I recently read a blog by a great young student of The Word about being

“totally dependent” on Jesus. He had a very honest friend who commented

by asking “What does that look like in real life?”

I typed out a few thoughts… listed below. How would you explain it?

Being totally dependent means letting go of pride; having a daily

close “gotta-have-time-with-Jesus-or-I’m-gunna-die” kinda time each day;

and having the constant realization that my life is not about me!




Said Too Much?

Did I say more than I should’ve?


Did I say more than I wanted to?


You see, last week I posted something on my Twitter that is more

than I ever say about a specific topic… TMJ

and it’s caused me pain for over 15 years.

Lots of people have this. It’s not embarrassing.

It’s just that I don’t talk about it much.

Complaining bothers me.

And I don’t want to be a complainer!

But last week God’s Word kept pointing at something inside of me

it sickened me… and God continued to bring up… pride.


Pride has various forms.

My problem?  Somehow taking pride in not letting people

know that I’m in pain… being tough enough to tough it out.

There’s nothing wrong with “not blabbing” about your situations…

that’s probably wise. But finding satisfaction or a form of

accomplishment in NOT telling it cuz it makes ya feel tough

well, we can see where that got me… confession.

First, repenting of pride & asking  Jesus to forgive me.

Secondly, tweeting about it… and now having to add a little more info

so that my pride is dashed.

If this is completely confusing to you.. that’s OK.

Just know that NO one is tough ALL the TIME!

That everyone needs prayer!

And pride creeps into the strangest areas… so beware…

and be quick to repent & make it right.

There. I’ve said it.

Don’t expect me to complain about it… but it’s no longer a secret, either.

Jesus is totally able to heal me in a second… but He also can use this

weird jaw problem to form my character.

And I’m OK with that, too!

I love JESUS!

My Friend looks like a Cookie

There’s a lot of sweets that I can easily resist… ok, not A LOT, but some.

But one treat that’s on the top of my list?

Homemade SUGAR COOKIES with colorful frosting & sprinkles!  mmm

These cookies resemble my many friends. Let me ‘splain. (Princess Bride word)

Cookies & Friends are:


Different Sizes & shapes

Though similar, never exactly the same as another

Some have broken hearts from time -to-time

Sometimes they break your heart

Some of them just aren’t “all there” (interrupt that as you may)

Some are wrinkled (don’t be offended, it just happens)

Decorated in various colors & sprinkled with joy and laughter

As much as I enjoy cookies & love my friends, they share another thing

in common:  They cannot meet all my needs!

Cookies obviously CANNOT be the ONLY thing in my diet.

Friends CANNOT be my only source of encouragement, strength or fun.

My relationship with JESUS must be my MAIN source.

HE fills me up & cares for me like no one else.

So while I’m trying to resist the temptation to snarf down another

adorable Valentine Cookie I’ll be reminding myself,

“Jesus fills me up and His joy is my strength!”

It’s NOT multiple choice

Yesterday I shared how worry & prayer don’t mix.
Here’s another thing Jesus has been speaking to me… 
and changing in me.

Praying specifically” isn’t about giving God several
specific ways to answer a prayer.
It’s presenting specific needs to God. Period.
And letting Him do the answering.

Phil. 4:6
Don’t worry about anything; 
instead, pray about everything. 
Tell God what you need
and thank him for all he has done.

If we get it into our heads that we must come up
with ways for Him to answer…

– it’ll keep us from praying cuz when
we “don’t know what to ask for”… 
– keeps us frustrated
– keeps us from experiencing miracles
– causes worry

Don’t worry… INSTEAD… pray.
Tell God what you NEED…. and thank Him.

My prayers have turned from “not knowing what to
ask for” into something like this…

“Lord Jesus, we have _____ need and only you
can help us.”
“Jesus, this ____ is so difficult! Please Help!”

Does this lesson from Philippians ring a bell with you?

It Can’t Be Both

This entire month many of us
at Real Church have chosen to read
through Philippians over & over
again in our personal Bible
reading time… and it’s so cool.

One of the many things Jesus
has spoken to me through
this book is this..

“Don’t Worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything.”
(Phil 4:6)

It’s an “either/or” situation.

You can’t worry AND pray.
You do one or the other!

Worry kills prayer.
Prayer kills worry.

Which one do you do most often?

(Jesus also spoke more to me about why I tend to NOT pray
as much as I think… check tomorrow’s post for more.)

(Above photo was taken years ago of my daughter, Mariah)

God Spoke Through My Iron

Jesus speaks to me in a language I understand.

