Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 19, 2011

Some menu planners have a list of all the meals they make & just rotate them. I get kinda bored with that. (I’ve tried it.) Other ladies repeat the exact same set of meals every week. (UGH, wouldn’t everyone get bored of that?) Some ladies comb the internet looking for ideas… that keeps it interesting & also takes a ton of time. So I needed a change.


Last week I tried something new… and really liked it. As I was going to bed that Sunday night, a “not-original” idea jumped into my head; I grabbed a pen on my nightstand and the closest thing to blank paper I could find (aka: back of a magazine, pictured below).  I made up some categories and, off the top of my head, filled in one meal for each. Then every morning after that I picked a lunch & dinner choice from the list. It worked well and took much less time to plan.

(Note: I had to edit the magazine page since it was a fruit of the loom ad. ha!)

Here were my categories for Dinner:

Hearty Soup
Meat & Potato

Lunch Categories:

PB & J
Sandwiches (cold cuts)


My sister-in-law did something similar to this a while back. She has a blog (and will be posting something new at any moment), and she said I could post’um, too. Her ideas are super cute & creative. Thanks, Lana!

Slow Cook Sunday
Meatless Monday
Taco Tuesday
Whip it up Wednesday     (fast meal – seems to always be a busy day)
Throw-Back Thursday      (those oldies but goodies that we haven’t had for a while)
Fun Food Friday                (pizza, fried chicken, or anything else NOT whole grain and balanced. ha ha)
See What’s in the Fridge Saturday


So, aside from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, I’m gunna try a combonation of these categories & see how it goes. Do you have any special way you come up with our menus every week?

(And of course, there’s always for a zillion more ideas & links. Amazing!)


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 19, 2011

  1. wow! that sounds great!

    I used to plan week by week… then I moved to the monthly plan which worked out great for November but not that great for December because phyllis worked so many evenings and didn’t get a good dinner before she left for work…

    so now, I will have groceries for 20 meals and mix and match by week and schedule.

    we will see how that goes… but I have to admit, monthly planning saved me A LOT in groceries… even with lots of unexpected BIG meals… parties, etc.

    If I try, and it works I feel like it’s a success, if I try and it doesn’t work out so well… i feel like it’s a success too…because it’s just as important to know what doesn’t work (so I won’t do it again) and what does work 🙂

    Thanks for the ideas… might help in my planning for January and months beyond!

  2. I like this! I do a similar but WAY not as organized plan. I try to do a variety of meals so we’re not having beef 3-4 days in a row, etc. This helps, though, so thanks!

  3. Just saw this – I liked your category idea! I feel like I need to change my approach to meal planning often. 🙂

    Love you – and, yes, will be blogging soon…maybe not any moment, but soon!

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