He’d be Proud! ( Ode to my DAD)

My Dad…
any of you who knew him remember that
he was quite a character. He’d make ya smile,
find something funny to say to make ya relax
and cheer you on in whatever
you were doing.

I know that he’s be proud today.
It was 11 years ago today that
my Dad saw Jesus, face to face.
I miss him… If he were alive he’d be proud.

(Leonard Hoke, Sr.)

He’d be Proud of…
(in no particular order)

– My daughter, Riley, playing softball, working hard, having
a wonderful attitude (and being more athletic than her Mom!)
Dad was “Joe-Jock” during his own high school years-
basketball star!

-My daughter, Courtney, who is artsy, creative, thoughtful,
funny & kind. Dad would draw the silliest little faces & say the
most unexpected things (even during church… sorry Pastor Mickley,
but it’s true! But you probably knew that already) hee hee

– My daughter, Zoe, who is so full of LIFE, ideas and has a natural
way of organizing and including people in things. Dad was a
leader; the kind that people enjoyed following cuz he was fun &
made them feel appreciated.

-My son, Maximus, for being so sweet and gentlemanly.
Dad hugged everyone, held the doors open, always found things
to compliment in others and had a warm smile… just like Max!

-My son, Chase, for loving music, singing his little lungs out about
Jesus and for wearing his glasses crocked! Dad played the guitar,
loved to sing and the glasses thing… yeah, it must be hereditary.

-My husband, Chilly, for being the pioneer pastor who isn’t afraid to
start something that others haven’t even considered let alone have
courage to actually do. If he were on earth, he’d be listening to
Chilly’s sermons each week and tell all the other guys at the
coffee shop about’um.

– His 2nd daughter, me, for decoupaging the pages of one of his
Bibles to the tabletops in the coffee house at Real Church.
Dad loved JESUS and he REALLY liked coffee (hmm, sounds like
the guy I married!). Many men over the years heard of Jesus’ love
over a cup of coffee during a “coffee break!” (old term, I know)

There’s a ZiLLION more things that would make’um proud… that
would also include my extended family, too, but hey, I only have so much
time & can type only so fast!

If my Dad were to pop back to earth for a moment today, I’m convinced
that he’d tell you, “Submit your life to JESUS! It’s ALL worth it!”

I miss ya, Daddy! But my family & I serve Jesus with all our heart, soul,
mind & strength.
We’ll see you again… someday!

8 thoughts on “He’d be Proud! ( Ode to my DAD)

  1. Sounds like a great man! So cool how you can see attributes of him in each member of your family. I agree. He’d definitely be proud. (I know I am!)

  2. wow netta. first of all, when i came to visit real church, i always thought those tables were SO cool! what a neat idea–and now i know the story! thank you for sharing your heart with us. i just love, admire and respect you so much netta, for the woman of God you are. lots of love! have a great week! 🙂 erica

  3. That was wonderful. My grandfather passed away early and never met my daughter. I often think how he would have loved my daughter and that he might have been proud of the parent I’ve become. Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

  4. Netta,

    Grandad is a testimony of “One Person” making a difference in so many lives and the Promises of God passed down from “Generation to Generation”. It will be such a joy to see him again – and laugh like we always do when around the family.

    I’m proud of you and the Woman you have become. You are a super wife, mother, friend and “auntie”. I love you and pray for you often.

    Melissa Hannah

  5. Thx. for sharing. Now, I really feel like I knew your Dad…like one of the family. I know I would of loved him. (Smile)

    Now, Hope ya don’t mind…I’m gonna share this with a few of my other close girlfriends whose father has also gone home to be with the Lord. Ya know, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of our dads are now hangin’ out together.

    Much luv, Stephanie

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