades…
cuz they’re so small you can just pop’um in your mouth.
Not good!
House hunting in Detroit is an adventure… to say the least
(and that’s a subject for a whole ‘nother blog post)
My daughter graduates this weekend
I’m thankful for air conditioning
Personal growth hurts… but it turns out to be
a good hurt
I’m an organizationally challenged person,
but I’ve learned heaps of tricks over the years
that work for me… Thank You, Jesus!
In a few weeks I’m gunna go to bed and not
have to get up for ANY reason… and I can
just sleep & sleep that day! (I’m smiling with
a dreamy look on my face right now!) hee hee
My youngest daughter is completely finished
with her school work for this year. Besides some
online testing she… We … are done! Again,
thank You, Jesus!
Oh, the laundry calls my name.
What are you ramblin’ about today?

Things Overheard in Our House Recently…

(No promise of humor or insight of any kind…
just random facts that give you a peek into
our lives lately.)

(Jos Campau Street in Hamtramck at Christmas time)
“Mom, are you going anywhere today? We never go anywhere.”
“Mama, please play a game with me!”
“I’m cold.”
“Do you think the boys’ room is warm enough?”
“Hey, Kids! Look outside!!! It’s SNOWING! Yippee!”
“Where’s my other glove?”
Where are you going all bundled up?”
“The basement, just doing laundry.”
“Would someone please let the dog out?”
“Would someone Please let the dog in?”
“Would someone PLEASE clean up the muddy dog prints
on the kitchen floor?”
“Did you hear the radio commercial raising money for the pets of
people who have lost their jobs. What’s with that?”
“Let it snow… MORE!”
“No, Son, you don’t need to wear your boots in the house!”
“No, we haven’t found a building for the next Real Church…
“Shhh. Please be very quiet for a minute while a make a phone call.”
“Can we go to the craft store…. again?”
“I REALLY like driving the new (well, new to us) Suburban!!!”
“Online versions of stores are nothing like the actual stores.”
“What? Christmas decor 60% off even though it’s still over a week until
the Big Day!”
“Crazy. Valentine Decor is now taking up TWO rows of craft store. Grr”
“Mom, can I have a Valentine’s Party with some girls from church?”
Little Ones: “Mom, another package on the porch. It’s for you!
How come you keep getting all the presents in the mail?”
Mom: “Please just putt’um in my room & leave’um alone!”
“What are you doing Mom?”
“It’s Christmastime, remember? I don’t have to explain
anything… secrets are allowed!” (smile)
“Hey, Mom already said I could help wrap those presents!”
“I’ve had this ready for weeks. But if it doesn’t get mailed
soon it’s gunna be late… again this year!”
“A package came for ALL of us! Can we open it NOW?”Pleease?”
“Mom, please tell him to stop talking! MOM!
MOM! Please! Would you PLEASE tell him to stop talking!
MOM!?! He will NOT be quiet. MOOOOOM?”
“You must not believe in Santa cuz you’re being baaaad!”
(it’s NOT the parents saying this!)
“What is this? Do I have to eat it?”
“Can I have a cookie if I eat this?”
“Oh, did you make some poppy seed bread for us, too?”
“Can I please have another turn on the computer?”
“Can I play wii? I haven’t played it today?”
“What do you mean we’re not getting presents that require
batteries or that plug in?”
“Can you please turn up the music?”
“Can you please turn down the music?”
“Watch, Mom. This is the song we’re doing on Stage at
Church. Watch. Mom, WATCH!”
“Can we just stop doing school for now & start Christmas
break already?”
“Can I watch a Christmas show?”
“Charlie Brown shows are sad. I don’t like’um.”
“Can I invite the neighbors to my Christmas play?”
“Look, I made a picture of Baby Jesus.”
…… and then…
……I Smile….
(Smiles don’t make noise, but they speak
louder than all the rest!)

Weekend Review

What an eventful, fun weekend!

Friday Evening
A clothing exchange, ladies night out!
Shared Jesus’ love through actions
and words.
So fun! Lotsa ladies attended!
So thankful for my church family.
Taught my 4 yr. old how to play
SkipBo! Crazy. He picked it up
in a few minutes. Fun!
(and made Sun.’s lunch & stuck it
in the frig!)
So thankful for my family & home.
Saturday Evening
Attended an AMAZING Christmas
Dinner for ladies at Freedom Christian
Center. Was honored to speak to them
and share “DIY Encouragement.” (Don’t
wait for someone to encourage you, do
it yourself, from Jude 20-23.)
Had a blast!
And, my friend, Mary Beth filled the back of
my van with homeschool books! THANK YOU!
So thankful for opportunities to share
& be with new & “old” friends.
Sunday AM-
Real Church was spilling over with people,
praise & joy! Such fun to play piano for
worship (Chilly led) and hear God’s
Word. Love Real Church!
So thankful God called us to Detroit.
Sunday Afternoon/Evening-
Nothing like a yummy lunch that’s
already prepared and then a nice
quiet nap! zzz
Later I tackled a fun project & made
a Thanksgiving apron for Thursday.
Zoe helped me sew some fall pillows, too.
So thankful for evenings at home with the fam.
Love it!
Love my fam & JESUS even MORE!
Happy Monday!
(sorry, no Menu Plan Monday today…
next week)

It’s Crossed My Mind Lately

Healthy people aren’t necessarily beautiful people.
Beautiful people aren’t necessarily healthy.
Skinny people aren’t necessarily beautiful.

