Feeling Wimpy

Watching the news & praying for the situation in Egypt & the

Middle East reminds me of my own weaknesses. What courage it must

take for the average person to function right now … think about it.


Perhaps they’re asking these questions:

Is it safe to go to the grocery store?

Is the store even open?

Should  I try to go to work?

How will we get money if I can’t work?


I’m not an expert on any of this… but I know that living regular a life there

must be far more complicated than we can imagine.

AND… Many Christians in these countries face hardships we cannot understand.


Yet, here in American….It takes very little to make me complain.

Simple situations can steal my joy.


God has given me all I need for living a life that pleases Him.

I have no excuse.

Serving Jesus is awesome & He gives us

what we need when we need it.

I am praying for the people & governments of the Middle Eastern countries

and especially the Christians there; and I’m looking to JESUS, who gives

me all I need to live a life that pleases Him. (And obeying JESUS is the

best way to live!)

(2 Peter 1:3-4)

9 thoughts on “Feeling Wimpy

  1. I’ve been watching as well. What a tumultuous situation…who knows what the future holds. Thanks for reminding me of the Christians in that nation and region. I’ll continue to lift them and Israel in prayer.

  2. Ugh, “It takes very little for me to complain.” I can be the worst at this… and when put into the right perspective – Wow, talk about humbling. Man. Reminds me of 1 Peter 5:9
    Thanks, Netta.

  3. we’ve got it so good that we’re constantly seeking what’s bad… yet, to others in the world, they thirst for ANYTHING good and may wait a lifetime to find it…


    thanks wifey!

  4. I’m reminded on all sides not to be a “lazy, self-entitled wimp” but instead to be a disciplined, selfless conquerer! Perhaps God is trying to tell me something… perhaps He’s using you to say it… OF COURSE HE IS!!! HUGS!

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