Few Words Wednesday, Zoe’s Bday!

Our baby girl is now 11 years old.


spunky, full of life, loves Jesus, full of ideas, creativity, songs, watching out

for her younger brothers, keeping her older sisters on their toes,

dancing, cooking, trying new things, unintimidated, confident,

aware of others, reads her Bible every night, cracks us up, a lovely person I totally love being with!… and  much more!


She created a Chocolate Ice Cream Layered Cup-O-Cake  for her celebration.

Here’s how she did it… in pictures!






And, as part of the fun, everyone dipped pretzel rods into yummy

chocolate and decorated them with colorful sprinkles. Then later

each person took home their tasty treat! (except for a couple people

who forgot theirs… and we accidentally ate them after lunch today)









7 thoughts on “Few Words Wednesday, Zoe’s Bday!

  1. AWE! Love her! Am I allowed to have a favorite Chilton kiddo? (stop it Erin! this is a public forum and the other Chiltons can read too) oops 😉

    Seriously love you and your fab kids!

    especially ZOE 🙂

  2. Ah! I remember holding Zoe when she is a month old! Has it seriously been almost eleven years that I have known your beautiful family? I am getting old, Netta…

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