I Should be Good at “Goodbye”

It’s been happening for years… since 1997.
Wonderful students come into our lives, become a huge part of our life & family, crawl into our hearts, cause us to grow and change as they do the same… and then they LEAVE!
But in actuality, it’s all part of the plan… I know it’s gunna happen from the moment they arrive.

You see, My husband and I are dedicated to discipling & mentoring young adults. From anywhere in the USA (and even Guam), post high school students come into our lives to be a part of the mentorship/ministry training program.  All along… from the moment they arrive on day one… I KNOW that they’re coming here to learn and then… to GO. But that doesn’t make it easier. I fall in love with them.

Today  a moving van in metro Detroit is being loaded  in preparation for a young family to move to Conneticut and plant a new church. We’ve know this couple since they were barely out of their teens (back when they totally couldn’t stand each other… or could they??) Now, nearly 12 years later, we are saying good-bye to them and their adorable children. I don’t like good bye. I cry. Often.  Of course they’re following God’s leading; of course they came to train, learn and grow and then leave. Of course I’ve known this for years… But tell that to my tear ducts!

In another area of metro detroit,  a flight is arriving today from California that carries a beautiful young lady. She senses God’s leading and is hoping to join the ministry here as she, too, trains for whatever is next. She’s adorable. I’ve already met her and she jumped into my heart after our first conversation. I’ll be saying, “Hello” to her all weekend.  And then someday down the road I’ll probably be saying, “Good Bye.”  It won’t be fun. But it’ll be right.

I guess if goodbyes were easy for me it would mean that I wasn’t connected to people. Tearful partings reflect the joys of living life together, sharing the ups & downs, together pouring ourselves into the community and allowing ourselves to love and be loved. That’s living life.

Goodbyes are NOT fun… But, praise JESUS, cuz it’s these moments that let me know that my heart is still soft & gooshy.

Goodbye, Quinones Family. You’re leaving my state, but never my heart!
Hello, Brooke. Welcome to my state… you’re already in my heart!



12 thoughts on “I Should be Good at “Goodbye”

  1. I remember leaving detroit heading to New York. I think we cried for the first hour driving away…goodbyes are tough!

  2. Mikey-i almost positive I cried the whole way to Virginia. Goodbyes are soon hard. Netta you said this beautiful. I realized close to your heart people never leave being there no matter what the distance!

  3. great! now I’m crying!

    Good-byes are difficult but if we weren’t crying, we wouldn’t be connected!

    Saying Good-bye in Haiti was so hard! but re-saying hello to you was awesome!

  4. AMEN!!! I’m so thankful for our wonderful hellos.

    Thank you again for hearing hearts and not allowing goodbyes to be painful. No matter how bitter goodbyes are, you are so good at graciously making them sweet! 🙂 HUGS!!!

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