I’m not getting paid for this…

I’m not getting money for writing this.
Neither did I receive a free copy of this book to review.
The author, Mary Ostyn, recently released a cookbook
and I was trying to find it online within our library
system. (I later bought it) But my library search
turned up this book…
A large family is NOT needed to appreciate this book!
“The Sane Woman’s Guide to raising a Large Family!”
Click here to order this great book!
Yeah, lotsa tears at the very beginning of the book…
not from the author… from ME!
More tears at the end…
not a misting up…
not a trickle…
a full-blown “Put-down-the-book-get-a-tissue-cuz-you-
can’t-see-on-account-of-the-tears” cry!
Reminded me why I love children… especially MINE!
Gave me practical ideas.
Inspired me to do better & to be proud of what I’ve done.
REALLY, REALLY happy that I read it.
If you want kids, have kids, want to adopt, etc…
she covers it all. As the mother of birth children
and adopted children, she tells of their journey
to adoption and the clear leading of God.
She’s a beautiful example of godly motherhood!
I’m so thankful that I read this book!
(just had to blog about it!)
Click here to order this great book!

One thought on “I’m not getting paid for this…

  1. Thanks, Netta! I just placed a "hold" on it at the library. I have two others already out that I need to read, but I look forward to starting this one!

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