Menu Plan Monday, January 7, 2013


TUESDAY – Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans

WEDNESDAY – Homemade Mac & Cheese, Tossed Salad

THURSDAY- Pasta & Sausage, Carrot Salad

FRIDAY – Homemade Pizza 

SATURDAY- Crock Pot Chicken Gumbo over Rice

SUNDAY – Three Bean Chili over Mashed Potatoes

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I Want a Star!


The “Christmas Star” was a sign, a miracle, a guide, an answer to the questions. Could you even count the number of times you’ve asked Jesus for same thing; “Lord, I really need a sign, a miracle, your guidence & some answers! Please!” Yesterday morning as I was saying similar words I realized some things about that special star and how it was similar to the “miracles” that I’m seeking.



THE STAR (miracle) is…

Normal, yet extraordinary– Many people see stars, but not everyone looks closely enough to notice it’s magnificence or it’s power. They look right at it but never recognize that it’s a direct act of God.


THE STAR (miracle) is…

Something only God can do– No one else makes stars. Committees don’t. Influencial people cannot do it. Only JESUS!


THE STAR (miracle)…

Was expected – The wisemen noticed the star because they kept their eyes up; they knew the scriptures and they realized when it actually happened. NOTE: This does NOT mean that it appeared as they’d expected nor does it mean that they totally understand what it meant.


THE STAR (miracle)…

Prompted Action– When the miracle/star appeared, the wiseman acted. They left the normal & travel into the unknown. But the result was seeing the Savior’s face and the joy of being compelled to worship Him.


I don’t want to ask for a miracle if I’m not willing to see it, whatever it looks like, and and to do whatever it’s reality requires of me.


(Another Christmas-ish article that I wrote last year was featured on a Nat’l Church Planters website.  Click here)




My Friend looks like a Cookie

There’s a lot of sweets that I can easily resist… ok, not A LOT, but some.

But one treat that’s on the top of my list?

Homemade SUGAR COOKIES with colorful frosting & sprinkles!  mmm

These cookies resemble my many friends. Let me ‘splain. (Princess Bride word)

Cookies & Friends are:


Different Sizes & shapes

Though similar, never exactly the same as another

Some have broken hearts from time -to-time

Sometimes they break your heart

Some of them just aren’t “all there” (interrupt that as you may)

Some are wrinkled (don’t be offended, it just happens)

Decorated in various colors & sprinkled with joy and laughter

As much as I enjoy cookies & love my friends, they share another thing

in common:  They cannot meet all my needs!

Cookies obviously CANNOT be the ONLY thing in my diet.

Friends CANNOT be my only source of encouragement, strength or fun.

My relationship with JESUS must be my MAIN source.

HE fills me up & cares for me like no one else.

So while I’m trying to resist the temptation to snarf down another

adorable Valentine Cookie I’ll be reminding myself,

“Jesus fills me up and His joy is my strength!”

Talk-To-Myself… WEDNESDAY?

My family says 

I talk to myself, 
but actually I’m 
just thinking out loud! 
Here’s what I’ve 
been thinking…)

I started typing out several things on my mind for this post and then

suddenly realized that it’s Wednesday… not Tuesday.
O dear. This realization fits perfectly with several other 
things listed below.  Some of you may now feel the deep
calling in your heart to pray for me…. Please… do!  🙂
– When my kids were using an online dictionary that says
the pronunciation of the word out loud.. it’s hard to scold them
for looking up words like “poop” and “fart” for several reasons:
1. It makes me laugh , too
2. I spilled hot tea down the front of me and proceeded to
blurt out, “Oh, Poopy!”  
(Maybe someday I’ll grow up!  ha!)
– My friend, Nancy, informed me (while laughing hardily)
that the phone message I’d left her last week saying, “Sorry
to call you on a Wednesday evening…”  was actually left
on THURSDAY!  What?  I’m losing it!

– Our Christmas letter that never happened was going to be
a “New Year’s” letter, but now I’m thinkin’ that Valentine’s Day
is highly underrated & that I nice family letter would be most
appropriate.  (Good Grief)
– A Christmas Tree that’s decorated in all Red & White
would make a nice Valentine’s Tree, don’t you think?
(UGH! It’s coming down tonight!!!)
– Yesterday was National Clean Off Your Desk Day… so I 
started doing it this morning… and found a Thank You note
that I thought I’d mailed TWO months ago.  Oh Dear. 
– Oh NO!  While finding the link to the “Nat’l Clean your Desk”
thing (above) I realized that the official day was actually NOT
yesterday, but the day before that.  This is getting serious? right?

– I used to joke that my motto was, “Why do anything the easy way
when you can make it more complicated.”  It’s apparently not
as much of a joke as I thought.  (Help!) 
– As I walked down the stairs from my little boys’ very cool
and incredibly toy-littered bedroom my frustration mounted
(maybe it was the Planet Hero that jabbed the bottom of my
foot… again!)
But, whatever the reason, I was complaining/apologizing
to God (you know how we do that…
 the whiny pathetic “Help-me-Jesus-cuz-I’m-really-letting-You-down” stuff) 
and He quietly asked me,
“Are the important things in your life in order?”
Well, I did a verbal rundown (I talk to myself, remember) of my 
walk with Jesus, my marriage, our children… etc….
OK, for real, Lord, please forgive me for complaining & putting
emphasis on what is NOT lasting & for putting myself down. 

– Summary… maybe I’m a little sleep deprived… or something… Ha!
Either way, I’m spending wonderful time with Jesus each morning as
always, laughing like usual and loving my life!!!

So, it’s all good.  

hee hee 

Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 6, 2010

Lunch- Scrambled Eggs
Dinner- Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings

Lunch- tba
Dinner- Dorito Casserole

Lunch- Lunch Meat Roll-ups, apples
Dinner- Chicken Tortilla Soup

Lunch- Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Dinner- Gumbo in Crockpot

Lunch- Potato Broccoli Soup
Dinner- Pizza Rolls

Lunch- Eggs & Toast
Dinner- Lasagna, Broccoli

Lunch- Ham w/Crockpot Br. Rice, Gr. Beans
Dinner- Cheesy Roll-ups

Three Cheers for UPWARD!

This should’ve been posted a couple of weeks ago…
but I just HAVE to give props to the wonderful people
Ferndale Free Methodist church who hosted the
UPWARD basketball/cheerleading league that Zoe
took part in this winter.
SHE loved it.
She was loved.
She was constantly encouraged, blessed, developed.
She loves her coaches and she’s super excited to be
involved next year.
The final event this season was the pom routine they
performed at the Detroit Pistons game. (pictured below)
This church & it’s program are very impressive, very humble,
kind people who share the love of Jesus. We were all blessed!

What are you doing that day?

What are you doing on January 10, 2010?
(Besides wearing warm clothes, eating lotsa
soup & shivering occasionally?)
We’ve made our plans!
and yet,
The future is completely UNKNOWN at this point…
But we know this…
There’s another church opening in Detroit on that day!!!
No building… yet.
No specific funds available… yet.
But God knows HIS plans.
Where He guides He provides!
(That’s not just a catchy Christian cliche’…
it’s the truth! Our lives are living proof of
that OVER & OVER!)
You can read more of the story on Chilly’s Blog.
Is God asking you to be involved ?
I dare you to ask Him.