It’s more than…

Commitment is more than a full calendar.

It’s more than simply showing up for events or doing what’s expected.

It’s a heart-felt dedication,

a loyalty,

an attitude that dictates every part of our lives.

Real commitment is obvious.



5 thoughts on “It’s more than…

  1. In life we have crazy people committed,
    but, in faith, committed people drive posers crazy!

    People: IF you think your too busy, you’re really too selfish.

  2. True! The worst feeling is filling the calendar with things I’m not committed to. Taking me from what God has asked me to commit to.

  3. Thank you for redefining being ‘all there’. I have to make sure my heart is always in check with God, and always in check with where He has me.

    “Real commitment is obvious.” This is so good, Netta. If I know I’m faking it, other people do too. I want to be obvious about being called – because that’s when I make GOD obvious.

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