Love is spelled, “G.A.M.E.S.?”

Today as i walked out our front door I noticed that our daughter’s car was gone.

Stolen. Right out of our driveway!
My husband stayed home to wait for the police to arrive while the kids & I went a few blocks down the street to share the love of Jesus with other people in our city.
Although we’re totally bummed about the car (and have shed a few tears), today was REALLY about wonderful people  who shared the love of Jesus in creative ways with some other  wonderful people in our city.



Balloons (notice the monkey in the palm tree on R)

Snacks, ice pops & drinks

A big dog named, Buddy                      Lots more games

Old Fashioned Cake Walk – sorta like musical chairs minus the chairs & plus the cakes as prizes! mmm

Water Games                                                                                 “Tatoos”

Lots more games                                                         Oversized games


Illustration about Jesus washing away our sins


Kids responding to the Love of JESUS!

This is the city God has called us to.

I LOVE Detroit!






6 thoughts on “Love is spelled, “G.A.M.E.S.?”

  1. … it was a bummer to stay home & miss our first Detroit “Jump In” — but, I’m so proud of our GROWING church community that came together to serve & play!

  2. Bummer about the car! Awesome pics of the outreach. I would have loved to have been there. Thanks to you and Chilly and Real Church for loving and reaching the city!

  3. It was SUCH a great day! So blessed to have been there. Sorry about the van. Praying for an even better replacement! 😉

  4. Sorry about the car, but I must say, that if I didn’t know what happened, I never saw anything but complete joy on your face. Like Ruth, I’m praying for a better replacement!

    Thanks for inviting me to participate! It was a great day!

    Sending love and prayers!

  5. What AWESOME pictures!!! (So sorry again about the car – but your response when I asked was so great – “the police gave us no hope, but Jesus IS our hope, so we move on!”) Love you!

  6. Oh my goodness….praying….all the way around that God’s glory will be revealed even through the theft of the stolen car….

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