Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as

“thinking out loud!” But, whatever the case, here’s what’s been on

my mind lately!


– Having a yard to play in, relax in, entertain in… is WONDERFUL!

-Sometimes ladies just feel like crying.

– Dear Parents in the Dr.’s office, stop pulling your kids away from the

cute colorful toys & forcing them read books. We all believe you’re a good

parent. And kids LEARN from PLAY!  Let’um play away those long waiting times.

-Max got the cast off his wrist and he was such a great guy about the entire

process, front in the injury to cast removal.  I’m so proud of him.

– Some people hold their stress in their neck or jaw. But some also

hold stress in their eyes… and when allowed to release it in good,

comforting company, then … well, life feels a lot better all of a sudden.

– Men want to solve problems. Woman want them to listen.

-There’s still a teenager from the 80’s deep down inside of me that

wants to go outside & layout in baby oil and get ridiculously tan. I

know better, so I don’t… but it kinda sounds tempting sometimes. 🙂

– There are many variations of “No-Bake” cookies and I intended to make

lots of them because my kids like treats & I’m not turning on the oven.

– Contrary to what people may think, when I’m home I drink ICE TEA

all day long. Only one Diet Coke a day. (But I do savor that one)

-Dear Lady in the Dr.’s office waiting room with the Jersey accent,

thanks for talking so loudly, with your thick accent, and telling the

story about your flooded basement & the “stuupid plumma” who

messed up everything, and for talking for nearly 20 minutes. We

were all bored in that room & trying not to laugh was truly entertaining!

-What have YOU been thinking about recently?



Wordless Wednesday, Patriotic Banner Tutorial

Using fabric scraps and old denim jeans I made this banner to

decorate our yard on July 4th. Here’s how… in pictures only.



(Note: I wasn’t driving. Just waiting for my daughter to finish

 cheer camp for the day.)



I linked up to a couple of craft sites this week:

Thirty Handmade Days

Cat on a Limb

Freedom isn’t Free

Freedom is Free – someone did and is paying for it. connects you with info on how send

small “care packages” to actual service people in our armed services!

I’m so excited to have found this site thanks to “Or So She Says…”

This week my kids & I will prayerfully select an email from the many on this site

from actual soldiers and then fill a box with the supplies they’ve requested.

We want to share our gratitude and also let them know of Jesus love!

Wanna join me in doing this?

Maybe you have another source which offers similar opportunities… would

you share it with us, please?

(Now, if only we can get all those extreme couponers to stop hoarding

& ship some of their loot to the soldiers, too… don’t even get me started on that! )

Wordless Wednesday – June 29, 2011

Recent days in Pictures:

Real Church BIG SPLASH on Belle Isle,

John the Baptist (with blond hair??)  visits the kids, Friends,

kite flying (thanks to our friend, Zach), “motor city fun starts young”

and my “baby” in the swing!


For other pics from other sites around the country/world

see Wordless Wednesday

and 5 minutes for mom

Menu Plan Monday, June 27th



Lunch- Giant Cheesy Grilled Tortillas

Dinner-   Chicken Finger  Salad, Rice


Lunch-  Baked Potatoes w/broccoli & cheese

Dinner- Black Bean Tostadas, Rice


Lunch- Homemade Lunchables

Dinner- Chicken Alfredo (in slow cooker) over noodles


Lunch- Pizza Muffins

Dinner- Picnic Dinner (Veggie Pasta Salad)


Lunch- Outside Sandwiches

Dinner- Upside down Nachos


Lunch-  Broccoli Bacon Salad

Dinner- Slow Cooker Lasagna (a version of this)


Lunch- Roast in the Slow Cooker, Potatoes

Dinner- Pita Bread Pizza

For more ideas see


An Anniversary by the Numbers


It was 22 years ago today that

I became the bride & wife of the man I

love, adore, respect and many other things

for which I thank JESUS daily!





22 yrs of marriage

5 children

12 addresses

5 states

7 places of ministry

16 cars    (I think… if you count “Sgt”)

4 couches

1 coffee table

5 dogs

many struggles

countless joys

1000’s of lives introduced to Jesus

0 thoughts of divorce

0 times it was questioned if it “was the right thing to do”

0 worries about unfaithfulness

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense.

Through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with all sorts of precious

riches & valuables. Proverbs 24:3,4


I love you, Chilly!








Menu Plan Monday- June 6, 2011









Lunch- Scrambled Eggs Omelet & toast

Dinner- Haystacks


Lunch- Veggie Wraps, Strawberries

Dinner- Grilled Sausage & Veggies over Rice


Lunch- Southwestern Chicken & Cornbread Salad

Dinner-Grilled Quesadillas with cheese & tomatoes inside


Lunch- Philly Steak Salad w/french fries

Dinner- Homemade Mac & Cheese


Lunch- Picnic Lunch outside (sandwiches, chips, fruit)

Dinner- Chicken Sliders w/homemade buns, veggies & dip


Lunch- Taco Bowls

Dinner- W. Wheat Veggie Pizza w/grilled corn on the cob

(It’s Nat’l Corn on the Cob Day!)


Lunch- Chicken Waldorf Salad

Dinner- Spaghetti Meatballs in slow cooker


next week MONDAY

Lunch- Waffles w/strawberries & whip cream

Dinner- Steak’um Up Pitas & grilled corn on the cob

next week TUESDAY

Lunch- PB & J

Dinner-Thai-Style Chicken w/Basil & Pineapple

next week WEDNESDAY

Lunch- Taco Salad

Dinner- Fish N Chips

For more ideas see



Netta’s Niche- Sweet Tea


















Chilly had this blue pitcher in his apartment for a long time

when he was still a bachelor. And now, after almost 22 years,

of marriage it is STILL our ice tea pitcher. (They don’t make’um

like they used to. Ha!)

Friends, old & new, soon learn that the blue pitcher in the frig

is & will always be Iced Tea. And they seem to love it. Ask for it.

and act almost getty when it’s offered.. well, at least the guys do,

but it’s usually right after they’ve helped with yard work or something. 🙂

It’s cheap. Easy. And we drink a gallon or more daily in the warm months.


Here’s how I make  “Swaat Tay!”

Get a ONE gallon pitcher (plastic is safest)

Put in 10-12 regular ‘ol black tea bags

Add a couple cups of boiling water to to tea bags

Let it steep for 15 min or MORE!  (I usually forget about it & it
ends up steeping for a hour or so… hmm, maybe that’s why we like it so much!)

Remove tea bags.

Add ONE cup of Splenda (or the wonderful & cheaper substitutes)

Now fill the pitcher all the way full (gallon total)


Serve with lots of ice.

(Keep it in the frig)