Denim Pillow- Netta’s Niche

Oh how I love making things out of old jeans.  There’s so much fabric in one adult pair.
And so my obsession continues.  (Click here to see my other projects, and here.)

denim pillow
Last night I made a pillow cover for a coverless pillow
form that was awaiting some love. The two legs of the jeans
made the actual pillow, and a back pocket makes a nice
“hiding” spot in the front.  This pillow will be a little gift to my
son’s 1st grade teacher.  Perhaps she’ll find use for it in her
“reading spot” or where ever. Since she can pop off the cover
to wash it, hopefully it will be a helpful addition to her
classroom for a long time.

(I have two other denim projects in the works, but not complete…
Yet! )


2 thoughts on “Denim Pillow- Netta’s Niche

  1. Nice job Netta. I love the pocket added on to the front. I’m sure the teacher will appreciate the pillow. And being that it was hand made makes the gift so special. Your very talented.


    • Thanks, Jo Jo!
      The teacher seemed to like it and we made another for the other teacher, too. Denim is just so much fun!

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