He’s the Better Artist

I bet you’ve prayed a sincere prayer of submission to God at some point that went something like this….

“Lord, I give you my entire life. Do whatever You want.”

But chances are, when you prayed that, you already had some kind of idea of what that “surrender” would require… you sort of thought you knew what He would ask of you (or not ask of you).  Right?
What if our “mind picture” was totally wrong? What if He asks us to let go something that would completely alter our lives forever? Can He do that? Is He allowed?  Is He really in charge?  Even if it meant that other people, even Christians, would wonder about us?

It’s hard to admit, but we usually have limits and some sort of mind picture when we “surrender,” but He is a much better artist. As a matter of fact, He’s even created the canvas and the paint. We have to let Him paint the picture. We’re just the brush… or as Mother Teresa said, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

If I refuse to let Him do the deciding then someone is going to miss His love letter!



5 thoughts on “He’s the Better Artist

  1. I’m always trying to repair & erase — yeah, I’m in His hand but upside down — IF I let Him, He’ll flip me around and begin writing again!

    Even a pencil can’t write with the eraser. Let Him turn you upside down and you’ll discover it’s actually right side up! 😉

  2. “He is a much better artist. As a matter of fact, He’s even created the canvas and the paint. We have to let Him paint the picture. We’re just the brush.”
    Wow! Netta, this is so good, and just what I needed to read! Thanks for sharing. I’m off to go throw away MY paints and let Him start painting the picture of His choice with His own paints again…

  3. Wow. I’ve totally said prayers like this before, with totally the wrong intentions in mind. When I am painting the picture, I focus so much on what won’t be there or what’s been taken out. But when God gets the canvas, He paints a masterpiece that only boasts of the blessings that come with knowing and surrendering to Him! Thank you for always bringing a visual perspective to who God is!

  4. I love your analogies. I feel like if you were one of my high school teachers, I would have done so much better…Because I would have actually gotten it. haha

    I’m so glad you’re in my life and that you constantly speak wisdom so beautifully.

    I love what you said, “He’s even created the canvas and the paint.”

    Because He created He knows us better than we will ever know ourselves and He has it all figured out. So I can’t act like I know the way something is supposed to be done. He knows all the little logistics of His paint and brushes. Yeah, I could possibly paint the picture without Him, but it wouldn’t be what He intended or even as beautiful as He would paint.

    I’m thankful that He allows us to resurrender everyday.

    Thnaks, Netta! I love you!

  5. Wow. This is so good, Netta!
    It’s crazy (but it’s true!) that my idea of surrender isn’t really surrender. It’s like I still want to be in control, but I’m telling God on the surface that He can have control. If I’m holding on to that paintbrush while I tell God to take over, then the picture will never turn out as beautifully as it should! (It’ll just be a mess!)
    I really need to die to myself. Again, and again, and again! Real surrender means I hand that paintbrush over willingly and completely…I trust Him!

    Thank you, Netta! This is changing my perspective on surrendering from here on out! 🙂

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