“I’m going through somethin’ right now!”

She hadn’t been there for weeks.
Text after text. Call after call. Even a couple of visits.
No response.

Then, for no apparent reason she texted me back… finally!  YAY!!!!
She thanked me for noticing that she’d not been in church service for a while. She appreciated my love and concern.
She assured me that she was OK & that she’d  be there on Sunday.

Sunday came. Tons of hugs. Great conversations. Encouragement. Jesus did beautiful things in so many peoples’ lives. Such a lovely time together…
But she wasn’t there. She missed it all… again. Sigh.

So I called her. No answer. No call back. No response to my text. I don’t wanna bug her…
But what if she’s not OK?

Then she texted again… “Thanks for thinking of me. I’m just really going through somethin’ right now.”

What?  That’s her reason for not being with other people who love her & love Jesus?
That’s why she’s staying away and feeling alone?  oh, NO!

The part that makes this true story even sadder is that i’ve heard the “I’m-really-going-through-somethin” line many, many times! From many different ladies.  It makes no sense.

But, I DO understand this .. when we’re hurting we don’t want it to be obvious & we don’t want to wear it on our faces.
We certainly don’t want to have to talk about it. Or worse yet, we don’t want to get around the warmth of God’s love & let our guard down & then melt into a mess of tears… in front of everyone!  Horror.

Seriously. As backwards as it sounds, when difficulties threatens us, we should get with other Christians even MORE often!  It says it all through the Bible… and it’s true!
Chilly pointed it out in Psalm 53.
In Hebrews 10:25 is says to meet together all the more.

And…Many more places!

When life dishes out yuckiness, we cannot run away from the people who will remind us of the truth, and encourage us, help us and literally fill us with courage. And we shouldn’t feel silly when we show up when things are less than dandy… our own honesty may very well be the strength someone else needs at that moment.

As temping as it may seem to hunker down when we’re hurting;  to shut people out when we’re struggling…
go to church. Be involved.
Talk. Be honest.
Lower your guard & praise Jesus.
Let Him speak gently to your heart.
Help. Serve. Hug.
You might even laugh!
Then you may just find that your somethin’ has turned into something better



13 thoughts on ““I’m going through somethin’ right now!”

  1. Oh, so true. Many of us could testify that what you are saying WORKS! Faith comes by”hearing”! Where 2 or 3 are “gathered”! Make yourself “go”! You certainly won’t feel worse when you have allowed some time with the ONE who makes a difference!

  2. Okay. So on Thursday, Troy and I had a rotten meeting with a doctor regarding Silas’ development. It was disappointing. We both were down. Honestly, I did NOT want to go to lie group that evening because I felt like I was ever on the verge of tears (and my Northern Irish friends already call me, ‘ the crying American’) but after many years of skipping out on corporately worshipping with my friends with Jesus just because I am going “through something”, I have learned that NEVER makes me feel better. So…
    I threw on a hoodie and went to life group. I worshipped with my friends … with a few tears…and then we heard the word…which ENCOURAGED me… and then we prayed… which gave me HOPE! And guess what? That “something” I was going through, didn’t feel so heavy because I my brothers and sisters were shouldering the burden with me and helping me give it to Jesus!
    Fabulous post, Netta! It needs to be said. Isolation will bring consolation. It was God that said, “It’s not good for man to be alone…” Comfort is found in community where Christ is the center.

    Love you and yours words,

  3. wow!!!
    Soooo true! It is so easy for us to shut down from seeing people, maybe its an issue of pride? I know for me it can be! I seem to be SUCH a strong person to other people, I am the person people come to to off load problems and issues (Which I LOVE being able to pray thru and support). But How can I be seen to be having a difficult time? a hard time?
    Been challenged on that mind set many times!!
    The most rewarding decision you can make is to be REAL! Be honest and open! You never know who God will put around you at that point, It never feels so hard to carry when you have family and friends around you!

    Thanks for sharing Netta, and Noelle! Amazing testimony!

  4. I love this. Working thru that challenging feeling can be tough! BUT real life has us “going thru something” all the time! Were eager to share the good times but when it comes to the harder things we keep it to ourselves and don’t really let anyone in and a lot of times that includes the people that will help you thru it!

    Just like you said – their situation could be encouragement for someone else as well!!
    There are lots of times when I talk with someone and things are rough for that person but they still shine through it – and THAT is what encourages me!

    Great post Netta!! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  5. So good, so true. Like Noelle, my flesh wants to be alone and “work it out” or “get it together” before being around others. But God has made us to not only need Him, but to need other believers. Always, always, when I allow myself to be vulnerable enough to be real – He blesses it. I hope your friend discovers the same!

  6. on Wednesday, i had a rough day… and I was going to sit by myself during Equip and a BIG voice in a small whisper said “don’t isolate” and so I sat with others and WAS SO GLAD I DID! great post!

    As always, you speak right to my heart!

  7. This is awesome, and so TRUE!

    I’ve said that line before, and I’ve heard that line before. I know that there is truth that get’s spoken when we’re around others who love Jesus.

    I understand why people tend to run… But what do we say or do when someone is running from the very comfort they are searching for? Remain steady in communication?

  8. “we cannot run away from the people who will remind us of the truth”
    “our own honesty may very well be the strength someone else needs at that moment.”

    Even when we find ourselves in these conversations, I think we remind EACH OTHER of the truth. It’s crazy how when I am going through something, someone else may be in a similar boat. But by choosing to be the “friend that I need”, someone else will reconnect with Jesus’ heart, and He will take care of me all along.

    Thank you for being the friend that hugs, serves, listens, and asks!

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