Sometimes it’s better to be lonely when you’re all alone
than to be lonely in a crowd;
and even harder to be lonely in a crowd of people you know.

Why do I get so excited when I have lotsa new emails
in my “inbox” when I KNOW that 3/4 of them are ads,
frugal newsletters or ebills?

I guess it’s a good thing that saving money has become
a game – a sport of sorts.

If a child is made to clean a toilet as punishment but gets
in trouble often, is it still considered “punishment” since
the toilet stays so clean?

Good with the Bad

The last couple of weeks have been sorta weird.
Lotsa great & lotsa unexpected challenges had
popped up. But JESUS is SO faithful.

Here’s a strange little listing of the happenings
of my life. If you’re already bored… well,
click away. It was good for me to type this all.

Not in any order… random listing:

-Had “extensive minor surgery” on a needy tooth
(my dentist’s words)

– Got a sinus infection because of the oral surgery

– Now that infection is gone my bite is better!
Thank You, Jesus!

– Young friends made some bad choices that will
affect their entire lives

– Made several meals that only 2 of 7 enjoyed… grr

– Our youngest Son had sudden breathing trouble &
was put on a nebulizer

– Didn’t have to buy the nebulizer machine cuz our
old, old one from 1997 still worked.

– Using the old “breathing treatment” machine made
me cry as I remembered God’s faithfulness to our
daughter, Courtney, when she nearly died. She hasn’t
used that machine in 8 years! Thank You, Jesus!

– Just as suddenly as his breathing trouble appeared,
it’s healed. Thank you, Jesus!

– After lunch one day I suddenly got horribly sick,
the room was like a tilt-a-whirl and then my
lunch did the same thing. In bed for the next 15 hrs.

– Woke up the next AM and felt great… and hungry!

– A record number of people attended LOGOS
(Wed. night Bible Study at Real Church)

– A friend found out he has cancer

– One night our entire block loses power… for no
apparent reason…. AGAIN! (2nd time this year)

– Power was turned on before we got up! 🙂

– Our youngest daughter turned 9 years old!

– On the way to a local water park to celebrate
our daughter’s 9th b-day a huge monsoon hit
and we had to go back home.

– Went to a huge outlet mall instead of water park.
Spent the same amount of money & didn’t even
need sunscreen!

– Our 9 yr. old didn’t want b-day cake, just brownies
and sherbet! SWEET! My easiest b-day project yet!

– Bought a new pair of jean capris… a size smaller than
a few months ago! 🙂 Lost 16lbs so far!

– Ate my VERY first homegrown tomatoes! Well,
the first ones I’VE every grown! They’re good!

– Attended a wedding of a sweet couple …
their ceremony and reception were a
beautiful reflection of JESUS!

– Had the chance to have a lunch or dinner with
several friends that I’ve been trying to connect
with for a looong time.

Strange Week… in no particular order

A young teen who attends our church disappears/runs from home
for nearly 24 hrs…. but is found safely. Not sure of the details.

Attended Mariah’s last softball games of the season.

Made grilled pizza for the first time… pretty successful.

My house is a wreak.

My friend’s teenage son was robbed at gun point…
a block from our house. He’s ok & they caught the guy.

I won my first trophy on the wii mario cart! Max & Chilly were proud!

My Mom went through a medical procedure where her heart is
stopped and restarted again… and she’s doing fine!

Got completely turned around south of Detroit called
the downriver area and made a 15 minutes drive into
nearly an hour! ugh.

Drove down our alley right after the police arrested a bunch of
guys at gun point. (We know this cuz Chilly was a few minutes
ahead of me & he saw it go down… as he quickly backed his
car out of the alley!)

Just discovered a library book that was due weeks ago. (Maybe the
library will take down my “Most Wanted” picture now!)

We turned on air conditioning for the 1st time this season… but
I really like the windows open (except when the neighbors are smoking
next to their windows – they’re only 6 feet away!)

Got a couple new things for our trip to Florida next month.
Chilly’s speaking & I get to go along… and sit on a discussion panel, too.
I’m so excited to GO!

