Crazy Fast Bread Recipe

Perfect bread

(This post was originally a text to my sister-ish/friend, Nia,
on Saturday morning. She also enjoys the thrill & taste of homemade bread)


Oh my word!  I’ve found it. The ultimate bread recipe!

I made it this morning and it really is easy and goes quickly.
It gets rave reviews from my family.

I guess the trick is
-sugar (which makes it rise quicker, but I never add)
-and mixing for 10 min.

The baking method is unique too. Sounds strange.
But it WORKED!
I used 2 C white flour and 1 C wheat.  (Instead of all white)

We love it.  Here it is… EASY BREAD and the picture
above was taken by Courtney who snapped this just seconds
before we sliced it and devoured it! Mmm!!!

I’m gunna stick to my old recipe for pizza
and this new one  for bread.


(P.S…. at the time of your reading this I’ll be on vacation
and this was scheduled to post automatically.
I MAY or MAY NOT blog while we’re away!)


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