Talk to Myself Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My family says that I talk to myself

quite often, but I prefer to think of

it as Thinking Outloud!

Either way, here’s what’s been on my

mind recently…


– Conflict  doesn’t cause a reaction/response, it simply brings out

what’s  already there.

– Being organized saves times, but it takes time to get organized. hmm

– At least I’ve managed to write a to-do list to free my brain from thinking

of these tasks over & over & over again!

– What an honor it was to speak at the Michigan camp for Girls Ministries

– Spending time with tween girls & hearing their thoughts & dreams was so fun!

– Watching such young girls spend over 45 minutes all alone in prayer with Jesus

reminds me that we often underestimate a child’s ability to understand the

truths of The Bible and live them out.

– We’re doing well with NOT turning on the air conditioning yet.. I’m proud

of us. It makes it feel like summer

– I keep a huge calendar of the families events & plans… but it doesn’t work

unless I actually LOOK at it fairy often. Found that out the hard way yesterday.

– If you admire someone & would love for them to mentor you, start with

what they’re already offering … blogs, books, attend places/ministeris

they’re already involved in.  Don’t expect them to dedicate more time

and energy to you when you’re not even utilizing the tools they’re giving

to you.

– I’m way over due for a little wii Just Dance!

– This Sunday’s BIG SPLASH at Belle Isle is a highlight of our summer

(You’re invited, too! Click the first link to see more details)

Jump at the opportunity to help someone else. It’s exercise for your whole being!



My family says I talk to myself, but

I prefer to call it  “Thinking  Out loud!”

Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…


-I love homeschooling my children; it’s the lesson planning that’s challenging!

-Last week a bunch of our friends gave us an amazing gift that may or may not

be pictured on this post. They’re generousity blows me away… and the beautiful

gift… it’s awesome!  and our friends… AWESOMER! (yes, it’s a word!… at

least right now it is!) Thank you, Friends

-Hot tea is my beverage of choice in the AM… a strong, British blend

with creamer & Splenda

– I wonder how many times I can reheat my 2nd cuppa tea without it

getting totally gross… I’m on reheat #4. Still tastes good to me.

– What we DO doesn’t make us like Jesus. It’s the attitude in which

we DO them that will reflect Jesus! Checking my heart & motives.

– Hmm, do you really spring clean? If so, what does that entail?

-It’s  kinda sad that just when I think I’ve really  “Trusting Jesus”

He points out ways that I’m making myself go crazy cuz I’m trying

to do it on my own instead of trusting. So much room for growth!

– As a late bday present two of my girls took me for a walk to a nearby

cafe and treated me to a little mid-morning snack!  I’ll always remember it.


– The “No-Blog” thing is going well. It’s kind of relief to not read

all the info I usually bombard myself with each day.

– Lately my calendar hasn’t been working… cuz I’ve been writing

things on the WRONG days… geez… thanks to a friend I was spared

from showing up to a retreat a DAY early!  (What’s my deal?)

-I also took my daughter to a Birthday party quite early…

like and ENTIRE DAY too early!  Oh good grief!

– Jesus loves me. That’s all I need.

– Talking nicely to myself today… no more put-downs.

(even when I totally mess up the scheduling in BIG ways! ha)






Talk-to-Myself Tuesday, Feb.15, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but

I prefer to think of it as “Thinking  Out loud!”

Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– Although the Valentine “holiday” is  silly, all the cute

hearts & red stuff is adorable

– Having a shelf of bowls & plates crash down on me

the first thing on Saturday morning is NOT my favorite


– When helicopters with search lights fly around & around

our neighbor I focus my thoughts on what is true & cannot

allow “what if” thoughts to linger

– Checkers… not a favorite, but now that Max

wants to play constantly… well, they’re ok

– Part of “doing a good job” is admitting when you haven’t…

(and then saying “I’m sorry!”)

-Is there anything quite as lovely as bowl of

fluffy pink frosting? mmm

– I hope all the “snow-haters” are happy with themselves now that

we have this icky slushy mess & ice-cold rain rain on the way. ICK!-

-I’m pretty sure that my hair is the only very cool thing about me

– Ignorance & arrogance often look (and act) the same

– Am I the only one who still keeps addresses in an old-school

rolodex?  (and a broken down one, at that!)

