Cereal Box Postcards

A blog  that I LOVE reading – Infarrantly Creative–  recently posted a cute

project and my boys & I made a few today and mailed them off to some









To the teachers,

kids directors &

moms who read this…

maybe you can get a new idea…

and it’s cheap…

well, FREE, actually (if you eat cereal).












We used this project to talk

about family, practice using a ruler,

for cutting and handwriting practice.















There are so many cute ideas out in “cyber land.” I’m so

grateful to have such a wonderful resource at my fingertips!


Easter. Serve. Learn.

It’s EASTER week!

I love this week… even though it’s raining outside, it’s definitely

spring inside!  We’ve been doing some fun stuff so far…

We’ve been measuring things with Jelly Beans (a CD case is

9 jelly beans long), and playing guessing games that introduce

the concept of “probability,” sorting by color & making charts to show

which color has more beans.











There’s a little poem about jelly beans that tells the

story of JESUS. It’s also teaching how to use scissors,

using reading skills, writing practice and it’s just fun to color

the giant jelly beans & glue them.


























And now… the cookies… lots & lots of cookies!

They’ll help share the love of Jesus to kids in

an Urban Arts Outreach & a Tutoring/ministry

in “the projects” and to our wonderful neighbors!

My kids are helping & learning that sharing and giving

is about giving something that’s personal; something that

requires work and/or sacrifice. (Although, the concept of

sacrifice may be diminished due to the fact that they’re

allowed to eat the broken cookies!)

Here’s some sites that have inspired this projects above:

Math with Jelly Beans

Coloring page

dltk Easter Ideas



Sometimes on Wednesday’s I just post a picture
Not today.

OOOh NO, today is whole big fat day full-a words, baby.

Photo snapped right BEFORE the
following events took place.

Lots of our friends are getting the flu, 

We purposely started our school day a
little later than normal
since we could all use an extra bit of sleep…
But that backfired…
people were draggin around,
having a hard time getting into
the task at hand. I was the worst.
So the morning was a bust.

Then, in somewhat of a random order…

-child bombs quiz

-same child bombs another quiz

– child pees pants (note: not the same child as the one taking tests!)

-another child informs me that yesterday’s school work didn’t actually get
done as they’d said, so they’re a day behind in 2 subjects

-toilet clogs (but I fixed it)

-Soup from a can (for tin can day) is weird… no one eats it…

including me

-water puddle appears in the basement

-this above mentioned basement is filled with the mounds of laundry
that I have fallen sorely behind in washing

-another water puddle is discovered under my kitchen sink

– the Mom (that’d be me) realized that the little pipe under the sink
is causing the basement puddle & fixes it (thanks to instructions from
our friend Zach who’d warned me about it several weeks ago)

-piano practice brings out the stubbornness that my kids may have
inherited from their Mom

-child melts into tears regarding above mentioned quizzes

– above mentioned Mom sheds a few tears of her own & asks
Jesus to please help her with Homeschooling & to show her
who to go about this process with greater ease… and joy

-the kindergarten-aged boy volunteers to do his chores and some
extra one, too

– the child with “pee-pants” takes a nap & wakes up acting like
himself again

– I “stumble” into a timely blog about homeschooling and Jesus whispers
wonderful encouragement and practical ideas into my heart

– I take a deep breath (why do I hold my breath when I’m tense?)

-formerly upset children make conscience efforts to calm down &
move forward

– youngest children are playing nicely together & enjoying Christmas toys

– I grab a Diet Coke & some Multi-Grain tortilla chips (they’re practically
health food, you know),  and  I write this blog

– Smile (see the picture at the TOP of the blog)

Menu Plan Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 & (Weird Holidays?)

I’m SOOOOO bored with menus,
food and cooking. Inspiration was needed.
So… I planned meals around National “Holidays”
and other interesting (but often not terribly important)
facts. Turns out, I’ve printed coloring sheets for my
little ones & made some homeschool lessons plans
that will coinside with the food we’re eating.
Strange, but somehow it turned into the motivation
I so desperately needed.   Have fun!

