Menu Plan Monday, May 5, 2014


MONDAY- Cinco De Mayo
Lunch- Crock Pot Taco meat in Homemade Tortillas
Dinner – Crockpot Beans with Cornbread

Lunch- Black Bean & Corn Salad
Dinner- Turkey Meatball Calzones, salad

Lunch- Grilled Bread Salad
Dinner- Fish Fillets, Rice, Green Beans

Lunch- Egg Salad, carrots & celery
Dinner- Chili over oven-fries

Lunch- Chicken & Grape Salad
Dinner- Homemade Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

Lunch- deli meat sandwiches, fruit
Dinner- Grilled Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

SUNDAY, Mother’s Day!
Lunch- Ham, New Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli
Dinner – Layered Salad
(I used to tell my Mom that this salad was “gross”
every time she made it, but in honor of Mom’s Day
I want to eat it. By the way, I no longer think it’s gross!)

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Menu Plan Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Lunch- Egg Salad, Homemade Breadsticks
Dinner- Taco Skillet over Rice,
Fresh veggies & dip, tortilla chips

Lunch- Cottage Cheese, Fruit
Dinner- Stromboli, Veggies

Lunch- Cheesy Tortillas, Oranges
Dinner- Cranberry Meatballs, Homemade Noodles
Steamed Broccoli

Lunch- Ham & Pineapple Wraps, apple slices
Dinner- Chicken & Homemade Rice-a-Roni

Lunch- White Bean Chili
Dinner- Homemade W. Wheat Veggie Pizza

Lunch- TBA
Dinner- Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Lunch- Crockpot Stuffed Peppers
Dinner- Leftover Veggie Frittata

More ideas are at OrgJunkie

Just Standin’ there, Confused

It’s there… in the Bible… and it seemed like
such a sad thing to say about the disciples/friends of Jesus.

Jesus hung dying on the cross,
“But Jesus’ friends, including the women who
had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance watching.”
(Luke 23:49 NLT)

It was a BIG deal. A huge moment.
An event that would forever change their lives.
And they kept their distance, watching.

These were not just casual observers who had heard of Jesus,
these were His close friends. The Greek word used in the
text means those who had a close experience with Him;
someone who knew Him first-hand. Someone like…

That’s exactly what I said to Jesus as I read this.
“Lord, I’m like these disciples. I know You first-hand
and understand that You’re doing something hugely
significant right in front of me, and yet I’m standing
off at a distance, rather dumb founded, just watching.”

Then God silently spoke: “You ARE just like those friends.
But what ELSE are they doing?”

Me: Umm.. we’ll they were probably…

But they…
Were Loyal
Kept eyes glued on Jesus

Oh… Yes… Thank you, Jesus.
I get it!
(Big relieved sigh!)
I will keep my eyes – heart- glued on YOU!

It’s Another Friday..

It’s Good Friday again. One of my favorite days of the year!!
Last year I blogged about the HUGE miracle that Jesus had done in
in our daughter, Courtney’s life back in 1997 and the new
medical challenges that she was facing at that present time.

Now it’s 2013…
and an update is long over due.  MANY of you (who so kindly read this & have prayed)
have inquired about her health over the past year.  I will give a brief update in form
of a bullet list… cuz no one really enjoys LONG medical explainations, right?

– black outs, weakness, headaches, chills, etc
– various blood work
– many tests on her heart and brain
– doctors & specialists are unsure
– specialist finally decides to treat her as though she has particular & unusal type of Migraine
– we don’t necessary believe this what she has, but are willing to try treatment
– Courtney starts daily medication that won’t even begin working for at least TWO months
– within a couple weeks she begins to improve
– we know this is NOT the medication
– in a month or so she is close to feeling like herself again
– six months later the medication prescription ran out…
– and we choose to stop having her take it
– that was in November 2012… and she is Well!

Jesus heals!  Again!
Thank you for praying, for caring and for inquiring about her over the last year!

Another Good Friday! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Courtney Singing an original song YouCharist 2013, Courage Church, Hamtramck

Courtney Singing an original song YouCharist 2013, Courage Church, Hamtramck

Wordless Wednesday, Rapture?

I snapped this picture on my cheapy phone in Siesta Key, Flordia, last week. It seemed like it would have been a perfect backdrop for Jesus to return for those who faithful serve Him… aka, “The Rapture!”  It was SO beautiful! My heart is ready!



wordless wednesday

wordless wednesday


In an unrelated thought… stay tuned… next week I’m giving away a GREAT BOOK that I’ve LOVED reading!


