Recently Overheard at Our House…

Quotes from a recent meal  at home with just “the littles” and me.

(NOTE: none of these comments came out of MY mouth, however it is

possible that I did some laughing.)

“Mom, someday my kids are gunna call you Gram Cracka Sue!”

“I don’t believe in Santa anymore. Mom just used different wrapping paper

to make it look like its from somewhere else?” ( wait, he’s only 6!)




“Carrots are supposed to help your eyes.

But I can’t even see you!”

The word “chicken” used at the end of every other sentence.

(It IS funny!)

“Yo Ma. Dis is gut. Can ya get me sa mo?”




“Mom, there’s a really weird looking truck in our driveway and a weird guy

in a hat is walking towards the door. Oh, never mind, it’s just Anthony coming

to get his his tools.”




“Look, I can do that cookie

on the forehead game.”





“Look! Look! I just saw man in a green SKIRT just walked across the street!”

“When God first made our bums they were just one flat piece, but then

He decided to make it different & so He cut it in two with a butter knife!”

“My ears just made a pop noise. I guess my earwax is making popcorn.”



Like-it-or-Love it-Tag


When I go outside with my three youngest they sometimes just stare

at me for a minute, like, “What are we supposed to do?”


When I was a kid we used to play outside in all kinds of weather, barefoot,

uphill in the snow

(oh wait, that wasn’t me…that’s my parents generation!”  hee hee)

All thye need is a little game or idea to get’um going & then their

imaginations take it from there ( & don’t have be the activities

coordinator the whole day) Here’s what we played today.

(taken from a game on


We made quick signs to represent the various responses a child

might have to food, ideas, books, places, etc…

“Don’t like it” &  “Like it”


“Love it”









“Don’t Know”/ “Never tried it”









We arranged the papers in the grass like a baseball diamond.

The kids lined up against the fence with one child in the middle

of the diamond to be “It.”

The “It” child yells out something like these:

“Veggie Pizza”  or  “Roller Coasters” or “Cleaning up dog poop!”

Then the kids scatter around the bases & stand on the one that

reflects their response while the “it” tries to tag them. The child

tagged becomes “it.”

This worked with kids ages 4, 6, 10 and Mom.  They got into it.

Menu Plan Monday, May 23, 2011







Lunch- Homemade English Muffins, Turkey Bacon, Fried Eggs

Dinner- Grilled something w/Noodles, Corn


Lunch- Grilled Cheese, strawberries

Dinner- Beef & Chicken Kabobs, Rice


Lunch-Homemade Rice-a-Roni (leftover Rice from Tuesday)

Dinner- Cold Chicken & Veggie Wraps


Lunch- PB & J, carrots

Dinner- Grilled Sausage, White Pasta, Fresh Veggie


Lunch- Yogurt, cheese & crackers, fruit

Dinner- Grilled Burgers, Homemade Mac & Cheese


Lunch- Homemade W. Wheat Veggie Pizza

Dinner- Turkey Ham & Potato Salad


Lunch- Slow Cooker Roast, Potatoes, Carrots

Dinner- TBA


More ideas?  See







My family says I talk to myself

but I prefer to think of it as

“thinking out loud!”



Here’s what I’ve been “thinkin” lately…

– My children melt my heart. Their cards with very thought-out

pictures and words totally encouraged & blessed me. They

are a gift from Jesus… and I don’t take that lightly!

– Our neighborhood is the best in all of Detroit. Everyone is

so friendly, easy to talk with, truly kind.  I love it here!

-When people ask what I’ve been doing lately I cannot

think of anything to say… I’ve had tons to do but simply

cannot think of it when asked… what’s up with that?

-Apparently all ladies who wear my size prefer GIANT, ugly

printed clothes; at least that seems to be what the manufactures

believe about us.  Grr

-“Exercise in the MORNING?”  (when those 4 words are side-by-side

they become cuss words to me.

– Mother’s Day was calm & relaxing. All 5 kids were with me.

Awesome church service with our Real Church family.

I didn’t cook. We enjoyed the sunshine & the Red Wings game

(on TV of course)!

-I’m SO done with homeschooling this year… but unfortunately

we still have 3 weeks of it left. Press on Mrs. Teacher. Press on.

– Membership to the Detroit Zoo makes such sense. We love

it there!  More about the wonderfulness of membership tomorrow.

-Most people in our city may not be quick to start a conversation,

but will jump right in & have a friendly conversation if spoken to.

I love Detroit!

– The attitude that I should create is an “atmosphere thick with love

Ephesians 4:2b (The Voice)  Such a cool way to say a difficult but

wonderful thing!

-Are there questions that I hope people won’t ask me?


– “We have to ask the uncomfortable questions so we can

become comfortable with holiness” Chilly Chilton

(from Sermon 5/8/11)

– I am NOT a gardener. Some of my neighbors thrive in this

area… I, however do not. Just going to “flower” section at the

Eastern Market stresses me out. No kidding. (Ask my daughters

or Jake)

-Although I’m don’t enjoy growing plants, I sure enjoy

buying them from the farmers at the Market each Saturday

morning during the warm weather months.

-Still on the subject of gardening… these little herb plants I

bought a couple weeks ago are actually growing & I picked a tiny

bit of cilantro & used it on my sandwich today!  YUMMY!

(I feel kinda proud of myself… hee hee)

– Hmm, I’m really trying to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night…

which is an hour more than I usually have. Not a huge difference, but

at least my brain doesn’t melt into mush for the hour & half after lunch.

Ok, yeah, that’s a plus!

-What have you been saying to yourself lately?




