Certain of Uncertainty



It’s a sure thing. Uncertainty will come…       many, many times in life.

I like uncertainty in SOME areas.. it’s fun.

But even the fun  gets old after a while  & I starting “wanting to know what’s going on.”

That’s when faith must kick in, refocusing my thoughts from self to God & others…

then I’m OK again.

Without uncertainty there would be no need for faith!


(These  comments were prompted by my friend, Abby’s, recent blog)

2 thoughts on “Certain of Uncertainty

  1. So true. I love to plan, although that is not always in accordance with faith. Sometimes I think God is trying to get me to look at him instead of myself (duh!).

  2. Its sooo true! If we knew what was was next, if we saw it coming – why would we need God?
    Faith comes by hearing – not by seeing!! 🙂 Hearing God speak and acting on that!

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