Just Standin’ there, Confused

It’s there… in the Bible… and it seemed like
such a sad thing to say about the disciples/friends of Jesus.

Jesus hung dying on the cross,
“But Jesus’ friends, including the women who
had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance watching.”
(Luke 23:49 NLT)

It was a BIG deal. A huge moment.
An event that would forever change their lives.
And they kept their distance, watching.

These were not just casual observers who had heard of Jesus,
these were His close friends. The Greek word used in the
text means those who had a close experience with Him;
someone who knew Him first-hand. Someone like…

That’s exactly what I said to Jesus as I read this.
“Lord, I’m like these disciples. I know You first-hand
and understand that You’re doing something hugely
significant right in front of me, and yet I’m standing
off at a distance, rather dumb founded, just watching.”

Then God silently spoke: “You ARE just like those friends.
But what ELSE are they doing?”

Me: Umm.. we’ll they were probably…

But they…
Were Loyal
Kept eyes glued on Jesus

Oh… Yes… Thank you, Jesus.
I get it!
(Big relieved sigh!)
I will keep my eyes – heart- glued on YOU!

3 thoughts on “Just Standin’ there, Confused

  1. Wow! How encouraging! It hadn’t really occurred to me that there wasn’t much that they could have DONE in that moment, but they stayed and kept their eyes on Jesus anyways! Not being able to DO something should never keep me from being with Jesus!

  2. Wow. Such a great visual here. The mind bending moments that passage describes is so powerful. Earthly King vs. Heavenly King? What about all of his promises? What is going to happen to us next? So many questions, and the list goes on and on. Your post echoes so clearly – NO matter what they thought, they STAYED. I love that.

    Great insight here Netta. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Netta for sharing this. You are an amazing teacher of the word! I love how simple and practical it is, in the midst of these profound and GOD moments, “Keep your eyes glued to Jesus”. Thank you for the reminder no matter what my part is, no- it’s about Jesus. You are a great example and reflection of this. LOVE YOU!

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