Drive in Detroit

I took my girls to our friend’s house in another part of Detroit for their weekly sewing lesson. (They’re really amazing, by the way!) On the way home I took some pictures out the window to send to my friend who lives on the east coast. I thought you might like to see the drive. I love posting pictures of beautiful places in our city… but I can’t let you forget that our city is in great need. The greatest of those needs isJESUS!

I can’t help but give you the opportunity every now & then to be involved in what Jesus is doing in this wonderful place. Click here to see what you can do and/or give to the ministries in which we are involved.

Ukraine Express


This IS America

What everyone thinks ALL of Detroit looks like


Henry Ford Hospital

Oasis in the city…one of many in this city



You can get a LOT of house for the price in Detroit….
Are you sure you’re not supposed to be here?

Have you asked God?



4 thoughts on “Drive in Detroit

  1. This post has been driving me crazy, especially the last two sentences. I was all set to apply and move to Colorado for this job, and before I had I had even thought about Colorado I felt this “pull” to move to the Detroit area. But then I read this post and those last two sentences really got me. I’ve since changed my mind, thanks to you. Now all I have to do is wait on God to bring a breakthrough.

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