Giving can be Selfish, too

Yes, the title is not a typo.   

When we bake a treat for the neighbors just so they’ll think we’re the nice family on the block…that’s selfish.

When we give that really awesome gift to our boss so he’ll think more highly of us… that’s selfish.

When we share the coveted Christmas treat with everyone just to hear them rave about it’s goodness… that’s selfish.

When we buy what we cannot afford to assure ourselves that we’re good parents… that’s selfish.

When we take pride in making homemade presents because we’re not giving into the greed of season… that’s selfish.

See, none of these things are wrong… NOT at all. But the motives in which we do them can become the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of JESUS! (and that is wrong!)

He gave because He LOVES us!

As I give, share, buy & make whatever this season, I want it all to be for the sheer joy of blessing the recipent; for the absolute thrill of seeing there delight. And expecting NO thanks; no little cards in the mail to validate my worth & prove their proper manners. I wanna give just because it’s what Jesus does.



3 thoughts on “Giving can be Selfish, too

  1. netta! This is sooooo true! I was talking to one of the girls in my youth group about this. she said she had 9 friends she had to buy for. I asked her why, her response was “they told me they are getting me something, so I would feel embarrassed if I did not have anything for them”
    I think there has become an expectation from society that you give to get back, where has this come from? its greed, selfishness, yucky!

    I wanna be someone who gives without expectation of receiving, I wanna give and bless! isn’t that the example that Jesus gives?

    Thanks for sharing! lots of love 🙂

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