Lunch- W. Wheat Waffles
Dinner-  TBA

Lunch- Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches (Nat’l G.W. Carver Day)
Dinner- Spaghetti (Nat’l Spaghetti Day)

Lunch- Veggies & Dip with Cheesy Roll-ups
Dinner- Chili (it’s Nat’l Bean day afterall)

Lunch- Hoe Cakes (George & Martha Washington’s Annivarsary)
Dinner- Little Mamas (it’s my Mom’s B-day, today)

Lunch- A BIG Salad w/French Fries
Dinner- Homemade W.Wheat Pizza

Lunch- Waffles, Cherries & Whip Cream
Dinner- Fried Green Beans, Turkey Ham, Bkd Potatoes

Lunch- Crock pot version of BBQ Chicken (Pres. Nixon’s Bday)
Noodle, Carrots
Dinner- Do Overs of all kinds (Stephen Foster’s Bday)

For more ideas see www.orgjunkie.com

School, Boys & Starting Early

(NOTE: These are JUST my opinions based on 21 years of ministry
and 18 years of parenting… so far.)

Recently a young Mom  asked my thoughts about starting
her 4 yr. old son in home school Kindergarten soon.

Here’s my response.

I’m sure he’s more than able to learn the stuff that’s 
taught  in kindergarten, but you may wanna think long-term.

Growth is more than head-knowledge, and boys tend to 
mature at a different rate than girls. That said, if a boy 
begins school early then he’s always the youngest among 
his peers & possibly the smallest, too. (Which can be
very significant to a boy) He might always be the “little kid” 
or the “shorty” or whatever else kids may think up to say. 
Playing in sports with his grade level would put him at a 
disadvantage, which can be difficult for developing

Younger-starting children can also face disadvantages 
because their emotions and social development are not 
as advanced as their brains, and this can be frustrating for
the child as well as peers and other people in their lives. 

Also, Starting K as a 4 yr old means that a child 
would graduate as a 17 yr old… not always a plus. 
(Not to mention the parents saying, “Goodbye” a year early! SAD!)

When making parenting decisions involving the oldest child, 
parents need to be careful that their desires for advancement
 have nothing to do with proving to themselves and/or
others that they’re a good parent.  

These are observations gather over the years in youth ministry 
(we’ve seen many students who were young for their grade level) 
and our own 18 years of parenting.
So these are just some things to consider & pray about.
You may have other thoughts & observations.
I’d love to hear them. (Your comments are ALWAYS welcome!!!)

Why did God…?

A conversation during science with our 9 yr. old as she
was studying the solar system…

Zoe: “Why did God make all these planets if no one is living
on them, anyway?”

Mom: “God’s so much bigger than we are,
so we can’t possibly understand everything. I don’t
know why.”

Zoe: “I’ll tell you why! Just to create MORE WORK for
us, that’s why!”



School’s in full force.
Getting outa bed earlier, in the dark everyday
is no longer optional… it’s a MUST!

Here’s a few silly but helpful things to do that
help WAKE me up, open my eyes (at least one)
& gets me going… cuz I hate coffee!

– stretch while you’re still in bed
(there’s something about folding your feet over your
head that can really get your blood flowin’!)

– brush through your hair
(it’s a tiny head massage)

– gulp down some cold water

– walk barefoot on the hardwood floors

-peak out the window to see if your cars are still there
and then praise God that they weren’t stolen!

– start thanking JESUS for regular things like…
“Thanks for this carpet cuz the blue stuff that was
here when we moved in was horrid!”

– try to remember this day/time last year… and ask
“How has God changed me?” Then thank Him!

– a lovely cuppa hot tea w/milk & sugar (well, Splenda)
cuz I told you I don’t like coffee!
(all my Belfast friends say “Holla!”)

– and NOW that I’m awake, the REAL stuff that
keeps me alert all day….
Time studying THE WORD and conversation with JESUS!

– then get ready, dressed, apply make-up, etc..

Now, the rest of day begins & I’m ready for it!

What do YOU do to WAKE UP & STAY AWAKE?

It’s Happenin’ AGAIN!


Our school year is beginning again.
Yeah… we start in October and go through May.
We work hard during the “school year” and enjoy
our loooong summer break! (don’t hate us!)

I’m ready…
well, I have a couple of lessons plans to complete
for the first few weeks, but I’m ready for…

-the joy of learning

-the fun of something new

-“field trips” to museums, the apple orchard, FORD Plant

-songs, skits, crafts and projects

-memorizing more scripture & using the memory verse Box

-coordinating tv shows around curriculum themes

-watching the growth in my kids in body, mind & spirit!

-seeing the amazing creativity and depth with which they live

-searching websites & blogs for memory making ideas that
connect to the subjects they’re studying

-remember & relearning info that I’ve forgotten over the x
amount of years I’ve been outa school

-regular trips to the library

It’s our 5th fall as “homeschoolers”… I still sorta cringe when I
hear that word associated with us.
But it’s what GOD directed us to do… and so we are!
We’re not the stereotypical h.s. family.
We’re still very much US…

Let school begin… AGAIN!

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