Menu Plan Monday, May 9, 2011









Lunch- Deli Meat sandwiches, peppers

Dinner- Spaghetti w/Meatsauce in the Crock pot


Lunch- Homemade Rice-a-Roni

Dinner- Buffalo Fried Chicken, Fresh Veggie Tray, Noodles


Lunch- Pasta Salad (using left over Buffalo Chicken)

Dinner- Hamburgers on the grill, potato salad, veggies


Lunch- Cottage Cheese & Fritos

Dinner- Taco Bowls


Lunch- Veggie Wraps

Dinner- Fettuccini Alfrado w/Chicken


Lunch- Homemade W.Wheat Pizza

Dinner- Lasagna, Salad, Bread




Gotta Give’um Props

One of my  daughters just finished cheering

for the basketball season at UPWARD Sports

a ministry that churches can offer to the

kids & families in their community.



Both this year & last year, Zoe enjoyed

a caring, kind & nurturing atmosphere

where she learned some basics of cheerleading, team work,  Biblical truth and saw the love of Jesus in action. Her coaches were “Jesus with skin on,” and I just adore them both. Thanks, Kelly & Sherri!


Then to top off an already great season,

I had the hugemoungeous honor of

taking my friend, Hershal, to the

End-of-the-season Award Celebration

and telling all the  families more about the

great love of JESUS and giving them an

opportunity to accept Him as Savior & Lord!

It just seemed inappropriate to go into the spring season with

giving props to the wonderful, kind, Christ-like people at Ferndale

Free Methodist church. Thank you for investing in my daughter

and for sharing the love of Jesus with our city.  We love you!


Menu Plan Monday, March 28th

MONDAY, Mar. 28th

Lunch- Oatmeal Cookie Waffles

Dinner- Del Taco, Dessert: Reval Kuga (German Coffee Cake)

TUESDAY, March  29th

Lunch- Homemade Tortillas, Beans & Cheese

(Make extra dough for tomorrow)

Dinner- Turkey Ham & Scallop Potatoes, Broccoli

WEDNESDAY, March 30th

Lunch- Veggie Wrap

Dinner- Chicken Pot Pie (homemade)

THURSDAY, March 31st

Lunch- Bean & Veggie Soup

Dinner- Peppers & Sausage over Hmd Egg Noodle


FRIDAY, April 1st

Lunch- Pasta Salad

Dinner- Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

SATURDAY, April 2nd Nat’l Love our Children Day

Lunch- Homemade Pizza

Dinner- Silly Supper …a late April Fool’s Day meal

(my parents served a version of this meal @ my 16th bday party)


Lunch- Roast, Potatoes, Carrots

Dinner- Grilled T.Ham & Cheese





The “No Blog” Blog



No blog?


Here’s what I mean…

and why…




While reading Mark 3, I just had to stop & praise Him for being so

kind & patient, even when other people must’ve driven Him crazy.

(The very people He made, who then questioned His every move & word)

[box]Only those who are truly confident can display real humility.[/box]


I’m far from humble… especially at home.

So I must be far from confident.

Sigh… again.

Then, the conversation went something like this…

“Lord Jesus, confidence usually alludes me most

at home cuz I’m often frustrated about “always feeling behind”

and having an ever-growing ‘to-do’ list.

I just cannot do everything I’m supposed to.”

“Then what will you cut out?”

“Well, um.. I like everything! (except cleaning house… can I cut that? hee hee)

Seriously, Lord, what am I supposed to do? Please. Please instruct me.”


“Blogs? My blog? What blogs?”

“The many “Mom-Homeschooler-Craft-Decorating-Homemaker”

type blogs that you subscribe to via your email…

Stop reading those… until at least Easter.”

“Um, OK. Why?”

They take up your time, attention and make you feel that you’re

not living up to some standard. They make you feel like you’re

failing. Stop comparing yourself. Stop reading them for a while.

Fast them.

(sigh… the pleasant, happy kind)  “Yes, Lord!”

And, also… make more eye contact with your kids.

Look at them. Seeing their faces reminds you of how much

you love them & that makes being patient much easier.

(whipping tears) “Yes, Thank You, Jesus. Thank You.

Oh, I love You so much!”




Wordless Wednesday

Quite possibly the largest lasagna I’ve ever made..

or ever will make.


(It’s a blurry pic, but it’s just for fun!)

Oh, and don’t tell the young adults who ate this

last night… but there was over TWO pounds of

vegetables in this, too!  hee hee!  Shhhh!

Menu Plan Monday, March 7th


This week I’m taking some ideas from a great cookbook that’s

also filled with money saving ideas & home cooking shortcuts.

Family Feasts for $75 a Week” by Mary Ostyn (Pictured below).

Page numbers listed are from this book.



Lunch- Deli Meat Sandwiches, Chips & Oranges

Dinner- Potato Broccoli Soup, Homemade English Muffins


Lunch- Open-faced Roast Beef Sandwiches

Dinner- Lasagna, Salad, Homemade Bread Sticks


Lunch- Homemade Rice-Roni, pg. 208

Dinner- Chicken Broccoli Braid (sorta like pg. 95)


Lunch- PB & J Sandwiches, Strawberries, pretzels

Dinner- Quick Beef Strognaoff, pg. 159


Lunch- Tossed Green Salad w/Ham & Cheese cubes

Dinner- Homemade Pizza


Lunch- Taco Bowls

Dinner- Oven Baked Parmesan Chicken Strips

A version of pg. 139


Lunch- Spaghetti w/Crockpot Meatballs & Sauce

Dinner- Do Overs



For more ideas see Menu Plan Monday on