Tuesday’s Talkin’

My family says I
talk to myself, but
I prefer to think of it
as “thinking out loud!”
Here’s what I’ve been
thinkin’ lately…

– Where do you go when your heart is hurting?

– Silly text messages from old friends make my heart light
and happy!

– Small things make BIG differences in peoples’ lives.

– I have an amazing gift for selecting the coldest, most
frigid day of the week to go grocery shopping.

– Moving around a lot in ministry can do number on your

– My oldest daughter, Mariah, returned home safely after
a week of ministry on the streets of New Orleans during
Mardi Gras with Saints Community Church
and a team from our church.
She’s so adorable, strong, fun, sweet & wonderful!
(Hey, it’s my blog & I can say it like it is!) hee hee

– Mariah preached on Sunday morning.
She tag-teamed with Freddie, another beautiful woman of God!
You can hear their message here.

– Seeing my children serve Jesus out of their own personal
love & relationship with Him inspires and thrills me!

– Using proper grammar can give credibility, even to one
who doesn’t have much education. The opposite also proves true.
Improper grammar makes even the most educated person seem otherwise.

– Every time our sweet daughter, Courtney, struggled with the
discomfort/pain of wearing braces on her teeth, I’ve sung some
horrible rendition of a song that says, “It’ll be worth it all.”
Now, several years later she’s enjoying the truth of that song.
Her braces were removed yesterday, and her lovely smile is certainly
worth it all!

-Online schooling demands much, but offers much, too! I love it!
(Connections Academy)

-Repeatedly doing the same things and expecting different results drives
me crazy! How in the world can I help women in this city understand
that God can change their hearts, motives, actions and RESULTS!?

– In what areas of my life do I expect change but keep doing the
same things? (I’d better check for a plank in my own eye!)

– Having my kids home during the day delights me!

– Self thoughts can really damage our actions & motives.

What’s been on your mind lately?

Talk to Myself Tuesday

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as thinking out loud. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.


– The new little “prayer system” I’ve recently adopted, motivates and encourages me. (I’ll blog about that later)

– As I remember, nearly every springtime I get incredibly tired out. Not sure why. But I just push on & before I know it I’m feeling energetic again.

– When friends disappoint us it’s possible that they’re doing to us the same things we’ve done to them or others in the past… and that’s why we’re sensitive to it

– This is the first Spring in a while that hasn’t left our yard totally soggy. It’s so nice.

– The RC United group I’m a part of is SO wonderful. Ladies. Friends. Encouraging & praying for each other. Every Saturday morning. Texting & praying for each other all week long.

– Knowing a secret that’s happy… So fun! It feels kinda like a mystery show. 🙂

– I guess I can’t get to upset when my little boys say, “crap.” … since they may or may not have learned it from their mom. (Clean it up, Mom!)

– The story of Ruth is such a favorite. Such loyalty, love, dedication, God’s provision. Love it!

– Beginning the Stories of Saul & King David make me excited. No matter how many times I’ve read them there’s always something new to be learned… cuz God’s Word is alive & active! For sure!

– Making cookies & cupcakes for special events this week at Real Church!  Yippee!  So thankful that we can use any abilities to  serve others…even random skills from my kitchen!

– The Good Friday event at Real Church begins with a local art show at 6pm entitled, “Christ, The Cross & the City”  Then songs, poetry, worship, a band, The Word.  Such a unique and personal way to celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us!! Wanna join us?


Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as thinking outloud! But either way, here’s what I’ve been saying.


– Spring usually isn’t my favorite season, but since it’s warm and not soggy & rainy, I’m lovin’ it!

– When a person is taking part in a church service, walking slooowly does NOT make you more spiritual, just more noticeable. Just be yourself.

– Also, when you must get up for some reason during a church service, we can STILL see you when you’re ducking your head & bending over.

– The tribe of Levi in the Old Testament had a lot of extra duties, but extra rewards (maybe I’ll blog about that sometime!)

– Home school can bring many things to the surface: impatience, selfishness, impatience & did I mention selfishness?

