Menu Plan Monday, May 5, 2014


MONDAY- Cinco De Mayo
Lunch- Crock Pot Taco meat in Homemade Tortillas
Dinner – Crockpot Beans with Cornbread

Lunch- Black Bean & Corn Salad
Dinner- Turkey Meatball Calzones, salad

Lunch- Grilled Bread Salad
Dinner- Fish Fillets, Rice, Green Beans

Lunch- Egg Salad, carrots & celery
Dinner- Chili over oven-fries

Lunch- Chicken & Grape Salad
Dinner- Homemade Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

Lunch- deli meat sandwiches, fruit
Dinner- Grilled Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

SUNDAY, Mother’s Day!
Lunch- Ham, New Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli
Dinner – Layered Salad
(I used to tell my Mom that this salad was “gross”
every time she made it, but in honor of Mom’s Day
I want to eat it. By the way, I no longer think it’s gross!)

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