I’m Too Old for That

In recent days I’ve connected with…

– an amazing single pastor in her 30’s

– a 20-something lady from another county with more experience
in youth ministry than many life-timer youth pastors

– a classy lady in her 50’s whose house is from a magazine
and her entertainment skills put Martha Stewart to shame

– a young married mom of 3 kids, ages 4 and under

– a single 20-something who ministers to preschoolers all day

– a young married lady who will soon be planting a church
out east with her husband

– a southern bell (sorta) in her 30’s who is married w/one child
and has preached several times recently at her church

– a lady in her mid 40’s who sends me encouraging texts and
blesses many other church planter’s wife in Michigan

– Another lady in her 20’s who is leaving the suburbs next week
 & moving into the city… cuz it’s where her heart is

– A young Mom who also left the burbs a year ago & moved into the city
with her husband & little boy, and happens to gives piano lessons to
her pastor’s kids as a ministry

– A 40-something who gives sewing lessons to the muslim girls
in her neighborhood, just to show them the love of Jesus

– A 40 year old lady who’s life closely mirrors mine… but her address
is in Maryland… too far away

When I was younger I thought I  needed that ONE friend…
that ONE person who could fulfill all my friendship needs.
But I’ve later realized that diversity is beautiful!
Not just race, but background, age, outlook, calling, etc….

All of these woman are my friends…
and each of them fill a different “spot” in my “friendship need.”

What I contribute to one friendship is vastly different from what
I give to another friendship. And vise versa.
But they all mean a great deal to me.
They’re all counted as cherished gifts from Jesus.

Yeah, I used to think I really needed that ONE best friend,
but now, I’m too old for that (and hopefully too wise for that, too!).

(NOTE: I have more friends than those listed, but these are
ones that I’ve connected with in the last 8 days.)

2 thoughts on “I’m Too Old for That

  1. I LOVED this post. I've had a tendency to go to God with my list of needs when it comes to friends and relationships, but I have been realizing how blessed I am to have godly, interesting, encouraging, unique, strong women right under my nose that fill those "friendship needs" (the ones I was totally over-thinking). I'M SO BLESSED! Thanks, Netta.

  2. Wow 🙂 This is so awesome and SO true!!! I get sucked into the I have ONE really good friend and that's all i need. But the more I get out and the more I meet new people or even old ones, I'm so encouraged by their "freshness" and new ideas, new thoughts, different passions, etc. This is a great reminder and fantastic!

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