Like a 3 year old

This week our church has been fasting & praying…

and I ventured out with my three youngest to attend
group prayer in front of the Detroit Institute of Art (that’s
the art museum).
In the car I was prepping my kids:
“We’ll sit or walk together. We’re gunna praise Jesus
and pray for all sorts of things and people. OK? We
are there ONLY to pray!”
Then, my three year old says,
“I love JESUS, but I’m not gunna pray!”
Moments later he said,
But don’t worry Mommy, I obey sometimes. SOMETIMES!”
(Like I was supposed to find comfort in that!)
Ok, My little guy is only three years old… but how many
“grown up” Christians are exactly the same?
Are you one of them?
When & how much have you prayed lately?
How often do you obey Christ?
NOW… the REST of the STORY…
When we arrived at the DIA to pray outside for our city,
church & team, my little 3 yr. old rocked it!!!
He knew exactly who he wanted to pray for, had
lots of amazingly insightful things to pray about
and had very little trouble staying focused!
What’s “the rest of the story” for you?
(now, keeping him & his big brother from climbing into
the fountains after prayer… a whole ‘nother story!)

Startin’ from Scratch

The kids ministry at Real Church Detroit
spans from birth through 5th grade…
all in one SMALL, but sunny room!
It only goes for 30 -45 minutes because
the kids worship with their parents and
then go into the other room during
the sermon.
Our first week went smoothly…
Praise God! But it’s a funny, interesting challenge.
Right now, since our location is only temporary,
we’re not really naming it, not really giving it
a theme and not purchasing a ton of stuff for it…
in due time. But rest assured, kids are hearing
about JESUS!
But, I’m kinda starting from scratch.
Using stuff we already have at the other Real Church
campus, using stuff I have at home and things that
I can make/create. Trying to be frugal & creative
without looking totally ghetto or completely cheap! 🙂
So, my crafting supplies,
sewing supplies,
homeschooling supplies,
home office supplies,
and even kitchen stapes & utensils
have all become ministry tools.
But wait…
isn’t that how life should be anyway?
everything we do,
everything we’re obligated to do,
everything we’re talented enough to do,
is ALL created to minister to others.
We’re intended to reflect HIM is ALL we do!
How are you using the daily parts of your life
to reflect Him & minister to others?
If you’re not thinking this way… start now.
Living like this gives all the bits & pieces
of your life deeper meaning.)

Ministry by the Number

33 years ago a little ventriloquist puppet entered my life.
30 years ago I started babysitting & knew I loved kids.
(even though I was still a kid myself!)
28 years ago I joined my Mom in teaching the Sunday Morning
children’s ministry at my childhood church in Greeley, Colorado.
27 years ago that poor little vent puppet (pictured above) died…
he was just all worn out…. literally.
26 years ago I received another wonderful ventriloquist puppet.
(some people get cars for their 16th b-day… I got a dummy!)
23 & 22 yrs. ago I was involved in a college ministry to kids
and then helped start a new kids ministry on another campus
the following year.
20 years ago I married a Pastor, called to reach, teach & disciple,
and I joined him in all those things.
19 years ago I started occasionally filling in for the kids pastors
in our various places of ministry and had a band of wonderful teens
or young adults to help.
14 years ago that (16th b-day present) ventriloquist puppet died…
of lock jaw…. seriously! 🙂
13 years ago another puppet joined our family… bigger & better than ever.
5 1/2 years ago we moved to Detroit/Hamtramck to plant a
5 years ago a great team of friends & I started the
kids ministry of that new church.
4 years ago I was able to hand over that kids ministry to
capable people and it’s grown & still growing!
in 48 hours we will plant another church in Detroit…
this time in Midtown.
And once again I will begin a brand new kids ministry.
Jesus has been faithful all these years.
He never changes!
Here we go again!
(Your prayers are welcome!)

A Church?

Does this look to you like a place where a church would meet?

Well, beginning on 01.10.10 it will be on Sunday Mornings!
The next location of Real Church Detroit will start right in this
room… which is on the top story of a beautiful building in
Midtown Detroit.
The waiting is FINALLY over! Thank you, Jesus, for providing!!!
To read more about it… and the irony of it all… please click
on Chilly’s blog at
And please pray.
We need portable chairs & sound equipment
kid’s puppets and a portable stage.
(I’ll be starting this new kids’ ministry, too!…
and I’m excited!)

Whatever, Whenever, However!

Looking forward to the next step.
New people to reach.
New area of the city.
I love Detroit.
Midtown- so full of history & variety.
Living in limbo for months & months.
Not knowing what or when or WHY the wait…
simply knowing what God said.
Hanging on to that.
Obeying that.
It has to be enough.
Anything more would be man-made,
and that’s recipe for trouble.
God doesn’t lie.
He doesn’t mislead.
He doesn’t mess with us.
But my feelings, do… all of those things.
They lie to me.
Mislead me.
Mess me up.
They try to discourage me.
My feelings want “NOW!”
My feelings want “HOW!”
My feelings aren’t getting what they want-
it can be very discouraging.
If I focus on “how things are effecting me“,
then I’m a mess,
for sure
But my feelings won’t rule me.
It’s not about ME.
I choose JESUS!
My life belongs to JESUS.
He can do
Life is really ONLY about YOU, JESUS!
(more details about the Midtown Church
can be found at

What are you doing that day?

What are you doing on January 10, 2010?
(Besides wearing warm clothes, eating lotsa
soup & shivering occasionally?)
We’ve made our plans!
and yet,
The future is completely UNKNOWN at this point…
But we know this…
There’s another church opening in Detroit on that day!!!
No building… yet.
No specific funds available… yet.
But God knows HIS plans.
Where He guides He provides!
(That’s not just a catchy Christian cliche’…
it’s the truth! Our lives are living proof of
that OVER & OVER!)
You can read more of the story on Chilly’s Blog.
Is God asking you to be involved ?
I dare you to ask Him.

The Miracle has Happened!

For months we’ve been praying for miracles…
and it’s happened! THANK YOU, JESUS!

I’m going to post what my husband put up on
his blog… he said it well…

“Friends, for several months I’ve been talking about,
praying about and hinting about our next church
plant in midtown Detroit. We have been believing
for God to miraculously provide a place for us.
Well… (drum roll please)…

Yes, that’s right, God is providing us a church right on one
of the main intersections of Detroit’s midtown area. It’s right
across the street from Wayne State University
(over 30,000 students) and also part of the
Woodbridge area of the city.
(Netta’s note: This web link says it’s a “street car suburb…
it’s NOT…it’s IN Detroit. )

Here’s the miracle: It’s being provided to us for FREE
not to use, rent or borrow but to OWN!
God has laid it on a man’s heart to purchase this property for us!
It includes a large auditorium, 12 apartments,
office building, 3-story school, gymnasium, parking lot and more!
We hope to sign papers this week and then close 30 days after that…
our projected opening will be October 10, 2009
yes, THIS FALL – which is the 5 year anniversary of Real Church.

I’ll share more stories and video with you in the near future.

I’ll also share opportunities for you to get involved in helping us

– we’ll need MORE miracles (lots of them)

– equipment, construction, finances

-cleaning/painting, prayer, outreach, etc. – plus, PEOPLE!

Maybe God will lay it upon your heart to join us right here in the city!

Post high school students should check out Xmin Academy

and adults, of any age, are welcome to serve in our

new church community – stay connnected at: Real Church online!



Please share this blog with ANYONE & EVERYONE

– it’s a MIRACLE!