– My extended family is spread  all over the country and I rarely get to see them… I miss them.

City churches have different challenges than suburb churches. One of those is the constant need for finances.

– I’m SO grateful to live in the city. Wide open space sorta gives me the heebie-gebbies after a while.

– It was 85 years ago yesterday that my Dad was born. (and he’s been gone for nearly 15 yrs. ) I miss him!

– It was around 105 years ago yesterday that Chilly’s Grandma was born… She was little, tough & adorable.

– I’m not very good at “relaxing” and yet I seem rather good at wasting time.  Grrr

– Introducing someone to a relationship with Jesus is often the easy part; helping them develop that relationship (discipleship) is much more challenging…. but also amazingly rewarding!

– To many people in my life I’m like an Aunt; to some, a sister; to others, a Mom. The funny thing is that most of them are about the same age.

– Ministry is WHO we are, not what we do

– I’m so thankful for some friends who came over & helped out with some yard work & window cleaning jobs! Yay!

– It used to be kinda frustrated when people would just send cards that only said, “Happy Birthday” and nothing else. Or just put two little words on my Facebook wall, “Happy Birthday.” But when my husband said, “Well, saying two words of kindness is nicer than not caring & saying nothing at all.”  Oh… true. That changed my entire point of view. (Sometimes I so dumb)


Anything on your mind that you wanna share?

I Served Time

Seriously, I served time…. doing jury duty, that is. When the summons arrived in my mailbox I knew I’d be selected, and I was. For three days I was a part of an attempted murder case. A brand new experience. So many sites, sounds people, emotions, thoughts, prayers, sorrows, relief, etc.. During all the time spent waiting around I wrote a hundred tweets and pages of blog posts in my head. But I decided to post some thoughts in my usual “Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday” manner (even thought it’s Thursday).


-Jury Duty is just that… our duty

– I love our country & although it’s faults seem extremely obvious right now, we still live in wonderfully free country

– Being a part of the system that brings liberty & justice for all makes me proud (to be an American!… are you singin’ the song now?)

– Every person I spoke to was very friendly and willing to have a conversation- and I spoke to everyone who was near me (as you can imagine)

– I’ve always known that Detroit is filled with some very wonderful people, and these last three days just proved it

– Every person I served with on the jury was nice & truly wanted to do what was right

– Among the jurors was a flight attendant, nurse practitioner, computer engineer, Stay Home Mom from a super nice suburb, a phlebotomist, a pastor’s wife (oh, that’s me) &  a guy that looks like the Dad from Still Standing. (There were also other occupations that I can’t remember.)

– I cried. Each evening when I came home and each morning as I prayed for everyone involved in the case. So young. So messed up. So very much in need of Jesus.

– I cried because it’s a heavy responsibility

– A fellow juror is a nurse at the hospital right by my house.  Spending time getting to know her a bit was so enjoyable. A truly great lady.

– The judge surprised me. I’d never encountered a judge before. (Well, I’d never been in a courtroom before!) She was strong but careful to explain expectations, used humorous examples to illustrate her points and spoke to everyone in her courtroom with kindness & respect. Somehow I’d always thought judges would be somber & stone faced. I’m thankful that she serves in my community.

– There’s a lot of knocking on the jury room door (between the bailiff & the jury). Kinda cracked me up. But it works.

– Sometimes what your gut tells you & what the evidence tells you are two different things. That’s horrible.

– Many of the young generation is paying the price of their parents’ poor parenting. That’s horrible, too!

– Crime will happen. But we can change our city… one person at a time. (*see below)

– “Court” involves a lot of waiting.

– Waiting offered lots of time to talk to people.

– Waiting also offered lots of time to read, and I nearly finished a little book from a series I love.

– I’m grateful for the public servants that are involved in courtrooms everyday,  and I’m really thankful that I’m NOT one of them.

– I may or may not have written the judge an encouragement/thank you note, that I may or may not have been able to hand her after the trial was over.

– I may or may not of received a hug from her!  🙂

– I love Detroit!

