Home Safe Home

It’s true, we DO live in Detroit.
But this isn’t about location, crime
or even bankruptcy. It’s about YOUR home
and mine!

(Photo credit MAKE YOUR HOME app)

(Photo credit MAKE YOUR HOME app)

A husband may have constant ideas for change
and improvement/advancement in his workplace (or
in our case, his place of ministry), but perhaps
not so many creative ideas for the way daily live happens
at home. That can mess with a wife’s head.
Don’t let it.

Home… should be the one place that he
doesn’t have to work hard to prove himself or
attain a goal to be considered successful.

Home… where he is loved unconditionally. When
that love flourishes then husband and wife are
both empowered to be their best.

Home… where a husband is safe. It is his castle;
a place where he can learn to let him mind rest
and his heart dream.

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