Real Church was packed again last Saturday & Sunday… and lots
of Salvations and people who are REALLY growing in the Lord!

I’m using my goofy “creativity” to teach adults on Wed. nights…
(and they don’t seem too opposed to it)

Used a new nail polish color, thanks to Erika
(Hey, I’m a big fan of painted nails & new colors!)

On Monday I made 4 loaves of homemade bread & an hour
later our neighbor gave us 4 loaves. So happy for our big freezer.

Cried a lot in prayer this week… carrying others’ burden to Jesus.
(that’s an honor & exciting cuz He answers!!!)

Finally folded the clean towels that have been sitting in
the basket for nearly a week! sheesh!

Lost several bids on ebay… that’s OK.

Took a zillion pictures of my kids at the softball games &
playing outside in the “back front” …
(that’s what Chase calls the back yard!)

Realizing the wonderful protection, direction and GRACE
of our Lord JESUS CHRIST!

I love You, Jesus!
I love my life!

This year of life I’m …

Yeah, I’m so past the “trama” of turning 40… that’s SO last year!
(and any “post-trama” that may have existed from turning 41.
In recent weeks I’ve made some slight & gradual changes.
Drastic changes don’t usually stick. Slow ones do… and
have been so far!

This new year of my life I’ve started

-cooking with more whole grains
(my new pasta maker attachment is gunna work GREAT!)

-making most of our bread
(I don’t have a bread maker, but it’s not hard to do)

-exercising 5 mornings a week
(It’s only been 15-20 minutes so far, but hey, it’s a start!)

-verbalizing positive things

-keeping my mouth shut about negative stuff

-doing somthing about the things that I used
to just complain about

-working harder at making everyday moments special
(Here’s a fav site for silly fun everyday!)

-finishing projects that I’ve already started

– spending less and appreciating more!

Lotsa small things add to something BIG!

Random Ramblings – Bits & Pieces

Just for a few moments I’ve jumped outa the fast lane that
I’ve been zooming down…. Oh, I’ve written several blogs
in the last couple of weeks, but they never left my head!

Here’s some random thoughts that have been spinning
around my little brain… spinning next to the cute little
mouse that runs on the wheel inside of there, too! ha!

* Rubbing Alcohol is my fav cleaner for all hard surfaces-
except wood! Works great on tile, counters, bathrooms,
grease, hairspray build-up, etc!

*”Organize your Life” articles in magazine make me wanna
spit! They say stupid stuff like, “put all sheets for double
beds on one shelf of your linen closet and all queen size
sheets on another shelf of that closet.’
WHAT IF YOU don’t HAVE A linen closet?
or cupboard? or SHELF?

* I still really like winter and would be OK if it snowed a
few more times… even if this angers everyone I know! ha!

* Planning parties (b-day, bridal showers, etc) around a theme
makes even the simplest things meaningful & awesome.

* Making a new friend that feels like an old one is rare –

* I’m still addicted to my crockpot and just found out that
a friend is giving me her “huge” slow cooker cuz she’s only
used it once! SWEET! Thank you!

* Having a multi-cultural name is kinda cool.
African Americans use “Netta” often and so do Arabs!
God knew I’d need this name!

* My favorite reason for going to the mall is to let my big girls
shop and my little boys play at the playland. (If I shop we
all get bored & frustrated within seconds!) Thank goodness
for ebay!

* Saving money is fun. Although it’s more necessary than ever,
it’s become a sport… and I’m actually enjoying it!

* Target is STILL my favorite store!

*Playing the piano at church is a blast! (it’s a huge, old
almost-baby-grand piano) Our worship band is rockin’ too!
I almost stood up on the bench and played with my feet!
(well, not exactly! ha!)

* Paying bills on-line with our bank bill-pay is SO
much easier than writing checks & mailing them!

*Finally seriously considering seeing a specialized
Dentist who treats TMJ… 24/7 pain is getting the
best of me… and my mouth splint is old & has a hole now!

* I really like living in Detroit! (That’s GOD!)

* Seeing Jesus change lives is so awesome! Being involved
in the lives of ladies at Real Church is so much fun and
so rewarding!

* I’m not teaching Wednesday Night Bible Study for the
next 6 weeks and I’m so excited to sit, learn & grow
under my friend’s ministry! 🙂

* Recently purchased a canvas to begin a 2009 collage
of answered prayer & God’s faithfulness! Far too
quickly I (and you, too) forget the zillions of things
Jesus does for us (and that doesn’t even count the
bazillion we don’t even know about!…
and I intend to remember more of them and give
praise more often!
(and possibly come up w/a cool piece of art, too!)

What steps are you taking to keep your heart & head
focused on JESUS and His faithfulness?

Isaiah 26:3
“You will keep in perfect peace him
whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.”