Just Cuz it has Good Pictures

Do we ever really outgrow the urge to pick something based on first impressions?

We mature. We learn to look more deeply. But if we’re honest, we’ll probably

admit that we’re drawn first to the “pretty” one, right?

I’ve done that many times throughout life… but it’s not really as superficial as it

sounds… or, maybe I’m just kidding myself.

Over the years I’ve laughingly said,

“Why do anything the easy way when I can make it more complicated?”

(and I’m fairly accomplished at doing just that)

I’m just SO willing to go the extra mile or take the extra long step cuz

I like the way it looks or sounds… and in the end I wanna pull my hair out from

all the frustration I caused myself.  Most recently I’ve become VERY aware

of my problem.


We’re entering our 8th year and I’ll have 4 children that are school-aged

this year. I should totally be in a groove, right?  WRONG!

In our 2nd year of this process we discovered curriculum that worked well.

But, alas… it was boring looking. Too many black & white pictures, too many

scripture verses were in the King James version, etc.  Never mind that it was

easy to follow, all-inclusive and literally taught me how to keep track of grades.

(I hope you’re reading this paragraph with a great deal of scarcasm in your

voice!)  So, I switched. Experimented. Choose something that was bright,

had gorgeous colored pictures and more modern Bible versions. Nevermind

the fact that each subject had 5 to 11 books per SUBJECT!  UGH!!!!! WHAT?

What a struggle!  I’ve wanted to scream a zillion times… instead I just cried

and got cranky!  My kids felt the same way, too… MANY TIMES! Grrr!

All this trouble… just so my kids can have colored pictures in their books?

Am I insane? (OK, it was more than nice pictures that drew me, but that’s

the basic idea. )

It all seems like a great idea.

Seems worth it. Seems like the added work & time won’t be so bad!

But… (here’s the clincher):  If God is not directing us to do something

then our “added effort” and colored pictures are gunna make us want to pull

out our hair! And we’ll start to resent the time & joy it’s stealing away from

our lives.

I’m treading carefully & prayerfully  and asking Jesus to direct my plans

and curriculum choices…

I’m refusing to be sucked into what seems so grand & bright…

I’ll just be obedient.

He knows what’s best for my kids & what they can handle…

and I’m already taking deeper breathes.

(hmm, since I’m relaxing now, maybe I’ll have more time to

take some good pictures of my kids! )

7 thoughts on “Just Cuz it has Good Pictures

  1. This is so good, Netta! It’s crazy how we can even hear God’s direction, but then think we can come up with the better ‘color pictures’ on our own..! But you’re right, we need to just be OBEDIENT! Not fancy or colorful.
    Thanks for this! 🙂

  2. Please see Tuesday’s comment 🙂

    Additionally, I’m fairly certain that my own homeschool mum could have avoided some significant amounts of stress in her early years of teaching me had she someone as encouraging and authentic as yourself speaking into her life.

    So… thanks again!

    love and hugs and prayers!

    ps – I think one of the reasons Abba doesn’t give me more direction all at once is because I’ll try and get ahead on my own. “Homeschool”, ok, “I’ll choose the curriculum”… it’s awesome that you are taking the time to hear which He wants you to use for each of your kids. “Move to Hamtramck” ok, “I’ll choose my job, mode of transportation and how I use my time/rescources from here on thanks” … CRAP! Nope, “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY! What’s next?”

  3. me too! like if some sparkles come into sight… I get lost!

    I was reading what you said ‘He knows what’s best for my kids & what they can handle…’…

    It’s the same for you, He knows what’s best for you and what you can handle… you’re His child too!

    SO thankful for your honest post!

  4. “I’m refusing to be sucked into what seems so grand & bright…”

    Gulp. That is so good! I know that’s what I want, but if I’m not deliberately resolved to make that choice, I won’t. As well as making simple thngs complex, I also am easily distracted by anything shinny….charming character traits I know 😉
    Thanks for a kick on he pants Netta!!

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