– Heaven, JESUS! Seeing His face!!!

-JESUS!  He IS reality!  (Col. 2:17)

– What’s been on your mind lately?

Talk-To-Myself… WEDNESDAY?

My family says 

I talk to myself, 
but actually I’m 
just thinking out loud! 
Here’s what I’ve 
been thinking…)

I started typing out several things on my mind for this post and then

suddenly realized that it’s Wednesday… not Tuesday.
O dear. This realization fits perfectly with several other 
things listed below.  Some of you may now feel the deep
calling in your heart to pray for me…. Please… do!  🙂
– When my kids were using an online dictionary that says
the pronunciation of the word out loud.. it’s hard to scold them
for looking up words like “poop” and “fart” for several reasons:
1. It makes me laugh , too
2. I spilled hot tea down the front of me and proceeded to
blurt out, “Oh, Poopy!”  
(Maybe someday I’ll grow up!  ha!)
– My friend, Nancy, informed me (while laughing hardily)
that the phone message I’d left her last week saying, “Sorry
to call you on a Wednesday evening…”  was actually left
on THURSDAY!  What?  I’m losing it!

– Our Christmas letter that never happened was going to be
a “New Year’s” letter, but now I’m thinkin’ that Valentine’s Day
is highly underrated & that I nice family letter would be most
appropriate.  (Good Grief)
– A Christmas Tree that’s decorated in all Red & White
would make a nice Valentine’s Tree, don’t you think?
(UGH! It’s coming down tonight!!!)
– Yesterday was National Clean Off Your Desk Day… so I 
started doing it this morning… and found a Thank You note
that I thought I’d mailed TWO months ago.  Oh Dear. 
– Oh NO!  While finding the link to the “Nat’l Clean your Desk”
thing (above) I realized that the official day was actually NOT
yesterday, but the day before that.  This is getting serious? right?

– I used to joke that my motto was, “Why do anything the easy way
when you can make it more complicated.”  It’s apparently not
as much of a joke as I thought.  (Help!) 
– As I walked down the stairs from my little boys’ very cool
and incredibly toy-littered bedroom my frustration mounted
(maybe it was the Planet Hero that jabbed the bottom of my
foot… again!)
But, whatever the reason, I was complaining/apologizing
to God (you know how we do that…
 the whiny pathetic “Help-me-Jesus-cuz-I’m-really-letting-You-down” stuff) 
and He quietly asked me,
“Are the important things in your life in order?”
Well, I did a verbal rundown (I talk to myself, remember) of my 
walk with Jesus, my marriage, our children… etc….
OK, for real, Lord, please forgive me for complaining & putting
emphasis on what is NOT lasting & for putting myself down. 

– Summary… maybe I’m a little sleep deprived… or something… Ha!
Either way, I’m spending wonderful time with Jesus each morning as
always, laughing like usual and loving my life!!!

So, it’s all good.  

hee hee 

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010

(My family says I talk to myself, but actually I’m 
just thinking outloud! Here’s what I’ve been thinking…)

-Hearing good news from far-away friends makes my heart so warm

– I wanna sew pillows… lotsa pillows to cover my couch & window
bench, and chairs and bed

– Football, it’s nice… occasionally!!!

– Tomorrow my oldest daughter comes home for a couple of days!
YIPPEE!!! Wow, I miss that girl.

– Cooking in my  “New” kitchen is SO much fun!
and the island ROCKS! 
– Our House… I just LOVE it! Thank You, Jesus!
– Reading a good book is so good… I think… 
it’s been months since I’ve done it.
-Traditional Thanksgiving food is really fun… once a year.
I do like tradition when it comes to stuff like this.
(although we have been known to make an all mexican meal for
a holiday, too… and I’m mostly German!)
– There were Chilton’s on the Mayflower – James Chilton, his wife &
their daughter Mary.
– “Being the Strong One” doesn’t mean you can’t cry, it just means
that in the middle of emotion you keep the TRUTH in mind and
allow Jesus to guide your thoughts, words and decisions.
– Lotsa people at my house make a Happy Holiday for me!!!
– My family is LOUD! (I can’t imagine why!)  When our friend,
Zach, is over for dinner, he occasionally just starts laughing cuz
we’re so loud & talk continuously.  hee hee
– Despite the troubles in our country, I’m Proud to be an American!
– It’s the Kindness of Jesus that leads us to repentance!
Praise You, Lord Jesus!  I love YOU!