Mom… and Ruth!

Mom & Me. It's an older pic, but I really like it.



Ruth… the lady in the Bible with a book named after her. She’s one of only two with that honor, you know.

Mom… well, my Mom! The lady who raised me & still loves me, prays for me & cares.

They are both dedicated, faithful ladies. Hard workers with a work ethic that far exceeds that of other people. Both ladies have helped shape my life… past, present & future.

In honor of Mother’s Day I’m sharing a few thoughts from my journal; just some notes I’d jotted down after reading the book of Ruth; notes that reflect BOTH of these women. 🙂


Be faithful to God in the “everyday” stuff.
Then, when a crisis arises, you’ll be equipped.

Our struggles with faithLESSness, when added to
God’s unending faithFULness,
causes the everyday and the ordinary to have
breathtaking, eternal results.

Society calls it, “paying it forward,” but
God calls it, “Loving like Jesus.”
Be a giver, sharer, friend, encourager!


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I love you!




Drive in Detroit

I took my girls to our friend’s house in another part of Detroit for their weekly sewing lesson. (They’re really amazing, by the way!) On the way home I took some pictures out the window to send to my friend who lives on the east coast. I thought you might like to see the drive. I love posting pictures of beautiful places in our city… but I can’t let you forget that our city is in great need. The greatest of those needs isJESUS!

I can’t help but give you the opportunity every now & then to be involved in what Jesus is doing in this wonderful place. Click here to see what you can do and/or give to the ministries in which we are involved.

Ukraine Express


This IS America

What everyone thinks ALL of Detroit looks like


Henry Ford Hospital

Oasis in the city…one of many in this city



You can get a LOT of house for the price in Detroit….
Are you sure you’re not supposed to be here?

Have you asked God?



Menu Plan Monday, April 30, 2012



Lunch- Oatmeal pancakes

Dinner- TBA


Lunch- Steak French Fry Salad

Dinner- Grilled Chicken, corn, veggie tray


Lunch- Chicken Chopped Salad

Dinner- Corn Sausage Chowder


Lunch- Italian Nachos

Dinner- Grilled Pork Chops, Iceburg Wedges


Lunch- Sandwiches, fruit

Dinner- Hot Dogs on the grill, veggies & dip

SATURDAY (Cinco de Mayo!)

Lunch- Chilly’s One Dish Wonder

Dinner- Street Tacos, Rice, Black Beans


Lunch- Chicken Enchiladas, Corn salad

Dinner- Homemade Tortilla pizza

For other ideas see orgjunkie

Wordless Wednesday, Detroit Book Store

My daughter, Mariah, took this on Monday when all three of my daughters & I visited the giant John K King Used book store in Detroit.  It’s four HUGE floors of every thing imaginable!  We had a great time and each of us walked about with something AND a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Talk to Myself Tuesday

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as thinking out loud. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.


– The new little “prayer system” I’ve recently adopted, motivates and encourages me. (I’ll blog about that later)

– As I remember, nearly every springtime I get incredibly tired out. Not sure why. But I just push on & before I know it I’m feeling energetic again.

– When friends disappoint us it’s possible that they’re doing to us the same things we’ve done to them or others in the past… and that’s why we’re sensitive to it

– This is the first Spring in a while that hasn’t left our yard totally soggy. It’s so nice.

– The RC United group I’m a part of is SO wonderful. Ladies. Friends. Encouraging & praying for each other. Every Saturday morning. Texting & praying for each other all week long.

– Knowing a secret that’s happy… So fun! It feels kinda like a mystery show. 🙂

– I guess I can’t get to upset when my little boys say, “crap.” … since they may or may not have learned it from their mom. (Clean it up, Mom!)

– The story of Ruth is such a favorite. Such loyalty, love, dedication, God’s provision. Love it!

– Beginning the Stories of Saul & King David make me excited. No matter how many times I’ve read them there’s always something new to be learned… cuz God’s Word is alive & active! For sure!

– Making cookies & cupcakes for special events this week at Real Church!  Yippee!  So thankful that we can use any abilities to  serve others…even random skills from my kitchen!

– The Good Friday event at Real Church begins with a local art show at 6pm entitled, “Christ, The Cross & the City”  Then songs, poetry, worship, a band, The Word.  Such a unique and personal way to celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us!! Wanna join us?