Day off

Yesterday is our family “day-off” we try to do something together

outside of the house… together… just to make a memory or
be together without the distractions/responsibilities of home.
This is why we have a membership to the Detroit Zoo
great fun in the warmer months…
And a membership to the Detroit Science Center
great fun in the colder months. (This membership
just ran out & we’re not gunna renew until it’s cold again!)

Recently we were given a gift so that we
could purchase a membership to the Detroit Institute of Art.
I’m SO excited!!! This is a HUGE museum, and with the
membership we can just come & go, see a few things and
go home; come again another day & see more beautiful things!
So, yesterday was our day off … and it held a little more
importance than usual since Chilly’s heading off across
the ocean today. Sigh.
But It’s all Good!
He’s speaking at a Leaders conference in Sweden.
But the day before he leave is always poopy.
There’s just no other way to say it.
Once he’s on the plane I’m totally fine.
But the day before he leaves, I’m bummed.
So we tried to make the most of this Monday.
It was nearly 60 degrees here in Detroit…
that’s a virtual heatwave! (people were wearing shorts!)
The park welcomed us!
Room to throw a softball.
Jungle gym bars for doing tricks
(even Mom got in on the action… sort of!)
A hill to run up & down.
Then we had a snack at Red Robin’s.
It was good… I snapped a few pics on my phone.
And now… My Man boards a plane.
I’m proud of him.
I love Him.
He hears from God and follows. Period.
How can I be anything else but excited…
-Excited that My Husband loves JESUS!
-Excited that I get to be involved in the life & ministry
God’s called us to do.
-And If you would like to join me by praying for him…
I’d gladly welcome that.
-And I’ll be “holdin’ down the fort!”
(whatever that means for a Detroit Dweller in 2010. hee hee)
Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Day off

  1. We love "off-days" and time out with the family! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed yours! And praise the Lord for beautiful warm sunny days! 🙂

  2. where are you in these pics?… always the one behind the camera 😉 I am praying with you and for you this week!

  3. when the man of the house is a man of God that's definitely something to be excited about. I remember growing up my dad used to have his Bible in this random drawer in the kitchen and read it while he was eating his breakfast every morning. That was really cool, it's a different feeling now when I don't see that from him.

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