– I love JESUS & I’m thankful that He put us in this city! 🙂  🙂  🙂


*If you’d like to read about the crime that happened behind our Hamtramck building click here. Besides actually living in the city limits, we’re actively doing things to help bring change.




Talk to Myself Tuesday




My family says that I talk to myself all the time, but I prefer to call it “Thinking Outloud!” But, regardless of what title you give it, here’s what’s been going on in my head lately…




Caramel apples are so yummy; I especially like the kind that you can drizzle over a sliced apple & eat with a fork… although my boys still manage to get incredibly sticky. Of course, the nuts, marshmallows and sprinkles certainly add to the probability of getting totally sticky.


How is it possible that I can love FALL so much but be completely annoyed with Halloween?


Our church is in the final week of our LunchMoney Campaign. Our entire church has been giving up lunch (or the money that it cost us to eat it) and giving it towards  HopeWorks.  Wanna join us?  It’s about giving to our city, but not just meeting physical & social needs, but working to share the Love of JESUS!


Good News is that YOU have an opportunity to give to the ministry in Detroit, too. Click here.


Never resist a generous impulse. (cuz that impulse is NOT human nature… it’s God dropping that thought in your head!)


The old “make me go insane cuz they never work correctly-sewing machines” have been retired because Santa came early (aka: My generous friend)

Here’s the new “heavy duty” machine!  YIPPEE! Thanks, Ms. Santa!


I wonder how many people in my life really know what they believe and WHY they believe it.


My boys had frozen pizza for probably the 2nd time in their lives.(The girls have had it a few more times) They were delighted… and I was completely surprised at how yummy it was.


Another friend who works at a school rescued this microscope from the trash pile. (Why are schools so wasteful & then always complaining about what they “don’t have!”)  We didn’t think it actually worked… until we read the directions.  Ha! Max LOVES it & has taken a closer look at basically everything he can possibly fit under it. So awesome. (Thanks, Friend-who-digs-through-garbage-piles-at-his-job-but-won’t-see-this-cuz-he-doesn’t-read-this-blog. 🙂


The Saturday morning RC United group that I’m attending JUST ROCKS: Talking about our lives, what Jesus is teaching us, asking questions & praying together. Being Friends. 🙂


The exciting new things that are coming around the bend make my heart jump for joy & eyes pool with tears!



My kids informed me that they’re losing weight and they’ve concluded  it’s because I don’t buy junk food anymore!  🙂

(“You only buy apples, Mom!”  They must’ve forgotten the giant tubs of caramel that go with those apple 50% of the time!)



Talk-to-myself-Tuesday, from Florida


My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to

think of it was “thinking out loud!”  But either

way, here’s what I’ve been thinking…

-Vacations … I just can’t say enough about them

– A vacation should most definately be more than a week, cuz it’s takes several

days to unwind and then several at the end to pack up & clean up. So you need

plenty inbetween

-The ocean rocks… well, to be exact it “rolls.”  hee hee

-Having more than one swimsuit is nice (first time ever)

-I can’t imagine retirement… which is good, I guess, since it’s several decades away

– My kids love the water… they take after their Dad. I prefer the beach, a good book,

tan/sunscreen lotion and a large ice tea (in the foam cup I’ve saved from Chick-fil-a)

– If new habits can be formed in 21 days… I better be careful, this vacation thing

could be hard to break

– I’ve played Speed, Uno, Skipo, War, Checkers everday

with one or more of my kids. They crack me up

-My kids can talk some serious smack when we play games – I have

NO idea where they get it!  🙂

-Seafood is good… and….  I keep trying to LOVE it.

Right now I’m still at a good solid, “LIKE”

– Seashells fascinate me. I cannot stop picking them up

-Although I’ve collected several zillions shells over the years,

this is the first time I’ve actually made them into a craft… and already

have the supplies to make more.  Yay me – who usually has ideas bigger

than her abilities & time!  hee hee

-I’ve started thinking about the upcoming school year… and I’m excited…


– My sweet friend lost her brother in an accident while I’ve been outa state.

The night, when I’m staring out the window at the huge, dark ocean, I cry.

