It Doesn’t Make Sense?

“Is this really You, God?
Cuz it’s not really making any sense to me.”

“My friends think I’m crazy, and they’re telling me
to stop and think more carefully about all this.”

“But Lord, why would I even dare to dream this up
if it wasn’t for You?”

“What if…?
What if… ?
What if…?”

All of those thoughts sound exactly like someone who is considering a step of faith.

Plenty of Christians have always been quick to “try to talk sense into us” when God has directed us to step out in a way that humans can’t wrap their heads around.

If humans can totally understand what we’re doing then it certainly isn’t requiring faith & it’s probably not coming from the heart of Jesus.

We must be quiet… and listen to God and ONLY God. When others bring up concerns, we take them to Jesus. If He says it’s a concern, cool, He’ll instruct us accordingly.
If not, ignore it.

I’ve found that lots of Christians are very unnerved by bold faith… and yet… is it actually even faith if it’s not bold and unexplainable?

Listen to His voice. Write it down in a place where you will keep it safe… cuz once you take that bold step times will follow that will require even more courage. But as long as you KNOW you heard from God (go back and read that stuff He told you), you will have all you need!

2 Peter 1:3 is a huge fav…
“God has given us all we need for life and godliness.”

Stand tall. Smile. He’s proud of us when we are in a position to hear…
and willing to take some heat from others for even considering something more than the boring ‘ol norm.

Now step out. It’s the only thing that actually DOES makes sense!

(These words were taken from my recent conversation with someone who is listening carefully to God’s voice… and not getting a lot of applause from others. I’ve been in her shoes… and I am in her shoes.)

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Make Sense?

  1. I always knew you had wisdom beyond your years! It was so good to read this because of the place I’m in! It’s the “wait in obedience because there are others I’m preparing for the plans i have for you” place!
    It’s one of the hardest places yet! I want to go, move, do….. but it’s in the waiting.
    Hope all is well!
    Love you Netta, see you on the other side.
    I mean that in love

    JoJo Klein

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Netta! It’s easy to talk ourselves out of God’s will because His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. They are higher and difficult to understand as humans … BUT, if we have the courage to obey. They rewards are beyond comprehension too.

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