Don’t Change cuz…







This morning as I was praying for a person in my life & a  specific

situation I asked God to “change this & that” and then asked

Him what He wanted me to change.  He pointed out a couple of things.


I repented and began to make  notes about changing those

areas/attitudes & actions. Then God gently but firmly said,

“Don’t change in an effort to bring about change in

someone else. Change yourself because it’s the right thing  to do.”




(repented again)




4 thoughts on “Don’t Change cuz…

  1. SO GOOD! I’ve been convicted A LOT lately about my behavior towards my brothers specifically. But my behavior should not be motivated by a desire to see them be better. It’s THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

    Thanks for reaffirming this in me too! HUGS!!

  2. Thx for reminding me that I can’t be Holy Spirit in the lives of others. I need to simply let God be God and let His change begin in me for the betterment (sp) of me and so that He can get all the glory.

  3. I am really struggling with the whole “Change” thing. I have a situation at work that has changed my usual happy me into a miserable unsure me and I don’t like it. I keep praying but all of this is still very new to me. I know I’m not perfect but I am trusting in God to change me if I am the problem.

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