For her. Her family. And pray for God’s  mercy in all those situations.

-Having time away from the “norm” causes me to hug & snuggle more,

play more, think more, laugh more, read more, thank more and

praise Jesus continually!





My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to

think of it was “thinking out loud!”  But either

way, here’s what I’ve been thinking…



– Reading a lot of blogs can make someone feel like a huge

failure… but people only put their best food forward when

they’re posting thoughts. Keeping that in mind is good.

– Last week at the used book sale I found all the curriculum needed

for my little boys. Now I must be careful cuz this lovely sense of

accomplishment can make me forget that I have much more planning

to do for the fall  (and more books to get for the girls).

– Hundreds of teenagers are arriving in Detroit & Highland Park today to

serve this city; clean vacant lots & ally ways, hand out water, provide free

carnival games in the parks for kids while telling them about Jesus! It’s

so encouraging to have other people join us as we put love into action.

– My Zoe is at camp this week… and it’s so weird without her. It’s only

Tuesday & I miss her.

-In the middle of all that’s happening  I’ve decided to paint

Zoe’s bedroom while she’s away this week. There’s something so satifying

about changing a room with paint. I love the process… and the end result,

of course!

– The  TMJ splint that usually reduces my head/jaw pain has been gagging me

lately. I’m so weird. My gag factor runs on HIGH most of the time. So I haven’t been

able to wear it much lately… and the results of that have been “uncomfortable,”

to say the least.  Jesus, please heal my jaw, or keep me from gagging!

-Plus, this quick-to-gag thing doesn’t work well when talking to a a person

who doesn’t have opportunity for proper hygine!  It’s a struggle to try to

minister to them while squelching constant gags!  Really?  Jesus,  You called

us here, please take away the gag!  (Hey, I’m just praying honestly!)

– Still no news from the insurance company regarding our stolen car. But

we trust in Jesus. (Did I mention that we had a package containing a check stolen

from our porch within the same week as the car disappeared? JESUS)

-Two young ladies who served Real Church for years  are moving

within a week of each other… moving to other states… away… (sigh). I’m

sad… cuz I’ll miss them. They are friends. Sisters. Ladies who have stood

beside me, served with me, loved my kids and … stinkin’, I’m gunna miss them!

– I long to have my family members come see us… where we live, be in our city,

visit our church, meet our neighbors & friends, walk where we walk. The older

I get the more I love & appreciate my family! (and get lonely for them)

What’s been going on in your head lately?






Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as

“thinking out loud!” But, whatever the case, here’s what’s been on

my mind lately!


– Having a yard to play in, relax in, entertain in… is WONDERFUL!

-Sometimes ladies just feel like crying.

– Dear Parents in the Dr.’s office, stop pulling your kids away from the

cute colorful toys & forcing them read books. We all believe you’re a good

parent. And kids LEARN from PLAY!  Let’um play away those long waiting times.

-Max got the cast off his wrist and he was such a great guy about the entire

process, front in the injury to cast removal.  I’m so proud of him.

– Some people hold their stress in their neck or jaw. But some also

hold stress in their eyes… and when allowed to release it in good,

comforting company, then … well, life feels a lot better all of a sudden.

– Men want to solve problems. Woman want them to listen.

-There’s still a teenager from the 80’s deep down inside of me that

wants to go outside & layout in baby oil and get ridiculously tan. I

know better, so I don’t… but it kinda sounds tempting sometimes. 🙂

– There are many variations of “No-Bake” cookies and I intended to make

lots of them because my kids like treats & I’m not turning on the oven.

– Contrary to what people may think, when I’m home I drink ICE TEA

all day long. Only one Diet Coke a day. (But I do savor that one)

-Dear Lady in the Dr.’s office waiting room with the Jersey accent,

thanks for talking so loudly, with your thick accent, and telling the

story about your flooded basement & the “stuupid plumma” who

messed up everything, and for talking for nearly 20 minutes. We

were all bored in that room & trying not to laugh was truly entertaining!

-What have YOU been thinking about recently?