My family says I 
talk to myself,
but I prefer to think
of it as simply
“Thinking Out loud.”

Here’s what I’ve been
saying lately…

If we allow frustration & insecurity and/or fear
to guide our decisions we’re headed for heartache.

Homeschooling has its moments … the ones that make
me wanna poke my eyes out, scream & say, “NEVER MIND!”
But, God has called me to do this, and ultimately He’s made
it the desire of my heart (something ONLY He could’ve done).
I won’t quit, even when I’m frustrated.

Frustration is my motivation to…
-Listen more carefully to God’s directions
-Work more creatively
-Laugh more hardily… hee hee

It was good to take a break from the “Home Improvement”
stuff… and I’m much slower to think about it this week.
(See Monday’s blog for more details on this one)

How in the world do we always manage to “lose” things
when we move?  How does that work?

I really like RED nail polish. Haven’t worn it since
last winter & I sorta forgot how awesome it is.

Our house is a tool… and I’m so excited to use it again
this week to host friends & bless a wonderful lady
that I often refer to simply as “31” cuz she’s Proverbs 31
all they way.

All the unpacked boxes sitting quietly in the corners of my
house, almost unnoticed cuz I’ve grown used to seeing them…
they’re going down!  To the basement that is.  At least
I’ll have the feeling of being completely moved in.
(But I won’t be deceived… I know better than to live by feelings!)

What have you been thinking/talking about recently?

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

My family says I
talk to myself, but
I prefer to think of it
as “thinking out loud!”

Here’s what I’ve been
thinkin’ lately…

– Paint Primer really does stick to all surfaces…
just take a peek at my hair

– Insecurity brings out such yuckiness

– By tomorrow night our family bathroom will be an
adorable shade of pale green/blue

–  I really do enjoy painting

– Just because I enjoy something doesn’t mean I’m
great at it

– But, if I practice today & I’ll be better tomorrow

– Everyday I ask Jesus for creativity because the older
I get the less often great kids-ideas pop into my head… sigh

– Dollar movie theaters are such
a fun way to enjoy
a day off with the family,
especially on Mondays
when the $1 movie is 1/2 price!

– Del Taco’s $ .39 tacos make a
cheap dinner to follow
the 1/2 price dollar movie days

– How awesome!  The whole fam  gets dinner & movie
for a total of $13… now that’s a frugal day out!!!

Nanny McFee Returns … ADORABLE

TMJ, hurts

– Jesus desires to change me… daily

– I really want to hang up shelves & then paint, paint, paint!

– Naps! Aww, they’re so nice

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

My family tells me I talk to myself…

I prefer to think of it as “thinking outloud!”

Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– We can’t expect God to guard our hearts if we’re 

unwilling to guard our mouths. 

– When we had 11 
friends over the 
other night. I may 
have purchased 
too many donuts. 

–  Who needs work-out videos when you can
purchase a can of paint & get yourself going
on a painting project. Bend, squat, reach, lung,
dip, stretch, kneel, bend, etc…

Sweet-Potato Bread may be a new favorite fall food.

– I miss my friend, Jodi.  (She lives out East & we
haven’t seen each other in over 5 years! sigh)

– My kids make me laugh.  (especially when they
dance, tell original knock-knock jokes or make up

– I’m a halloween scrooge. Maybe it’s just cuz I’ve been
coming up with cheap/free costume ideas for
18 yrs and I have a zillion years to go. But whatever
the reason, ugh. So far we have a pirate… and… um…
Bah Humbug!

-So blessed to have been 
given a swing set from 
a kind lady who also 
gave  my boys a 
trunk-full of clothes!!

