I Served Time

Seriously, I served time…. doing jury duty, that is. When the summons arrived in my mailbox I knew I’d be selected, and I was. For three days I was a part of an attempted murder case. A brand new experience. So many sites, sounds people, emotions, thoughts, prayers, sorrows, relief, etc.. During all the time spent waiting around I wrote a hundred tweets and pages of blog posts in my head. But I decided to post some thoughts in my usual “Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday” manner (even thought it’s Thursday).


-Jury Duty is just that… our duty

– I love our country & although it’s faults seem extremely obvious right now, we still live in wonderfully free country

– Being a part of the system that brings liberty & justice for all makes me proud (to be an American!… are you singin’ the song now?)

– Every person I spoke to was very friendly and willing to have a conversation- and I spoke to everyone who was near me (as you can imagine)

– I’ve always known that Detroit is filled with some very wonderful people, and these last three days just proved it

– Every person I served with on the jury was nice & truly wanted to do what was right

– Among the jurors was a flight attendant, nurse practitioner, computer engineer, Stay Home Mom from a super nice suburb, a phlebotomist, a pastor’s wife (oh, that’s me) &  a guy that looks like the Dad from Still Standing. (There were also other occupations that I can’t remember.)

– I cried. Each evening when I came home and each morning as I prayed for everyone involved in the case. So young. So messed up. So very much in need of Jesus.

– I cried because it’s a heavy responsibility

– A fellow juror is a nurse at the hospital right by my house.  Spending time getting to know her a bit was so enjoyable. A truly great lady.

– The judge surprised me. I’d never encountered a judge before. (Well, I’d never been in a courtroom before!) She was strong but careful to explain expectations, used humorous examples to illustrate her points and spoke to everyone in her courtroom with kindness & respect. Somehow I’d always thought judges would be somber & stone faced. I’m thankful that she serves in my community.

– There’s a lot of knocking on the jury room door (between the bailiff & the jury). Kinda cracked me up. But it works.

– Sometimes what your gut tells you & what the evidence tells you are two different things. That’s horrible.

– Many of the young generation is paying the price of their parents’ poor parenting. That’s horrible, too!

– Crime will happen. But we can change our city… one person at a time. (*see below)

– “Court” involves a lot of waiting.

– Waiting offered lots of time to talk to people.

– Waiting also offered lots of time to read, and I nearly finished a little book from a series I love.

– I’m grateful for the public servants that are involved in courtrooms everyday,  and I’m really thankful that I’m NOT one of them.

– I may or may not have written the judge an encouragement/thank you note, that I may or may not have been able to hand her after the trial was over.

– I may or may not of received a hug from her!  🙂

– I love Detroit!

– I love JESUS & I’m thankful that He put us in this city! 🙂  🙂  🙂


*If you’d like to read about the crime that happened behind our Hamtramck building click here. Besides actually living in the city limits, we’re actively doing things to help bring change.




5 thoughts on “I Served Time

  1. I have to be honest, I had no idea what a phlebotomist was.

    This post got me really excited for the day I get summoned for jury duty! What an amazing (and challenging) opportunity. I’m so thankful to be a US citizen!

    Thanks, Netta!

  2. Sorry Netta, I just spent 30 minutes compiling a response and some “Aud thoughts” to your observations,
    but when I changed windows, my computer ate them. {I guess I am not very good at multi-tasking.)

  3. I loved how you may or may not have given the judge an encouragement note! That is so awesome, and I know she felt God’s love because of it.

    I am so encouraged by the warm people we have living and serving in this community!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Love you!

  4. I totally have the same picture in my head of a somber stoned face judge. That is so cool, out of all the people you were able to encourage AND hug lol.
    So thankful Jesus put us here too, it’s so cool that we each have a part to serve and bring hope to Detroit! Love you!

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