Talk to Myself Tuesday, July 5th

My family tell me I talk to myself but I prefer to

think of it as thinking out loud. Either way, here’s

what’s been spinning around in my head.


– Although it’s not a surprise, it still sorta messes with my brain when

I’m shopping for summer camp items and school supplies are being

stocked at the end of the same isle.  GRR

– July 4th is SUCH a favorite holiday for me!  Red, White & Blue

just makes my heart warm and eyes teary! I love the USA!

– The patriotic banner that I started last week was completed by the holiday.

Actually I cut SO many triangles that I made two. One for the little trees

outside and one for the mantle inside the house. (tomorrow I’ll post a mini

Wordless tutorial about how I made it)

– Patriotic music is hard to find. It’s either by a country singer (that’s out),

a brass band (not a bad thing unless you want your kids to learn the

words to the songs) or an opera sounding singer that kinda burns my ear drums.

I spent a long, long time hunting songs for this season… found a few… very few.

-Friends that are like family are such a  gift!


-While Chilly was outa state last week speaking at a youth camp, the Littles & I

did lotsa “kid-friendly” things & ate lotsa borderline junk food. Happy to be eating

extra veggies this week.

-Fireworks. Pretty sure you don’t ever have to outgrow those! Yay!

-The curly fries from Hardees are pretty good… that surprised me. (I learned this

bit of knowledge last week during “all-kid” week.)

-The UPWARD cheerleading camp that Zoe attended  last week was wonderful,

fun and full of the love & truth of Jesus! Thanks, Coaches! We love you!


– I have jury duty this week… hoping that my number is NOT called, but

realizing that loving my country includes serving. And this is one way that I

may be called upon to do just that. Oh… we’ll find out.

– I’ve never actually stepped foot inside a court room…ever. Is that weird?

-Watching kids run through the sprinkler is so much fun! The faces they

make are hilarious!!

– Playing FOUR SQUARE in the street on the 4th of July is AWESOME!!!

(That’s me getting the “server” out! ha!)

-I’ve started praying more specifically for our city and national


– One of my sons begged me to buy rhubarb at the Eastern Market on Saturday.

Hey, if they want fruit that tastes like veggies, I’ll buy it. And I’m gunna make

it into a yummy cobbler… on the grill. Too hot for the oven.

-I really need to work on Homeschool stuff… UGH!  But it’s summer & we’re

having a GREAT time! My list of “Things to do” is still just a mental list… it

hasn’t even made it to paper yet.  Sigh… it’s going quickly.

– I’ve allowed myself to sleep in until 7am or slightly later,

but my littlest guy has often been waking up soon afterward.

This isn’t working. Sigh. But time with Jesus … all alone…

is totally worth getting up early!  TOTALLY. I’m getting up sooner!










My family says I talk to myself… but

I prefer to think of it as “thinking outloud!”

Either way, here’s what’s been going on in my head…

– I’m OK with our house being 70-something degrees as long as it’s

not humid. I LIKE feeling warm, enjoying the breeze & “smelling”

the summer smells.

– I begged my husband to refill the gas tank on our grill & then didn’t

plan any meals for the grill this week. Geez!  Sorry, Chilly.

– Over the weekend I started sewing a patriotic banner… something I’ve

wanted to make for years. But, we’ll see if I actually complete it by the 4th.

– When I feel “weary of doing the same things over & over for years” I’m

just being really selfish.

-My kids are not “mine”.. .they’re God’s & He’s just asking me to care for them. Gulp.

– While Chilly’s ministering in another state this week we’re doing tons of kid friendly

activities & eating foods that silence all the food critics at our house.

– Going to the library is such a treat for my kids… and i LOVE that!

– July 4th is one of my VERY favorite Holidays!  I love my country!

– I don’t pray enough for our leaders. Sometimes it feels like I have to agree

with them in order to pray for them, but that’s SO note true.

– After 22 yrs. of marriage I’ve finally listened to my husband’s advice

and started wearing baseball hats.  I still think I look a little weird, but

it gives a whole new option to consider on the “bad hair days!”  yay