– When our mouth is left to spout what it wants it

just reveals that our heart is selfish. (see the 1st thing
I listed on the post)

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010

My family tells me I talk to myself…

I prefer to think of it as “thinking outloud!”
Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– It’s amazing what a difference some more
space and lotsa bright windows can make

– After a “moving break” it’s back to school now.
Kids aren’t really rejoicing, but they ARE kinda bored

– During the packing & unpacking I’ve been delighted to steal  
away & read old journals… Jesus’ love and faithfulness is 
evident all through “the stories of my life!”

– If you don’t write down the stuff God teaches you & tells
you… what in the world?  The GOD of the universe (and beyond)
in intimately involved in your life… and you’re NOT keeping
a recored of it?  

– um… The GOD of all creation cares about me!

– Happily I discovered a wonderful kindergarten website packed
full of all the FUN things little ones should be doing…. I’ve been
a little overly focused on academics with my little guys & sorta
forgot about the “fun” learning activities that makes childhood
what it is!  This site keeps me from racking my brain…cuz…

– Sometimes creativity can be so taxing on my brain & energy!

– So happy that it’s fall. 
We’re gunna go on a leaf hunt this week.
(now that we live on a street 
that has tons of trees! YAY!)

– My new neighbor gave me two 
HUGE mums for our entrance…
(thanks, Melissa) and so far 
I haven’t killed them. (killing plants
is one of my accidental talents!)

– I miss going to High school football games

– Nope… I haven’t been planning menus!  Shock!  But it’s just
been too unpredictable around here. Eating out of the pantry & freezer
has been a funny experience (just ask my kids, they’re always happy
to share the great stories of my homemaking skills or lack thereof!)


– Knowing that Riley isn’t gunna sleep at home in her bed
until Christmas time gives me a strange pinchie feeling
in my throat. 

– Reading an old classic book
putting it into practice

– What’s got you “thinking out loud?”

Talk- to-Myself-Tuesday!

My family tells me I talk to myself…

I prefer to think of it as “thinking outloud!”
Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!
The re-negotiating is over! The beautiful old house
is our’s! Hopefully we’ll be closing by mid September!!!!!!
(Can you hear me clapping & see me skipping! See tomorrow’s
post for a couple of pictures)
– “Expecting a Miracle” … God’s been dealing with the “expecting”
part of that miracle-phrase. More on that later. Hmm
– Four month old vacuum cleaners are supposed to work….
but all vacuums are in some sorta association & have had an
APB out about me for years:
“Calling all VACUUMS! If this lady (my picture appears)
buys you… sputter, cough, smell like you’re on fire & then die.
Do whatever it takes to drive her insane!”
– LOVE outlasts emotions
-Delivering cookies to visitors at Real Church is so much fun!
– I really don’t drink Diet Coke all day long. Only when I’m
NOT at home… which isn’t all that often.
– Everything ALWAYS takes longer than you think.
– Most things are much easier SAID than DONE
– Thankful for friends who help out in countless ways!
– Excited to fly to Colorado soon to see my Mom. She’s had a knee
replaced & I’ll be there to help out when she gets outa
the rehab hospital.
-So happy to see people I love in Colorado that I haven’t seen
in 8 years.
– The corners of my home need cleaning out… badly. Oh wait,
I am cleaning them out cuz WE’RE MOVING!!!!!
(I smile every time I think about it!)
– Buying school books on ebay can thrill me if I win by
changing my bid at the last minute…. and can make me crazy
if I lose by the same method. It’s way the game is played, I guess.
– I have 59 cookbooks (just counted them). That’s alot.
Ridiculous really. But nearly every book has a story of a person.
Someone I love who is in some way a part of me. And I use
many of them often. But seriously, that’s alot!
Hmm, I really will have to let a few go…
maybe the Low-Fat ones.
Yeah, that’s it. Those can go to the garage sale! Then
I’ll only keep the “real” ones… I feel better now.
– Looking forward to getting a Detroit Library Card.
There’s a really gorgeous historic library in the Museum District
that only Detroit residences can check books out of… and that’s
gunna be in a few weeks! Cuz… We’re MOVING!
– Gotta stop running over here to the computer & just get
back to cleaning, sorting & packing!
(Be sure to read tomorrow’s post… pictures!)