This week He spoke through my iron… more or less.
(and I hardly used it all week.. hee hee)

Paul said…
“I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the 
heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.”
Phil. 3:14

The greek word means “aggressively chase, like a hunter pursuing a catch” 

I don’t relate to hunting. Nor do I usually chase after anything too aggressively.
(unless my kids are hurt, then I may bust into a sprint… don’t laugh!)

But thankfully I speak the language of the other kind of press


1. Ironing – takes what’s already washed & improves it
Yes, Jesus washed away my sin, but He’s always wanting
to change me & make me better.

2. Ironing – flattens puffiness… pride

3. Ironing – smoothes the bumps & creases…
the inconsistencies in my life & character

4. Ironing- requires heat that is “ouchy” but totally

necessary.  Painful times are needed.

5. Ironed Garment- reflects the one who is inside of it… 

I will not fight against difficult times, but walk through them
knowing that Jesus is ironing me into a reflection of Him.

(Now, take one of these points and insert it into the verse above
in place of the word press.  For example, #2, 
“I will flatten my pride so that I will reach the end of the race…”)

Has God spoken to you through anything usual lately?

The Right Order

(Cute Shepherds)

Angels told them the Great message…

and then sang…the first Christmas Carols!
Then Shepherds go, “Hey, The Lord just told us
something great. We can’t sit around. 
We’ve GOT to go see this baby!”
They sought Him out… and found Jesus.
THEN… they rejoiced & spread the news all around.
And people were amazed at their words.
Don’t try to tell people about Jesus & expect them to
be amazed at the Story if you haven’t
first spent time seeking Him out, seeing Him, Face-to-Face..
being with your Savior & Lord.
Only when we’ve been with Him first will other people
take note of our words (and our life).
Have you spent time with Jesus today?
What did you do?
Where was it?
What did He say to you today?

A Strange Fast

The first week of every month our church has fasting & extra prayer.

Sometimes God asks me to fast:
– sweets
– carbs
– Diet Coke (Oh, that’s a tough one)
– a particular meal every day
– etc…

This month was different!
One evening BEFORE the Week of fasting our family was sitting
in the dining room & I asked my husband, “What color in that
 ‘inspiration painting’ over there do you think I should choose to
paint the walls of this room?”

His reply:  “Please, can we stop painting & redo-ing things &
just live for a while.”


It was at that point that God asked me to fast…

ALL things associated with home decorating & improvements…
which included-
– HGTV (tough, cuz that’s really the only TV I enjoy)
– Home magazines of any kind
– All decorating blog sites & websites
– All e-newsletters regarding improvements or projects
– conversation & thoughts about “what project to do next, etc”

The result…
I had NO idea how much of my time & energy has been spent
on this.  All week long I was catching myself starting to think
about all this… numerous times a day. Numerous.
Now, we just moved, and it’s OK to improve your
home… but I was thinking about it ALL the time!

My brain was constantly pondering, deciding, planning,
calculating, etc… it was ridiculous!

So now…
well, I still have lotsa things I want/need to do with our home,
but I’m gunna put “obsession” on a self, lower the number
of things I read, keep my thoughts in check… focus on what
is lasting!

My home is TOOL in God’s hand.
I work for God!
I don’t work for my house.

In the OT, when God blessed people they’d sometimes
turn that blessing into a shrine & worship it instead of the
Lord who gave them the blessing. When I read that I think,
“Wow, how dumb is that?”
Then I started doing it.

I will not do that.
Thank you, Jesus (and Chilly) for pointing it out to me!
I serve JESUS!

But I followed the Rules…

People of every surrounding city were afraid of him.
Kings’ hearts melted in fear.
He was takin the Promised Land by storm…

One of my favs.
He took on a big job and just DID it!
God directed, he obeyed.

But then there was that ONE time…

That time in Joshua 9 where he was super
aware of God’s rules –
“Don’t make a peace treaty with any country that is nearby!”
but… still broke’um.

Here’s how he did it:

– Joshua used his own wisdom  By looking at the enemy
it appeared that their story checked out.
HUMAN Wisdom… faulty!
(Josh. 9:14)

– He failed to ask God about the situation. (vs. 14)

Just following the rules with our own human insight is NOT
enough to get the job done… and those following us will
pay a price.

Whether you’re leading a ministry, a family or a group
of friends, your choices will leave a mark.
Sure… OBEY God… of course.
But TALK to Him.
ASK for His insight.
LISTEN to His specific leading!

I’m sure Joshua (and all the Israelites from that era)
would tell you the same.